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  • How did doing cartwheels somehow help my wrist?

    Sorry if this question sounds weird and funny at the same time...

    But anyways, I've had wrist issues on/off for the past 3 years or so now. Honestly, I didn't have enough for medical I've been wearing a wrist brace on/off for the last 3 years mostly for driving though because it was hard for me to make the palm of my hand face towards my face, but it was also hurt to just put it sideways. Also, I always stretch before doing cartwheels and my friend was doing roundoffs earlier today. So I wanted to attempt a cartwheel with my brace on since I hadn't done 1 in forever. 

    Turns out after I did about 3 of them while being careful not to hurt my wrist or potentially injure it further...something happened with the 3rd one I had done where most of my wrist did a weird cracking thing and then I'm literally thinking: "why does my wrist feel better?" Could that be partially due to using it in a way that I haven't used it in a while? Like exercising it in a more 'strenuous' (for lack of a better word) in a way...I know that sounds weird, but doing cartwheels somehow helped my wrist.

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  • How come my Altec Lansing headphones are suddenly making a buzzing noise when plugged in?

    So I have a pair of Altec Lansing bluetooth headphones, but I highly prefer using the cord & plugging them in since bluetooth kills my cell phone battery. I noticed yesterday that every time I plug them in with the cord, there's a weird buzzing noise coming from my computer. 

    The cord for my headphones is removable so I'm able to take it out of the headphones if and when needed to do so. But when it comes to doing things on my computer, there's a buzzing noise coming from them that was never there before. The model of my headphones is MZX770.

    This never happened with these headphones up until yesterday. The buzzing noise is not coming from my computer because when I unplug the headphones, there's no buzzing noise, only when I plug them in. I thought there was an audio issue with my computer, but can't figure that out. So is it possible that I might possibly have a busted cord? If the cord's not busted, is there any way to fix the buzzing sound that suddenly appeared with my headphones when plugging them into my computer?

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  • Is it possible for a spirit to mess with others in order to communicate with them?

    Basically, I am someone who is very spiritual and believes in spirits. I'm also someone who is literally able to see and hear spirits along with smell different things that no one else except me and 1 of my best friends can smell. An example: about a month ago or so, my friend and I first smelled poop (none around at all, not even from a dog or cat)...then not even a minute later, we both smelled Mexican food. On top of that, apart from being next door neighbors, we also have weird, unexplainable occurrences at our houses. I'm either with her or she's with me quite a bit when this stuff happens.

    And then more recently, I found out that someone I knew ended up killing themselves. So is it possible for the spirit who killed themself to mess with others in order to attempt to communicate with those that are still living? Basically, a little more than 2 weeks ago, we know there's a spirit messing with us. This does not include this past week, but for 2 weeks straight, there's been a spirit messing with us on and off. About last week or the week before, when this particular spirit messed with us last, I was able to sense and feel that it was definitely a good spirit. So we've both been trying to figure out who this spirit could be. Neither one of us thinks it's someone from either of our families except my friend's mom is the only one who's passed on from her life. I've had quite a few members pass on from my life, but idk why any of them would want to mess with me and her. 

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  • Attachment image

    How am I supposed to clip my toes without more blood supposedly coming out?

    Please ignore my toenails except for the one with blood underneath it. Yes, I know they're gross and long, but it's the one with the white line directly across it and the blood is Directly on the quick.

    I literally just injured that toe/toenail as well. Was using ice to get purple discoloration down after injuring myself. Yes, in how I injured myself is kind of funny.

    Anyways, I have a small hallway where there's a vacuum sitting there and then my dog lays down right in the middle of the beginning of the hallway and as I tried to step over my dog, I ended up kicking the side of my couch super hard. So now if I attempt to clip that nail, I'm a little scared that blood will seep out since the blood is literally on the quick.

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  • How do you Permanently get rid of Proxy Server Setting Virus?

    So, lately I've been having an issue with my Proxy Server and as I've been looking up methods on how to Fix, it Keeps reverting back. And as I looked up, it turns out that that virus is Browser-related.

    I thought I had a good anti-virus software, but it shows my computer is protected, and it doesn't fix the problem. I've tried going into SafeMode, regedit, and doing that whole process, but nope still does not work. I've attempted to delete Proxy Override and ProxyServer. I don't even know what Proxy Migrate is and Do I even need it? The computer I have is Dell Inspiron 15, 3000 series and intel core i5.

