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I'm interested in knowing what people think and want (trying to figure out why society is ruined). I haven't read a book, I don't allow my mind to be busy in meaningless stories like books. I will read passages and or research, but not an entire book based only in the purposed of entertaining my mind. I am a very open person (not liberal), and I like to speak my mind, if I could give out helpful advise I happly do it. If you challenge me I will take on that challenge if I think your wrong, if I'm wrong I will accept it.

  • 1999 infiniti g20 anti-theft system problems please advise?

    Greetings all. I have a problem with my 1999 g20, the car has been parked for a yr. Previously I had the car "stolen" by one of my ex-gfs "friend" I was able to get the car back but not the key and or remote. When the ex found the car was locked and she (that's what she said) broke a window to unlock the door activating the alarm. Now I got a key made for it but the car won't start. It could be the battery but I'm running two pairs of jumper cables. My question is; do I need to replace the anti-theft relay? Since when I turn the key I hear a relay on the fuse panel clicking. Or is it just the battery? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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  • Halloween is approaching, which are some good horror movies?

    I want to oder some good horror movies, but please suggest something that you might of seen and is good, I've already seen the known movies, exorcist, Halloween, etc. I'm looking for something different, please don't suggest gay Shizt like incideous or the paranormal activities..... Thanks

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  • muslims, I make the sun come out in the east and set up in the west...,?

    Ask alah to make the sun come out in the west and set in the east.....

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  • do you consider nascar racing a sport?

    I personally, have nascar as a sport at the very bottom of the list right on top of football. Do you consider it a sport? And why? To me it is like those 90s web servers just full of advertising. Whats the point of having 50 cars racing in an oval shaped 5 line 2 1/2 mile track? Every body just following whom ever was in front to begin with, and how about the guy in the very back, he would never win

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  • why is football so overrated?

    Football to me is the most overrated sport, its boring and its so lame that I dont understand why people so r-tard to watch it much less enjoy and waste money buying tickets and suveniers. I find it funny when the die hards get mad because they dont like hearing the truth.

    I've tried watching it, but dont see a point of 30 300+lbs men running like idiots after a ball that at the end of the play it has only moved 1 yard and then get all exited like if what they just did was something amazing. Most of the play time they're just standing in front of each other ready for zumo, that only lasted 5 sec. And the superbowl sucks for all the hipe that it gets???????

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  • how can muslims keep records when they're all called muhammad hussein?

    Is it just me? every time read something or watch someting I notice that in the arab world there is only about 5 diferent variations of names but most consistent of muhammad, is like if in america everybodys name began with jesus, wouldn't that be interesting? How can they keep track? Oh I know they let alah decide.

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  • can you remember the democrat presidential candidate before bushs' 2nd term?

    I just don't remember the democrats making that much noise as the republicans are making now, every where on the news they're taking about mitt romney and gop and caucases and shizt.. All I remmember was bush staying as president, and nobody complaining.

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  • should california separate from the rest of the union?

    I believe california should, since its a union(suppossedly) it should have the right to renounce to it. Remember, california wanted nothing to do with with new england and declared it self a republic, but gretty new england forced it to sign the cauenga treaty thus joining the rest of the union, if we were to desire to leave the union, after paying for what ever buildings and facilities the federal gov. Has in california do you think it would be allowed ot would they do the same as carolina? If a state cannot separate then we are worse than the soviet union was, besides everybody outside of california (and texas too very proud of being texans) only kiss *** to the east coast. In california we dont need anything from the rest of the states, we got it all, if anything we would be richier by selling our produce at a higher price then what permitted by gayderal I mean federal law.

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  • christians; I make the sun come up on the east and set on the west?

    You ask god to make the sun come up on the west and set on the east. If he is almighty he would do this right?

    5 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • why are gays so insecure, and why cant they respect other peoples opinions and answers?

    When ever I answer a question that is gay related, I give my honest and true belief answer, apparently gays are not happy with the truth, and report abuse to my answers just because it doest have a gays point of view. Then they say "you're not gay dont answer gay questions", but they could answer non-gay questions?

