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    My PC has two "Windows" HDD's and won't let me delete the dupe. How do I fix this?

    Okay, so I made this PC back in 2008/9 and maybe did a Vista re-install in 2011.

    It has four separate HDDs.

    0 for Windows (C:) Vista / (i:) Storage

    1 for (E:) Page File / (H:) Storage

    2 for (F:) Storage

    3 (D:) Games / (G:) Storage

    Apparently, my Games partition had an install of Windows on it (taking up 30gb). Vista will not let me reformat it. I faintly recall this problem from 2011 when I made this drive into my game partition. As you can see in the pic of Disk Management, Vista 64 on C: is claiming/allowing D:Games to show as the System drive/Page File/Active/Primary...whatever the hell this means.

    I want to reformat disk 3 and repartition it. How do I achieve this? I tried with EaseUS Partition Manager and it was the same as Vista's Disk Management, not allowing change to D:.

    1 AnswerSoftware6 years ago
  • Where can I get a fibroscan in Vancouver, BC?

    Hello, I'll be traveling to Vancouver next week and wanted to have a scan done. I'm from the US and don't really know who to call to set one up. Anyone have experience in this?

    3 AnswersVancouver7 years ago
  • What spoke lengths for Rhyno Lite rim and M529 rear hub?

    Just wanted to make sure I have the right numbers before I order spokes. If one is a decimal, do I round up or down?

    ERD 548mm for Sun Rhyno Lite 26"

    M529 Rear Hub Specs

    Non-Drive Side Center To Flange: 33.5mm

    Drive Side Center To Flange: 19.5mm

    Drive Side Flange Diameter: 61.0mm

    Non-Drive Side Flange Diameter: 61.0mm


    5 AnswersCycling7 years ago
  • Avanced search option in Vista is gone?

    Hello, I was using the advanced search option in Vista quite a bit, and now it's just disappeared.

    Windows key + F and Ctrl+F (when my computer is open) NOW only pull up the basic search option, with no advanced tab.

    I've scoured the web and can't find an answer, can anyone help me?


    1 AnswerSoftware7 years ago
  • Why do rednecks always say- 'Nuff said when...?

    Why do rednecks always say- 'Nuff said when they think they've won a discussion or argument?

    5 AnswersLanguages8 years ago
  • What kind of USB cable does my Sony DSC-S650 use?.?

    What kind of USB cable does my Sony DSC-S650 use?

    I've looked through the manual, websites, etc. I lost the original. I need to order from Amazon by Sunday to get it quickly.

    It's not a Mini-B or kind of looks like one for Nikon but I'm not sure.

    3 AnswersCameras8 years ago
  • Would you get offended if your FWB answers a call/text....?

    Would you get offended if your FWB answers a call/text from some other guy you know she was intimate with (9 months ago- he lives in another country) while you're still laying in bed after you just had some morning sex?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • What piece of lawn equipment to trim forest mountain biking trails?

    Hey guys, I mountain bike at this local 1,700acre state park and the trails are so overgrown it's ridiculous. On large parts of some trails (single-track) it's so overgrown that the dirt trail disappears and I'm riding blind through tall grass and bush.. I spend more time dodging blackberry vines than enjoying the ride. I've asked the very small park staff if they could trim up, but they say with the budget cuts that it's not a priority as there's "paved" biking trails. Of course they rejected my offer to use their equipment citing insurance (even though I said I would sign a waiver).

    So, I'm kind of stuck. I like to bike at least 3x a week so I'm just going to trim the trails myself. I just don't know what kind of trimmer(?) would be appropriate.

    Buy a cheap one or rent a pro grade model?

    How long does it take to trim overgrown trails for a novice?

    Since it's summer and the rain is gone, how quick will the trails overgrow again?


    2 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Best seating position for Avatar 3D (non-IMAX version)?

    I'm going to see this movie in a few hours and was wondering what the best seating position is?

    I've never seen any 3D movie, but a quick search has people saying dead center and close enough so that the screen fills your entire field of view.


    4 AnswersMovies1 decade ago
  • How do I wipe a hard drive partition clean in Vista?

    I use Vista 64 as my main OS, but I installed Windows 7 RC on an 80gb partition of a second hard drive a while back.

    I played with 7 for a while, doesn't seem like anything special. Now I want that 80gb of space back for games (since its on the first/faster partition of the hard drive).

    How do I wipe clean the Windows 7 partition?

