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  • Do i have clogged pores??

    Hi , im 18 years old and through out my life i have noticed that on my upper cheeks i would always have little bumps . They were not inflamed or red but i usually would squeeze them and white stringy stuff would come out. And I notice thats the only place where i get them. They are not visible unless im in the mirror and looking super close. But i also notice that the skin texture on the upper part of my cheek is different from the rest of my face. 

    Skin Conditions1 week ago
  • Will i become bald early?

    I am 18 and trying to know will i eventually become bald very early. When i was a kid i got into a accident and split my head open on the right side; every since i never had hair grow on the right side of my hairline. Now im 18 and im noticing that the left side of my hairline is starting to thin . Will i become bald very soon? If i am is there anyway to fix this??? I will link the pictures below.

    Hair1 month ago
  • What if you receive a credit card but do not activate it?

    I am 18 and is now trying to build myself a good credit score. I received a letter in the mail about a 1st financial bank credit card 150$ limit. Long story short i do not want this card after reading reviews about it so if i never activate it what will happen? Can i close my account? Will this effect my credit even though i dont have none yet?

    3 AnswersCredit2 months ago
  • How do i get bigger or gain more weight without eating alot?

    Im 18 and all my life i have been super skinny. I weigh only 118 pounds and literally been like this forever. Its suck to the point where i have to still shop on the kids section for clothes because im not even big enough to wear shirts for men. I realized that all my clothes in my wardrobe are too big or too long even the smallest size in mens shirt fits like a LARGE! you may ask why dont you eat a lot? Well because my parents dont cook and if they do cook they cook one simple meal and call it a day. Or the days they dont cook they buy fast food and we only eat one time a day. Im tired of being this skinny people always make fun of me , i dont let it get to my head but sometimes i really do think and start to dislike how i look. My parents never taught me to cook either and even if i tried to they wouldn’t let me. So majority of the time i have to resort to buying fast food online and it isnt healthy and to me a waste of money but i be really hungry. Can someone please help ? is there a way i can get bigger like working out or something ? Literally the only time ill ever have a good meal and eat a lot is when i visit my girlfriend mom.... sorry if I misspelled some words or had a lot of run on sentences im just really upset right now >:(

    1 AnswerDiet & Fitness2 months ago
  • I am 18 and still dont know what to do or want to be in life?

    Basically im 18 and i finally graduated highschool and i realize that life is about to get real and yet i still dont have a clue what i want to do . I have my first job working at McDonalds and dont get paid only 400$ a month and thats not crap i dont want to be here forever! My parents never really encouraged me to do anything with my life either (ikr) :( i dont want to live a rich lifestyle nor do i want to be rich. To me having a complete life is having a simple but nice house, car and happy family and ill be happy with that. The only thing i really love to do is literally watch car videos all day because i am in love with cars. My dream car is an corvette haha.  I thought about being a mechanic but in my area (Houston TX) mechanics don’t get paid anything, atleast thats what i heard. Plus i dont really know any carrers involving cars that pay well either. I also love tattoos but i cant even draw or tattoo. I tried and lets just say i didnt turn out very well. in conclusion i still dont have an idea what i want to do and i know im only 18 but i really just need someone to help me figure out the right path to take. This is my first yahoo question so plz bear with me.

    6 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment2 months ago