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For all answers, I list my source as "my baked noodle." I like The sports, movie, gambling and jokes questions. I live in Portland, OR. I am old enough to know better, and young enough to do it any way. I wrote the poem "5 MINUTES IN THE LIFE OF A WAITER" which you can find by typing in the question "Funniest Restaurant Poem Ever?" It comes in 3 parts so please start with part 1 and Enjoy.

  • Your Texas Hold 'Em "Dream" table??

    If you could choose to sit down and play poker with any 8 players (you'd make 9), who would you like to play??

    My choices-

    1. Phil Hellmuth - I can't stand him but he's one of the best.

    2. Phil Ivey - Considered one of the top players in the game today.

    3. Doyle Brunson - The living legend.

    4. Daniel Negraneu - Well rounded player.

    5. Phil Laak - He's my personal favorite. He's hilarious and very good too.

    6. Antonio Esfandiari - If Laak is there then his best buds gotta be there too. He and Laak are very under rated in my opinion.

    7. Jennifer Harmon - Need 1 female at least. I think she's one of the best.

    8. Gus Hansen - Mr. Unpredictable.

    I would love to sit and chat and play poker with this amazing group of legends.

    Who would you pick??

    6 AnswersGambling1 decade ago
  • Anyone know how to get a 2nd time bonus on pokerstars??

    I know they offer a first time deposit bonus. Do you know if they have a 2nd (+) time deposit bonus? Do you know where I could find it?

    Thank You

    2 AnswersGambling1 decade ago
  • Baseball Trivia??

    If Maglio Ordonez got traded to The Yankees, why wouldn't he be able to join the line up and play for them on the field???

    The physicals been passed, the deals done, the waiting period is over. Why wouldn't he be able to play for them??

    Hope it's fairly tough. Please elaborate if you know the answer.

    4 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • How to post a link or re post the same answer?

    How do you post a link so it comes up in blue so someone can just click on it??

    Is there a way to re post your answer for someone that askes a question thats already been asked before and you want to give the same answer??

    Thank You

    3 AnswersYahoo Answers1 decade ago
  • Tricky Movie Trivia?

    1. Name the movie that has Jack Black, Jason Lee, and Seth Green.

    2. 2 of the top (male) actors working today have sang "What if God was one of us" in a movie. Name the 2 actors and name the 2 movies.

    3. Which movie written by Quentin Tarantino had Christopher Walken in a "Vendetta kind of mood."??

    Have fun!

    Try to answer all questions instead of just 1 or so you might know to avoid spoiling it for the later people.

    First to get all right gets the Best Answer.

    1 AnswerMovies1 decade ago
  • Anyone else tired of the Biased sports (or any) questions?

    Why do people keep asking these questions if they have no intention of picking the real best answer? That's not really what Y!A is for.

    Why ask who's gonna win if your just waiting for someone to say your team and then trash talk the opponents team?? Or the players??

    Or just for some random biased question??

    What is your opinion on this?

    Whats some of the worst Q or A's you've seen?? Or some of the most one sided Q & A people??

    If you feel you got robbed of a BA, show me and I'll give you BA here to try and make up for it.

    8 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Do you think Serena Williams takes performance enhancing drugs?

    O.K. First off I know this is the baseball section and not the tennis section. I just didn't want to offend the hard core tennis fans. And baseball fans have seen the effects of these drugs. So with that said....

    Do you think Serena Williams (or Venus) have taken any performance enhancing drugs or steroids??

    The reason I ask is I was flipping through the channels this weekend and caught a glimpse of a match (i stopped for Sharipova of course, LOL). Anyways her head was huge. And her whole body was just masively, gross. Very un attractive in my opinion. She was like freakishly large.

    It was like she ate Barry Bonds.

    What are your thoughts on this??

    (not trying to offend, its just late night and i'm bored, and so are you thats why you're reading questions about Serena on steroids, LOL)

    13 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • My computer gets bogged down. Can you PLEASE HELP?

    OK. So I have heard that if you record alot of info on a hard drive, (music, pictures, etc.) that it will slow it down and eventually fry the computer.

    Even if you don't fill the record hard drive space to the maximum, but keep deleting and re recording and deleting again. Is this bad?

    It's an old computer and gets used for many different puposes.

    Someone I know doesn't think this is the case and records thousands of songs and hundreds of pictures (teenager). And deletes them and does it all over again. And doesn't think this affects it.

    Could you explain this to both of us so we know for sure either way.

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • If KOBE doesn't win a championship this year, what will he cry about? And the Kobe fans?

    If he doesn't win a championship this year with the talent he's surrounded with is he going to be officially over rated?

    He cried about having a bad team. He cried about Shaq. And all his fans cry out he's the best, (even better than Jordan). LOL.

    So if they don't win a championship this year, what's the excuse??

    LeBron carried his team to the finals last year with less help than what the Lakers have this year. Can Kobe carry his team all the way??

    What's your opinion on this??

    9 AnswersBasketball1 decade ago
  • Looking for a song from a commercial?

    I think its a KIA Spectra commercial. Its something like this...

    "Just can't seem to get it right today. Just can seem to get it right today." He sings this 4 times in total, then...

    "Oooh, oooh, guess I'm gonna give up, ooo-ooo-ooooh guess I'm gonna give up"

    Do you know the name and artist?

    Do you know where I could find it?