    3 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Women, have you ever became FWB's or bed buddies with an ex?

    Just as the title asks, have you ever became friends with benefits or bed buddies with an ex?

    Did you initiate it or him? Was it a drunk dial or did you/him just need to get off?

    Any advice for me trying to attain this with an ex-girlfriend (broke up a few months ago and I know she isn't seeing anyone)? We're going to see a movie tomorrow and what can I say, I have needs and all my wing-men are married lol.

    Should I comment on her looks ("hey, you look great- have you been working out?"), give her the "I want you eyes", just act flirty or ?

    Any helpful advice is appreciated : )

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • Was I her boyfriend or just a casual friend?

    I (26) met this woman (let's call her Leah- 30) at my sisters house, at my brother-in-laws birthday party in early February (Leah and my sister were both nursing students). I was kind of an idiot and drank a little too much; I wasn't slurring or stumbling or anything like that, but I was had a good buzz and some movie was on the big screen that had that guy from Clerks in it and I asked if that was him and she was like "Yeah! That's one of my favorite movies...." and it's one of mine so we chatted a bit.

    Anyway, a few weeks later we all go to the bar. You have to go outside to smoke, and she smokes when she drinks so she came out and we talked about jobs, school, etc. And she was totally into me so I asked for her number. My brother in law was designated driver and dropped her off, then me. She had left her car at the bar so I called and offered her a ride to get it. When I drop her by her car, we kissed.

    We ended up hooking up a few weeks later. Since then, we've went to the movies, dinners, on hikes/walks, played pool, hung out at her place/my place, I went to her graduations (my sisters too, though), I've met her mother at the graduations and after party, saw her on Easter and the 4th of July, I installed her window AC, we talked and/or texted almost everyday.

    Anyway, I've known she was going to Peru for 3-weeks basically since I met her (staying with a family that has a son she chats with). Last week I called and texted her with no reply, so a few hours later I texted "Talking with your Peruvian boyfriend?" or something like that. I came over later that night and made a stupid comment when we were in bed and then I basically left.

    She took the state RN test a couple days later and we had talked on the phone and texted, everything seemed okay- we've never really argued or yelled or anything.

    Then, she dumped me on Monday via text and then a phone call and said she thought it was just a casual thing, that we never talked about the future and she wants kids and for them to be Christian (I'm an atheist) and that I drink too much (when I would occasionally bring a 6-pack of good microbrew or imported while we watched a DVD).

    Anyway...she ripped my heart out. Based on everything I wrote, was I her boyfriend or just a casual friend in your opinion? Oh, and one more thing, she was with her previous boyfriend/fiance for 9 years.

    4 AnswersSingles & Dating1 decade ago
  • How much does a civilian M16 / M4 cost?

    The other day at the grocery store I noticed a magazine just for the M16 and its variants. I skimmed through it and there are TONS of different parts to buy and upgrade. So out of curiosity, how much does a decked out (ACOG) model cost?

    3 AnswersOther - Outdoor Recreation1 decade ago
  • VLC suddenly quit working?

    I've used VLC for years (in conjuction with WMP and MPC) and just stopped working. I uninstalled and reinstalled to no avail. I haven't installed any new codecs or programs.

    Any ideas?

    1 AnswerSoftware1 decade ago
  • What do you think about Bohemian Grove and...?

    all the other secret crap that seems....DIRTY and EVIL.

    Bohemian Grove

    Skull and Bones


    Trilateral Commission

    Federal Reserve are a few more.

    3 AnswersGovernment1 decade ago
  • Anyone else find it interesting that Iraq gets barely any news coverage?

    Normally, I recall hearing a 30-second blurb on the local news, but not in the last week.

    It's all about the bridge collapse (where a whole 5 + 8 possible people died?).

    And this week, with the 6 trapped miners.

    And then I suddendly hear that "the troop surge is working!" and it shows Bush with his trademarked smirk.

    8 AnswersOther - Politics & Government1 decade ago
  • Missile Defense...does the US have...?

    a fully functioning missile defense system?

    I'm not talking about the Patriot missile and other missile-to-missile systems, which frankly seem unreliable when trying to intercept an inbound missile that's traveling at 5,000+mph (or however fast they travel).

    I've seen videos of directed energy weapon (laser) prototypes shoot down incoming missiles.

    Is it viable that the US has a functioning laser missile defense system that could acutally defend against ICBM's from the former USSR/China/etc.?

    6 AnswersMilitary1 decade ago