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  • Very Low Fps 25-60 fps with 2070 Super ?

     i recently bought the gigabyte 2070 super since i have installed it in my build i have been getting very low fps in every game regardless of settings (games like: call of duty modern warfare, fortnight, star wars battlefront 2). i get around 25-70 Fps. also i have tried to lower the graphics settings in the games and this seems to have no effect on the frame rate. Although i shouldn't have to put my settings to minimum with a 2070 super.

    As far as drivers go i previously had an Asus Strix RX-480 8gb but when i recieved the new card in the mail i used a program called DDU (display driver uninstaller) to uninstall my old amd drivers, i also booted into safe mode when i did this

    . I then proceeded to plug my 2070 super into my pc. i installed the newest graphics card driver from Nvdia (441.87). when i try to play a game i get frame rates ranging from 25-70 fps. to try and fix this i have done the following

    * used ddu to uninstall 441.87 and installed the driver from gigabyte website for my specific card (nvidia driver. 431.36) (no change in frame rate)

    * changing the PCI-E slot (no effect)

    * disabling optimal power for optimal performance in nvidia settings and enabling optimal performance

    * making sure all psu cables were plugged in properly to the motherboard and graphics card

    My build config:

    CPU: amd ryzen 7 2700X


    Motherboard:ASUS PRIME X470-PRO

    Ram: GSKILL f4-3200

    HDD: western digital sata 6 gbp/s

    PSU: Rosewill 550W 80 plus gold rated psu

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  • Best website to buy graphics cards from? New or refurbished (pref both)?

    I'm trying to buy a 2070 super but I do not want to break the bank I was wondering if you guys new good websites to go to to get deals on gfx cards

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  • What brand is good to get for the 2070 super?

    I'm looking into getting a new graphics card and I'm definitely into the 2070 super I'm just trying choose between all the different manufacturers I do really like the gigabyte aorus card wanna know your guyses thoughts 

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  • Attachment image

    How much do you think I can sell my Asus ROG STRIX RX 480 for on the Facebook marketplace? ?

    I'm trying to get a new video card and I was hoping to sell my old one at a fair price, so I don't get a bad deal and so I don't give someone else a bad deal how much do you think I could post this card for?

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