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  • Tacoma dome/map light replacement (LED red/white)?



    I want to replace my map lights and dome light in my new 2020 Tacoma TRD Pro and I am having a hard time finding what I am looking for. I want LED that can be white or red. I found the MESO customs dome light that can be red or white but the front map lights can only be red OR white. I want the ability to switch between red and white for astronomy. I mainly want to change the lights because the factory dome lights are super dim but I figured if I am going to replace it I might as well get the red/white capability. If anyone has any recommendations it would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Can I get  a 4 year home loan?

    I am in the Navy and I am moving to San Diego in April.

    I found a decent manufactured home for $89,000 that I want to buy.

    My BAH will be $2500/mo.

    I do not want a 30 year loan on a 89k trailer when I can pay it off in 4 years.

    Currently I only have about $4000 in savings so I don't have much for a down payment. 

    Are there penalties for paying it off early?

    My goal is to purchase a manufactured home for $100k or less and have it payed off in 4 years and rent it out when I transfer somewhere else. What are my options?

    Thanks in advance for any answers.

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  • How do I get what I want when I retire after 20 years of military service?

    I have 6 years left before I hit my 20 year mark. I need to start planning for when I get out but I I don’t know what to do to get what I want. 

    This is what I want: 

    A house by a lake and a pontoon boat. I want to be able to not work at all. 

    House by lake for around $200k

    Pontoon boat for around $20k

    After 20 years of faithful service to my country my monthly retirement pay will be somewhere around $2500 before taxes. 

    My mother lives with me and I support her financially (she does not assist with many bills (currently water bill only $40 month) and she has health issues). I have had an extremely stressful career so far so when I get out I want to have as little stress as possible. If I have to work I only want to work a low stress job that I enjoy (like lawn service). The only debt I have is my new truck which I owe $48k and will be paid off before I retire. I don’t currently own a house or any property. I just want a peaceful life after my military career. Any advice is appreciated. 

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  • Attachment image

    Searching for a particular place to live when I retire. Need help finding it. (Trees, mushrooms, flowers, damp).?

    I have 8 years before I retire from the military. I am trying to find out where I want to live when I get out. I want to find some place that is extremely similar to the way Waveland Mississippi was before hurricane Katrina. It was a magical place to live. We lived 2 blocks from the beach and there were trees that covered the roads and houses and everything. It was like living in a forest with huge old trees and the earthy smell of mushrooms and flowers. I really miss living there but now its a completely different place and I want to find somewhere as similar to that as possible. It doesn't matter what state, as long as it has warm summers, lots of trees, clean air. I really love the musty forest smell. I prefer to not be in hurricane paths. Any suggestion is greatly appreciated. That place was truly magical with single lane roads and just a real down to earth vibe.

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  • Retiring from military. What do I do with my life? Suggestions?

    So I have 8 years left in the military. By the time I retire I’m hoping my retirement pay will be $2300 a month but will probably be more like $1700. I wouldn’t mind finding another job if I can find something I like. I’m single. Not sure if that will ever change. I was considering doing the full time RV living thing and trying to make it work for $1700 a month. I don’t really want to move back home because it’s small and there’s nothing to do. My last 3 years of military will be shore duty. I have thought of buying a house when I get to that point. Right now I don’t know what I really want to do. I feel lost. What do you guys think? I currently don’t have any real passions. I play video games in most of my free time. I like the outdoors. I just don’t know who I want to be when I get out of the military.

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  • Best non-OLED tv for PS4-pro? (LG 55UJ6300 or VIZIO M55-0)?

    I want to upgrade my gaming. I’m going to upgrade my PS4 to the pro for 4K gaming and I’m trying to figure out which tv is the better option. Currently I’m in a toss up between the LG 55UJ6300 or the VIZIO M55-0. Both seem like great tv’s. I don’t want an OLED due to the image burn. What do you guys think?

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  • Is this a good gaming pc build?

    I m not savvy with what brands are good and which ones not to trust. I want to build a monster gaming computer but at the same time I don t want to build something that is going to be TOO much machine (overqualified). As an extreme example, 4 graphics cards when all I really need is 1. I want it to be able to run the most demanding games on 4k. The build I linked is almost $4000. That seems like a bit of overkill. Any advice is appreciated.

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  • Wireless spy camera no wifi?

    I am looking for a good spy camera similar to this one.

    I am in Hawaii so this one can't be shipped to me.

    What I want:

    Tiny low profile

    Long battery life

    Record or photo when motion detected, to SD card.

    No wifi.

    I want to be able to put it somewhere and have it record when motion is detected and recover it at a later date. For example: place in my storage unit for a day, come back next day and retrieve pictures or video from SD card.

    Must ship to Hawaii

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  • Best affordable laptop for video editing?

    Hi. I m looking for a new laptop. I recently purchased a drone that has a 4K camera. When I play the 4K videos on my laptop it freezes and looks glitchy. I want a new laptop that I can edit 4K videos and not have it take all day. Im not sure if I should go with a MacBook or a Windows. Any suggestions will be great. Thank you world.

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  • is the spirit infinite? Meditating has shown me something I did not expect! Your thoughts please?

    Hello, my name is Zachery. I was just meditating and I saw/imagined something that I never imagined. As I sat on my bed and closed my eyes, I let my life play in my mind like a movie on flash forward. It flashed by in about two seconds. I then felt centered. I knew who I was. I felt whole. At that moment I saw that when I die my spirit will raise from my body and go into space. I will then travel through the universe at any speed. I could be anywhere any when instantly or slowly. Once I left my body, all of my memory's from my life came with me. I somehow knew that the next step would be to find a new body to inhabit to experience a new life. I knew that once my soul entered this newborn creature that all of my previous life memories would be blocked. They are blocked so that they do not influence this new life experience. Thus the cycle starts again. This goes on forever. This idea has never came to me before now. I have never heard of anyone else experiencing this and I don't know what it means to me at this point. Has anyone else ever had this experience while meditating? I don't meditate often. Does this sound completely crazy? Please let me know what you think. Thank you for reading.

