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    Could this growth be sarcoma?

    I just noticed this strange protrusion today since it's on the back of my arm. It's kind of flat and barely noticeable even when running my fingers over to feel it. It's very squishy, only slightly tougher than the surrounding skin and doesn't feel like a ball in my flesh. It just feels like my skin but swelled. No pain. Is this what a sarcoma looks like? Is it a flat sarcoma? I'm very scared and of course I'll be going to my doctor as soon as possible but I need peace of mind right now. What's the typical appearance of a sarcoma on the extremities?

    3 AnswersCancer11 months ago
  • Is it normal for one eye's pupil to be more dilated like 3 hours after you've visted the ophthalmologist (who dilated the eyes with drops)?

    I visted the ophthalmologist for my monocular diplopia and he put on some liquid in my eyes to dilate them and he's checked them there and said they were fine. It's now been like 3 hours since my visit and one of my eyes is now definitely more dilated than the other. Is this cause for concern or is it a normal side effect of that dilating liquid?

    1 AnswerOptical3 years ago