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  • Indiana University for pre-med?

    Hello everybody! I am a rising senior from Connecticut and I want to pursue medicine. I am currently looking at schools like Michigan university, Washington university in St. Louis, and university of Pittsburgh. However, all of these schools are very prestigious and hard to get into, I currently have a 3.8 gpa and I got a 30 on my act. For all of these schools I am just reaching the minimum and my guidance counselor told me that it will be hard for me to be at the top of my class, due to them being very competitive schools. My counselor recommended Indiana University, and she explained to me that if I go into the honors program and finish towards the top that my chances for medical school will be greater. Is Indiana University a good school for a Biochemistry/Pre-med major? Do you think I should do what my counselor is telling me to do? It is also the cheapest out of state school, as the other three are expensive. Also, do you know of anyone that has gone on this track in Indiana university and how was their experience? Thank you!!!!

    -stressed out senior