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  • What is the best way to relearn math?


    I am 28 years old. I want to start going to college but I have forgotten a LOT of stuff. I hardly remember any formulas or even common terms like 'vectors' and 'scalars' and most others. I dropped out of high school for a few different reasons (Hurricane Katrina being one) and I got my GED. My level of knowledge is fairly poor. I have recently discovered Khan Academy which is helping but I want to explore other options. My main goal is to relearn what I have forgotten and get a basic understanding of algebra, calculus and trig. Is there perhaps a math book that goes from basic to advance, covering all the important topics? I have forgotten some 5th grade (and up) math stuff so I have a lot of catching up to do. Any recommendations or guidance is greatly appreciated.



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  • Would time travel have an emotional effect of a person?

    The other night I had a dream that I could fly. I have dreams that I can fly quite often actually but the last one was different. Not only could I fly but I could time travel while flying. In my dream I started flying around in my home town present day. I got this strange feeling and I embraced it and when I did a weird looking vortex opened in front of where I was flying and I entered it. I time traveled millions of years in the past and saw the earth just after it had formed, before it had any water. The earth was no longer molten but it was kind of like charcoal but not the same, kind of like cooled magma but not the same. there were huge mountains and valleys and it was all the same substance. I flew for a while feeling wind on my face then I decided I should go back to the time that I came from. I opened another vortex and went forward in time, but I did not go to the time that it was before I went backwards in time (confusing?), but I went to when my older brother was really young and Im not sure if I was born yet or not but my older brother was young. He had blonde hair in my dream, which was odd because Ive only ever known him to have brown hair. I walked up to my brother and told him that I was his brother and I came from the future. He looked at me in disbelief and acted as if I was a loony. As soon as I realized that he didnt believe me I woke up. Later that day I called my mom and told her about the dream. I told her about my brothers odd blonde hair and....

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  • Name this movie. I'll describe a scene.?

    I watched a movie a few years ago and I can not remember the name of the movie, I can only remember one scene.

    The scene is as follow:

    A guy(hispanic?) pulls up a floor board from an abandoned house that is falling apart. Under the floor he finds a dagger (or some item thats similar size) that is wrapped in cloth. He unwraps it and starts walking down this long road. As he is walking down the road the grass dies and the animals around him (cows) fall over dead.

    I want to say its maybe the tip of the spear of destiny? Its either something godly or demonic. This has been bugging me for a long time and I would be greatly appreciative if someone knows the movie that this scene is from. Thanks in advance for the answers!

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  • Where should I rent an apartment in Oahu, HI?

    Hello everyone,

    My name is Zack and I am moving to Oahu in a January 2014 (next month). I have never been there. I am in the Navy and im trying to find a good neighborhood to rent an apartment in. I will be stationed on MCBH, Kaheohe Bay. I am looking for a 1 bedroom apartment or a studio. I would like one with a decent view and in a location that would make it easy for me to go to/from work. My price limit is around $1700. If I can get cheaper then great! My BAH is going to be around $1900 and I want to be able to pay rent and utilities with that. I'm really trying to find a low crime and clean neighborhood. Any input would greatly help!

    My dream spot would be something like this:

    Great View (preferably away from city lights because I like to stargaze)

    Easy access to base (traffic)




    Price range $500(lol)-$1700

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  • A term for 'thinkers block"?

    Ok, so I am a thinker. I think about all kinds of things. I want to come up with an idea that hasn't been thought of before. Everything I think of, someone has thought of before or its a slight modification of an idea that existed before. I will give you an example. The first person that came up with the idea that the world might be round instead of flat. How did he get that brand new idea? Why is it so hard to imagine something that 'doesn't exist'? It is my understanding that to come up with a great idea you require a problem that needs to be solved. The light bulb for example, its dark you need to see so how can you solve that problem. I want to be remembered in history as a man that came up with an amazing idea. I think of all sorts of things, from simple every day inventions to complex space travel ideas. I want to think way outside of the box but I'm have a hard time doing it. I don't want to base my idea off of someone else's idea. I want to be completely original. It seems almost impossible to conjure up something that nobody else has thought of before. Also, I don't want it to be a small idea, like a new gizmo or gadget. I want to create an idea that will change the world. Oh how I wish I could connect to the 'Akashic records'.

    I guess my overall question is this; Why is it so hard to imagine something you've never seen and how can you change that?

    5 AnswersPhilosophy7 years ago
  • What type of Kayak is better for fishing?

    I want to buy a Kayak for fishing and I am having a hard time deciding on which type to get. I am trying to find out if a sit-in or a sit-on is better. I went to ***** Sporting goods and Academy Sports so far. Some of the yaks I have been looking at are Pelican Matrix 100x, Perception Pescador 12 and Old Town Vapor. Any tips or suggestions will help. None of my friends are Kayak Fishers. Thanks a ton!

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  • Movie that has a scene with a guy that finds an evil dagger?

    I watched a movie in the past year or so and I can't remember the name or what its about. I can only remember 1 scene and I will try to describe it the best I can.

    A homeless looking hispanic guy tears up some boards from a floor of an old abandoned building in the middle of nowhere and he finds a dagger wrapped in cloth. He unwraps the cloth and hold the dagger in his hand and begins walking down the road. While he is walking down this long road, cattle drop dead around him as he is walking.

    It is only a brief scene but I really want to see that movie again. Please help! I will LOVE you 4eva!!

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