    Apparetly they cant accept the truth, so they dont want the world to know how sick they are. They've cost me 50points so far, just because they didnt like my answer about a guy asking about certain gay tendecies, a behavior. Am I not entitle to my own opinion? Do gays tell us,whats right and wrong now days?

  • should mexicans be ashamed to only win one gold medal?

    I'm mexican (well american citizen but mexican by culture) and instead of being proud of the brothers to the south for winning a gold medal in soccer, but Im not, only 7 medals total and just 1 gold, for being one of the countries thats expected to come up, its sad that they cant develop better athetes. What do you think? You dont have to be mexican to answer I bet more than one white or black wouldnt mind mexico winning a few gold medals( as long as,they dont go to china)

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  • Why do I hate that lady wendy williams?

    I can not stand her she is annoying, she likes to talk smack, then kisses butt. Also why do I have a feeling that she is racist, if there is a white actress thats doing bad(like lindsey) she would talk crapp about her, but if it was rihanna, she would be like "its ok girl you do your thing, your young enjoy life". But for lindsey she is hoping for her to go a year to jail because she deserves it, because she is white. Whats with all this dumb people goin to her show. I believe she is a man, she looks like one, she.must be one.

    2 AnswersOther - Society & Culture8 years ago
  • Does it makes me an atheist, not believing in god?

    Apparently Im an atheist because I dont believe in god, quite frankly I dont consider my self a atheist they have some dumb ideas just like religions do, so is there other options or does it has to be eather or?

    Please people answer the question without offending it makes you look stupid. And it makes me mad not being able to respond and trash you. Thanks

    13 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago
  • Is it just me or it seems like the ufo histeria is being push?

    I notice a new show in nat geo chasing ufos. The problem here is that respectable channels like the history channel or nat geo, are airing these shows not, scify or mtv. Also if the goverment controls everything that we watch it is ovious that they're allowing it, without compromissing, their agendas. Sensitive subjects are now wide spread and people think notjimg of it, area 51, battle of los angeles, roswell, and so on. Do you believe in extraterrestrial?

    If you are a christian, thats all I need to hear dont need you to preach to me, thanks.

    7 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago
  • Whats your take in all the sick rappers, singers and kids?

    Ok one example katy perry, rihanna(somehow) nikki minaj, and so on, some how even not directly their music is aimed at our children and younger siblings, in the other hand from my point of view(grown up) they're trash, no talent what so ever. Remember ludacris? He has a song, that goes "whe I move you move" right in this song he states that he is at the club looking for some young p**** to f***, then he made the ericas' song remember the run away 15yrs old girl that has no one and gets,abused so she runs away. Then I started seing him in comercials for the run-awy hot line. Then with justin beaver oh baby baby oohh, talking about whe he was 13 being in love, he is a grown man now telling us he is thinking about a little girl. Then came "shake your money maker like if your shaking it fir some paper"

    Come on people dont you see it. What wrong with society these days?

    I bet there will be someone deffending him and talking smach to me when all I want to do is for our kids

    1 AnswerR&B & Soul8 years ago
  • The word cops is use nation wide but it belongs to CA?

    I've noticed that people across the nation, in movies, rap songs, tv shows call police officers cops or the cops, (except for texas) when in reality cops are exclusively from california, C.O.P.S = California Organization of Police and Sheriff. My question is do people know this. Im pretty sure it has to do with the tv show

    3 AnswersLaw Enforcement & Police8 years ago
  • Gayism in our children schools is ok but bullying is not.?

    I seem to have a bigger problem with homosexuality in my daugthers' school then bullying. From personal experience I rather have someone trying to bully me them someone trying to make up with me. It happened to me in high school and is tge most unconfortable experience I had specially because you dont know how to approach the subject, now being ok to be gay and atibullying campaigns makes it hell for our straight little ones. Gays want rights, where are my rights to not want ***** history in my chidrens text books.

    5 AnswersPrimary & Secondary Education8 years ago
  • Why does a religious person get extreamely upset when arguing abuot the bible?

    I understand their point of view, and admit that is probable for god to exist, why cant they see my point of view and or admit the probability of god not existing, then get mad. Their answer is always god will aswer our questions, why do they think their right, just like scientist no wonder they always have conflict when in reality they're both wrong.

    6 AnswersReligion & Spirituality8 years ago