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  • Could these be symptoms of some form of PTSD?

    I have severe anxiety when faced with certain triggers, which can cause me to panic, sometimes snapping at people, sometimes completely breaking down, and a few reactions in between. The mildest one is sudden loud noises. If a balloon pops or a firework goes off, I will be terrified, sometimes even vomiting or fainting. If someone jumps out at me, I automatically attack, as if my life depends on it. If I need to get through a narrow space like a doorway or corridor, and it's blocked by someone I start to feel incredibly anxious, and if they don't let me past the first time I ask, I panic and physically try to move them out of the way. If someone's behind me, I don't usually mind that too much (if I know them. If I don't, I absolutely can't tolerate it) , but sometimes I'll start getting a little uncomfortable, and I'll just move away. But if they follow me, staying behind me, no matter who they are, no matter how much I love and/or trust them, I will completely break down and turn into a panicky shrieking mess, and do anything necessary to get away. Also, I'm a little iffy with moving vehicles. I'm constantly fighting anxiety for the duration of any journey, particularly in busses and cars, but also in trains and planes. If the car or bus I'm in goes faster than I think it should be going, I'll have panic attacks which cause my throat to close up and stop me breathing, sometimes to the point of fainting. I did have a very traumatic childhood, with a couple of events similar to the situations I've mentioned. Including a minor car crash, when my mother was driving drunk. But usually when people think of PTSD they think of soldiers, victims of violent crimes and major vehicle accidents, I've never heard of someone developing it in childhood and it lasting so long. (I'm 24)

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  • What could cause a rash that doesn't fade other than meningitis?

    I have a rash near my right shoulder, just on the top of my arm. It doesn't fade under glass, but it is itchy, and I don't think I've ever heard of a meningitis rash being itchy. I haven't been scratching the area. The rash covers an area about half the size of the palm of my hand, and looks almost like fine paint splatters, in pattern. The colour is very slightly purple-ish red. Not noticed any rash anywhere else. I have had slight headaches today, slight queasiness loss of appetite, but no aversion to light. I'm hoping it's stress, is that possible?

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