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  • How to treat Morgellons Disease?

    I'm with my girlfriend who has been getting lesions over her body. She's had this for some time (3 years) and has only received topical ointments. I assisted putting on ointment but have also noticed she has tiny black hair like fibers that come out of her skin. A few times the fibers were crystal like, clear, or appear as a small glitter like feature. The topical ointment works, however new ones arise on other areas of the body. As we look up conditions, the morgells disease fits the best according to the symptoms. The doctors are doing very little to assist her provide the accurate care to rid this fungal bacterial infection. Has anyone had similar expectations or can provide helpful information how to attack this disease internally? Any information would be helpful. 

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  • Starting a small business/ Business plan/?

    I am in the process of writing a business plan, but still finding myself having troubles. The business I intend to start offers services. I tried Enloop and LivePlan, but find myself still needing help. How do I do the forecast of a business that offers a variety of services? I want to find people with years of experience to help me develop and grow this business, but so far only finding people who rather be paid now than after the startup. Is there any place that is willing to help me face to face develop and work on these plans without an immediate pay? I was in search for a management team so therefore, have searched for COO, CFO, President, etc. Do I not worry about a management team at the moment? In 2years I will have a masters degree in Business Administration, should I wait until I get the degree to show some credibility?

    Apologies if this is a bit long, but these questions are on my mind everyday and I am not finding a secure answer searching online. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

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  • Is this a sign of color blindness?

    Im a student in college and my teacher has a condition I never heard of. If I write a word on the board in all blue or red, he is able to read it. If I write one word such as "reason" and used different colors. He is unable to read or see it. What is this called?

    I asked him for the name of this condition, but he himself has no clue.

    1 AnswerDiabetes10 years ago
  • Why cant I get over my ex girlfriend?

    My ex girlfriend and I had two kids together. We lasted in a nine year relationship which ended in December 2010. She left me to be with her coworker she had recently met and began having relations with. During the ending of the relationship she went back and forth between me and this guy. A week before Christmas, she chose to be with him. They married five months after that. I went through the depressions of not having her no longer with me. I went through the anger stage of her putting me through the pains before she left and rushing into marriage with some new found love.

    Later, I seemed to get over it. I landed a very good job, got back into school for psychology, bought a new car and even started dating again. Its been almost a year and for nothing, I cant get her off my mind. The passion, the laughs, her just being here. Her name runs through my mind on a constant basis. I had an awkward conversation with her a few weeks ago. It started as a argue, but changed after a short while.

    She admitted she dreams of me on a regular basis and still loves me. I feel she loves me more than she loves her husband. By her actions when she picks up the kids or even just the lil things she would text. I tell myself she is married and not to bother with her, but Im always thinking of the enjoyable times I had with her. The things we done together, the moments, the passion etc.Its all on my mind. Not sure what to do at this point.

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