    I don't need the proxy server to access the internet in any form or way. All I need is the automatic configuration where all I used to have to do would be unticking "use proxy server for your LAN" and check "Automatically Detect Settings," and that worked perfectly fine months up until a few days ago.

    This Stupid Proxy Server Setting Virus is VERY Persistent and Very Annoying because it does make my computer slow and not work correctly. It doesn't what I've tried or have done, the Proxy Server Setting Still reverts back to this: port: 64550.

    Is there Any Legitimate Free Anti-Malware Software that will Not only scan for malware other MalwareBytes (because I've already done the trial) and permanently delete the malware off my computer Without having to make a purchase?

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  • Can sleeping the wrong way on your side cause pain for the Entire day?

    So usually when I sleep the wrong way on any body part of mine, it's always super sore and sometimes painful in the morning but it never lasts for a full day.

    And even though I had been involved in a car accident last month...I've never felt anything like this until this morning/today. And I've also been walking a lot more than usual lately too.

    So I do have a ligament sprain in my left wrist & I always sleep on my left side, so I have to sleep in a specific position and when I woke up, it had hurt to breathe & I didn't think anything of it since I thought I slept on it wrong. And I'm about to go to bed shortly, but I'm still having the same issue. And it hurts like really bad when yawning, too. It's on my left left side by/ below my ribcage.

    And idk if this is true or not but I just read somewhere that your lungs could "stuck" near your ribs. I also read somewhere where some were saying that it was just a gas bubble.

    I've had gas pains before but never in my ribcage and I know that gas pains are capable of being super painful but can they be so painful that it makes you want to almost cry?

    1 AnswerPain & Pain Management3 years ago
  • How to Permanently Fix Proxy Server Settings?

    So this has happened to me before where I had to Uncheck the Proxy server setting every 5 mins. And I had managed to fix it for quite a few months and now it's back and worse.

    It doesn't matter if I try to uncheck through my web browser or control panel, it's basically the same thing. And now I have to uncheck Proxy every single second which is super annoying.

    And when it is checked, not only is my Computer Super Slow, but the internet doesn't work if it's checked. And i managed to fix it where I had to only check "automatically detect settings" and uncheck proxy server once. And I don't even know what "bypass Proxy server for local address" means so I've tried unchecking that too.

    Is there ANY Possible way to fix this? And/or get permanently rid of the Proxy section on a laptop computer?

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  • How come my dog won't eat his food until my mom comes home?

    So my dog has literally never done anything like this until about a month, and it was a little on and off.

    So it's me and my mom who usually takes care of him, but since my mom is always at work all the time,I mostly take care of him.

    Anyways, my dog usually expects to be fed around 1:30, 2:00 in the afternoon, occasionally 12 pm. And I understood that he wouldn't eat much from getting tired of the same flavor, so my bought the same brand dog food, but a different flavor.

    And he would usually eat his food with either both of us or even just one of us in the house. And after the change, he had done that for about a week or so. But now, he won't eat until my mom comes home no matter how late it is. Sometimes my mom won't get home until 9:00 at night.

    In my opinion, it's weird because more than half the time, he listens to me more than my mom. And not always, but most of the time, he sleeps with my mom on her bed.

    Also, I'm home a lot and have usually been home a lot where he has eaten his food with only me being home before not wanting and/or needing both of us home at the same time. So anyways, what caused this? And why won't he eat his food until my mom comes home? even though I'm home.

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  • What to do for a sprained ligament if ice doesn't seem to work?

    So, I had gotten into a car accident a few weeks ago...and about a day or 2 later, I had gone to see a doctor because I was experiencing pain in different areas of my body.

    Then, about a week ago, I followed up with my actual doctor where he told me I had a ligament sprain and recommended me to get a compression sleeve...

    *Note: I did ice before heat & my doctor recommended me to go onto heat...And the other day, when I had gone somewhere with a friend, I was wearing my compression brace, but I took it off so it wouldn't get wet from what I was eating...and one of her other friends were there too and said: "You're bone isn't supposed to stick out like that." They both agreed that that particular bone is swollen...

    And yesterday, it started hurting pretty I did attempt to elevate it last night since I had not been doing that lately & I sleep on my left side & it's my left wrist, but I do my best not to lay on it.