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Whats the most thumbs up comments you've gotten and NO best answer?

    I beleive I've had a couple of stellar top notch answers with great reviews and no best answer. Now some of these wouldn't be that bad, but when someone comes along after you with a short form copy of your answer, and gets picked it's upsetting.

    I usually try and add a little comedy if possible to my answers and gotten great thumbs up reviews. Just not what they are looking for I guess??

    So I'm wondering, What's the most thumbs up you've gotten and not been picked?

    If you can prove you have the most to a question, you get best answer.

    Whats your general thought on this?

    2 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Would anyone else LOVE to see Kimbo lose his next fight?

    I can't beleive I'm putting something in here about him.

    He is over exposed and over rated.

    He will never beat anyone of signifigance in the sport. He is on the verge of being the next Tank Abbott. As street fighters who made a name for themselves by beating up street punks.

    Everyone seems to boast him up as the next superstar. Yet he sucks.

    Need proof, go to you tube, type in : Kimbo vs Sean Gannon. He puts a whoopin on Kimbo. Would of submitted him in 2 minutes. And Bimbo was winded inside of 5 minutes.

    Pro MMA fights can last 15 to 25 minutes. If he cant score a quick K.O. then hes toast. Good fighters know how to avoid the quick K.O. and take it to the ground if they're in trouble.

    His next opponent is Ron Watterman.

    Who else hopes Ron beats him senseless and puts and end to the most over hyped fighter ever?

    4 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • FAMILY GUY Fight Trivia?

    Everyone knows the infamous Chicken fight with Peter. But....

    Has Chris ever been in a fight? If so with who?

    Also, name an oppnent that each of these characters fought.



    Meg (I can only think of 1 w/ her.):

    Stewie (too easy):

    Which fight scene or scene in general do you like?

    5 AnswersComedy1 decade ago
  • How long do you think CARL EDWARDS will do the BACKFLIP?

    A few years ago a kicker from the Arizona Cardinals Martin Gramatica missed the remainder of the season from a celebration jump. With no where near the force of a backflip.

    So I'm wondering, how long will the sponsors or his age allow him to do the trademark celebration?

    We all love it, but is it too risky?

    21 AnswersNASCAR1 decade ago
  • UFC Fans, What's The Worst 1 Sided Beat Down You've Seen?

    Now just talking about the UFC only. Something most people have heard of. Not just some streetfight off the net or a couple of no name fighters in a lower organazation most people wouldn't know.

    Which fight was the most one-sided fight you've seen. The ones that seem like the other guy didn't even get a punch in. And just get straight whooped.

    My first choice is....

    Don Frye vs Amauray Bitetti in UFC 9: Motor City Madness.

    If you have not seen this fight, you need to look for it. This fight also carries some of the best audio (aside from Don the dragon Wilson) you'll likely find. You can hear some ferocious knee strikes and elbows.

    Second choice is Tito Ortiz vs Ken Shamrock 1 at UFC 40. This as well is a definatly a one sided fight, however, it looked like Shamrock did land a couple of jabs. LOL.

    Which ones are your all time favorites and your thoughts on these 2 choices?

    Or just your all around favorite a** whooping in general?

    13 AnswersMartial Arts1 decade ago
  • If you made an all time, in thier prime team, where do Ricky Henderson and Ichiro stand?

    O.K. If you could make your all time in thier prime line up, would these two be on there and where would they bat?

    Ricky's considered best lead off all time. Holds the major records too. And was very aggresive on base paths. But does he have too much power for lead off for an all time team?

    Ichiro has amazing speed and skills. Not really known for being super aggresive on base. High OBP too.

    Do they go 1-2 in line up?

    Possibly 1- 9?

    I would probably put Ricky in the 1 spot and Ichiro either 2 or 9.

    Whats your thoughts on it?

    8 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Are the Yankees most over paid, under acheived team ever?

    All Yankee fans always fall back on 26 championships, yet they haven't bought 2 (they did get 1) in like the last 20 years.

    Whats your thoughts on it?

    Is $200 million worth a division title, or even a wild card?

    There total money spent since last championship is over one Billion, is it worth it?

    3 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Time to laugh at the Yankees?

    Some fool asked a question about the Yanks losing.

    My response was HA HA. And he deleted my answer. Ya look at all the profanity.

    If you cant handle the heat of the answer, don't ask the question.

    So hes your chance for everyone to laugh at the Yankees for losing to the Devil Rays by alot, and not get deleted.

    And by the way......



    GO A'S

    11 AnswersBaseball1 decade ago
  • Can anyone explain "Vanilla Sky" to me?

    I saw it again for the second time last night. And still a little confused.

    The first time I saw it I thought he had just died in the car accident and basically everything from that point was his in between coma state before he died.

    But last night it seemed after he met the guy in the restaurant, he commited suicide and the rest was the dream.

    Was his suicide part of the dream? Was he dead all the time after the wreck? When he jumped off the building at the end, was he going back to his real life like the guy said? Or just more of the weird dreams?

    There was also a scene where Cameron Diaz wasnt in the car and she was watching from the bridge?

    5 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • If you made STAR WARS 7, yes 7, what would it be about?

    Lets have some fun. Just a brief summary.

    Is there a little Han Jr.? LOL

    You could go any where with this.

    Have fun.

    10 AnswersMovies1 decade ago