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  • why does my mouse cursor freeze or lag?

    I am running windows 10 pro on a refurbished dell when I am on the internet or playing games my mouse lags or will momentarily freeze I use a wireless mouse but the same thing happens with a wired mouse , I have tried un installing and re installing even updated drivers

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  • why is my computer so slow after system recovery?

    I had to do a system restore after removing a program I did not want (just to make sure I got all of it ) I only went back two hours . I had just set a restore point before this happened ,now my computer is so slow ,I have time to make chocolate chip cookies from scratch before my internet will load , I`ve ran virus scan and malware scan even spyware scan I`ve re-loaded drivers and checked for updates .I was never lightning fast but WOW Ithink I could hand write my internet pages faster

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  • how can I keep my cat from unplugging electrical items?

    I have a 13 month old female cat that loves to unplug electrical items ,I have tried coating the cords in hot sauce,tabasco sauce ,mint toothpaste ,garlic paste even a paste of citrus I even wrapped the cords in foil .Nothing seems to work , I even tried to tape the cords ,she just unplugs things when I`m asleep .I know she does not chew on them ,there are no marks on the cords . I really don't want to screw anything to the walls ,but this is beyond aggravating

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  • is the letter designation for removable drives the same letter for all computers?

    If my usb memory is drive H on my computer , will it be the same letter when it is used on any other computer

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  • dvd burner program disk size difference?

    Why do dvd burner programs list dvd size in GB smaller than the real size of the disk itself ,most burner programs list dvd as 4.38Gb ,when all of my single layer dvd are 4.7Gb

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  • trying to find a movie?

    the movie was a sci fi flick about a military experiment using a gas to cause the enemy to lose control of their inhibitions and do all kinds of stuff , the gas was released on a small american town by accident , causing people to break laws and do all kinds of stuff . I thought the name was inhibitions , or maybe uninhibited

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  • primary hard disk drive 0 not found?

    I have a dell optiplex GX240 with a 40 g pri and a 80 g sec hard drives windows XP service pack 3 all updates and drivers are up to date when the computer re-boots I get the message "primary hard disk drive 0 not found strike f1 to continue f2 to run the set up utility , but if I shut down and press the power button it boots up and works . This problem just started two days ago (bios has always had primary disk 0 and secondary disk 1) pressing f1 just gets message to press f1 to reboot and f2 bios is normal (same as it always has been )

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  • Why is my dell still slow?

    I have a dell optiplex GX240 intel pentium 4 CPU 1.60Ghz running windows XP SP3 with all current updates . I only have 4 items running at start up (windows and my anti virus) I recently increased RAM from 512Mb to 1Gb the max it can handle , but it still takes forever to boot up or open folders or run any programs ,Ive ran virus scans and spyware scans and malware scans ,and found only tracking cookies which were killed Can anyone help

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  • how to boot from a secondary hard drive?

    I have a Dell optiplex GX240,with two hard drives .The pri. is a 80GIG. and the Sec. is a 40GIG both have windows XP home edition , I would like to be able to boot from either ,without opening my case and unpluging and switching them around .Is there a way to do this?

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  • I`m unable to install updates windows XP?

    My DELL optiplex is running windows XP and for the past three days I have been unable to install updates for silver light and I`m unable to install windows media 11 . I have downloaded both programs , but they fail to install , according to my program list I don`t have any windows media player ,but I know I had windows media player 11 a week ago , I`ve checked for virus and spyware and found nothing Please Please help

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  • how big is windows xp program vs vista vs windows 7?

    I`ve been told windows vista is a larger program than windows xp ,and that windows seven(7) is larger still . who knows ???

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  • I`ve just installed a secondary hard drive and don`t know how to send anything to it?

    I have a dell computer with 40 G.B. hard drive and added a 80 G.B. hard drive as a secondary, I`ve formatted and allocated it , but I still don`t know how to send anything to it , I would like to use it for additional folder and photo storage serious answers only

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  • trying to restore my dell to factory settings?

    I have a dell optiplex GX240 that is giving me all kinds of fits. I`ve tried system restore ctrl f11 but, no dice . I bought it used ,so I don`t have any disks ,and dont know if I can get any from dell as I`m not orig. owner

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