    And I had iced it for a little bit last night along with for at least 15-20 mins. this morning. So to me, it looks like the swelling went down a little bit, but not as much as it should have.

    So, should I try icing it more frequently throughout the day? Or is it possible that going from cold & hot water might work? So what should I do and/or try for it? Both ice & heat feel fine & good on it, I just don't know how to get that bone back to it's normal size.

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  • How long do prescription medications last for? In Hours please?

    I was prescribed a prescription medication from my doc for knee pain and I'd like to know how many hours 1 pill lasts for before I can take my second one. It tells me to take 1 pill twice daily.

    1 AnswerMedicine5 years ago
  • How can people still be friends with months breaks?

    I had a really close good friend and it's almost been a month since we last hungout. But I admit I've done some things I had apologized for because of my attachment, but I don't feel attached to her anymore and don't care for it.

    I don't understand how "good" friends can stay friends with months of a break. I seriously feel like that her and I aren't friends right now because it's been too long. And I seriously don't want to, but I feel like if we don't hangout soon then I feel like I'll have to say Bye to her.

    I know you're gonna tell me to let her know how I feel about it, but the thing is is that she still needs space after everything that's happened between us where she won't allow me to contact her. Because if I do, she'll go against me and contact my mom where she had already originally broke my trust from that.

    So basically, how can friends go months without hanging out and with no contact??

    I seriously don't want to lose her, but for some strange reason I feel like I have to say bye to her.

    I do not try to become on reliant or dependent on others, but the things is that I don't have a lot of friends where the past few weeks have been really hard on me. And if I say Bye, I know she's Ok without me because she has other friends. and I'm not trying to sound jealous, but I'm kind of jealous because she has more friends than I do.

    So please help and let me know what I can do to keep our friendship....?

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  • odd question....trying to figure out what my pet could have died from?

    So, where I live, it's almost 2 am right now, but my dog passed away just the other day June 8 and I'm trying to figure out what she might have passed from.

    She was an old. She happened to be 18 years old before she passed, but I feel like she got heatstroke.

    I did try to bring her inside a couple days ago, but she wouldn't get up, but my fam and I did bring her inside just the other day (same day she passed)...

    But the only reason we didn't bring her in a lot is because she couldn't control her "bathroom" time where she would have accidents in the house.

    I will say she did have a couple heatstroke symptoms, but not all of them... so could she have died from heatstroke or just old age?

    4 AnswersDogs6 years ago
  • Please Help, writer's block?

    I have a small piece of lyrics that are written, but I can't seem to think of any more lines to add.

    Here are the lyrics:

    I'm goin on a trip

    Flyin high, high

    Above the clouds

    Please Do Not try to finish the "song" for me.

    What I am asking help with is to please give me some words and/or phrases that can somehow connect with the lyrics I posted above.

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  • Please help with a math problem?

    I'm in College Algebra and it should be "easy" for me, but I'm having trouble with a particular problem.

    Factor the expression completely and simplify. I'm having trouble factoring the expression.

    Here it is: (a^2+1)^2-7(a^2+1)+10.

    Anyone, please help me and show me step-by-step on how to factor this expression...? I understand how to simplify, but I just don't understand how to factor the expression above.

    So please help me and show me step-by-step...

    2 AnswersMathematics7 years ago
  • What warm or hot drinks can help vocal chords besides tea?

    I've heard and read that hot tea works well for vocal chords, but I don't like tea. I'm not a big tea person.

    I've also read that warm water works well for vocals, but I want to drink something that will help.

    I know that I can't sing, but I still love singing anyways and at one point my throat started to get sore when I was singing.

    So, besides Tea and Warm Water, are there any other Warm or Hot drinks out there that might help???

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  • How can I get my Yahoo! homepage back to its original version.?

    Lately, when I've been on, my homepage was like "spread out" and today when I see the homepage, it's all new and different and I hate it.

    Here's what it looks like:

    I hate that new version of the yahoo homepage, so how would I be able to get it back to it's normal/original version?

    Also, I looked for Settings, but I couldn't find it anywhere on the New Yahoo Homepage and once again, which i despise and hate.

    2 AnswersOther - Yahoo Products8 years ago
  • There are 4 different types of ink cartridges. Which color is associated w/the printer ink color?

