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My name is Andrew, I come from Australia, I'm gay and I'm looking for love. I'm into mostly british shows and my favourite show is the english version of The Weakest Link, which I watch on UKTV every day. If you want to chat with me, just send me PM or IM me. I allow IM and Email, as I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

  • What ever Happened to that irony video We Hate The Simpsons?

    I love The Simpsons! I am a big fan of it! However, back around the year between 2008 and 2009, all I could remember was a video being on YouTube, which featured a librarian in a library using irony and saying that she hates the show because they didn't want it filmed in that particular location and the librarian said "firstly, I ripped every philphy page in that fithly Simpsons book!|", then, she said "Secondly, I burnt those pages". And then, thirdly, she said "I then mixed those ashes with bleach and sent them to Fox". It was funny because of the irony of the video. I have tried google to see if I can find that video, but I can't. If anyone knows what I'm talking about, then please tell me.

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  • What is the difference between Ritalin LA and Concerta?

    My doctor prescribed me Concerta back on the 17th of this month but unfortunately despite it being known to last 8 hours, it was only lasting 2-3 hours. So I went back and said I want to try Ritalin LA. My doctor didn't want to prescribe me Ritalin LA because he believes that Ritalin LA and Concerta are exactly the same. But I know someone who was on Concerta for a few months and it wasn't working properly for him, so he went on Ritalin LA and that lasts him all day.

    What is the difference between Ritalin LA and Concerta, in terms of how they work? Is my doctor correct that they're the same?

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  • My CPU started making shorted out noises and smoking. What can I do?

    This is the second time I've had a problem with my computer. I think its because cockroaches got into the CPU and shorted it out. But the computer will still turn on, but about 5 minutes of being on, it makes a shorting noise and starts to smell as if its been burnt. I did clean my room thoroughly today because of what happened, and there is no more more cockroaches in my room. Is there anything I can do to fix it? It still turns on, but that's at my own risk.

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  • Why Do I appear offline to one contact in my yahoo messenger?

    I appear offline to one of my contacts which uses msn. I have checked the stealth settings and the ignore list and I still can't find why I appear offline to him. I appear online to myself in my messenger list, but I don't appear online to one person. What can I do?

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  • My CPU on my computer won't turn on. What can do I do?

    My computer was working fine last night. I shut the computer down before going to bed, and then when I woke up this morning, I tried to turn the computer on, but nothing happened. However, the monitor works fine, and the other parts and the only thing that's not working is the CPU. I'm renting to buy this computer so I don't own it yet. Any suggestions on how to fix this problem?

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