    So, I want to use a light or lime green color for font, but which printer cartridge color is that font color associated with? Is it associated with Magenta, Yellow, or Cyan (which is like a blue-ish color)?

    Same question with like a reddish-orange color?

    Pretty much, what font colors are associated with the printer cartridge color, Yellow?

    Just curious to know what colors go with yellow 'cause I'm low on everything except for that specific color. My yellow ink cartridge is completely full. And the actual Yellow color is to bright to see, so that's why I don't want to use the color Yellow in my font.

    1 AnswerPrinters8 years ago
  • What foods are safe to eat that can make me fart w/o it resulting in diarrhea?

    So on Friday, I have no idea what was, but something I ate or drank made me have Diarrhea that day. I ate a bowl of cereal w/milk, a Luna Bar and earlier that morning, I had a small cup of a protein shake.

    My body has always been fine eating a bowl of cereal w/milk and same with the Luna Bars. My only theory is that it was the protein shake.

    Now, I was fine yesterday, but now my body wants me to fart, but sometimes when I try to, it turns into diarrhea. Sometimes, people may think that it's a fart when it's really not.

    So, what foods are safe to eat to help make me fart where it won't result in diarrhea?

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  • What do you think of my lyrics?

    I will apologize about the "set up" of my lyrics 'cause I haven't quite thought of which lyrics were gonna go under which category about versus, choruses, etc... I will also apologize about the length as well, but please tell me what you think.

    Back then,

    I wish I knew what

    Was going through your mind

    In reality, you’re the one

    That started the fight not me

    ‘cause you know, I know, we

    Both know that I didn’t do

    Anything wrong

    All I did was ask you if

    You wanted to hangout,

    Then you told me no and then

    All I asked was why and

    That’s when our friendship

    Started going downhill when

    You called me over-obsessive

    And a stalker

    You can’t just expect someone

    To know what you’re trying

    To tell them and I wish you

    Could have told me sooner than

    A month that you felt like you needed

    A break from hanging out

    If you had told me that

    In beginning, then our

    Fight would have never came into place

    And I would’ve understood

    I just wish I knew what was

    Going through you mind in

    Order for your to treat me so badly

    And I’m not even sure if you

    Understand how bad you hurt

    Me back then

    I know I shouldn’t dwell on

    My past, but I still do and

    Sometimes I wish you could

    Just once have a taste of

    Your own medicine

    I hope you know and understand

    What it feels like to be treated

    Like such crap ‘cause that’s

    Exactly how you treated me and during

    Our fight, I had a hard time coping

    You made me go through depression,

    You made me have my first anxiety attack

    ‘Cause I was losing my one and only best friend at the time

    And I really did have trouble coping

    I know it’s not right to blame you for things,

    But this time it’s true and sometimes

    I wish I could lash out towards you and

    Wish I stood up for myself back then, but no

    I didn’t have the courage to and I just let you

    Walk all over me

    That’s why sometimes I wish

    I could lash out at you so you could feel the

    Way I felt when you treated me so badly, but

    I still forgave you even though you never

    Officially apologized to me

    Once again, I apologize for the length of my song. Please let me know what you think of it and constructive criticism is welcomed. :)

    3 AnswersLyrics8 years ago
  • What do you think of my lyrics?

    Okay, so I wrote this song today (4-20-13)-- I live in California and I know that there are people who answer from all around the world. I know that some of you may say that I would need to add rhymes to it, but not all songs rhyme.

    I have lyrics, but not the instrumental part of it. Also, I was thinking of kind of a pop vibe, but it starts out slow, then speeds up. Unfortunately, I do not know how to play any instrument. I'm trying my best to learn piano, but it's not working out too well for me.

    Anyways, here are the lyrics:

    All alone in this

    Dark world

    With nothing to lose

    Nothing to gain

    What am I gonna do,

    How am I gonna get

    Out of this dark, cruel world

    And how can I make the

    Light shine once again

    Why does this world

    Have to be so dark and cruel,

    Can't we all just get along

    In this not so perfect world

    We all know that this

    World ain't perfect, but

    What can I do to

    Bring out the light again

    I don't wanna

    Live in this dark,

    Cruel world anymore while

    I'm thinking of a way outta here

    Back into the light once again.

    So, please let know what you think of my lyrics.

    3 AnswersLyrics8 years ago