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  • Buying a house?

    Do you think it is a good idea to buy a house with your long time partner but both of your names wont be in the title? 

    We are thinking to get a house from a government program but if we will be in the title together our salary combined makes us ineligible. So my partner will have the ownership. Any thoughts?

    We are together since 2016.


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  • 3 siblings?


    I just got a news that my younger brother that he will be a father. His partner is pregnant and it was recently confirmed by urine test. I am happy for them but I just feel a little bit pressured since among the 3 siblings I am the only one left with no family yet. I am already 31 years old and still working on improving my career.

    I have plans that before or at 35 I should have kids but it takes two to tango right? As of the moment I am wanting to be a parent but scared at the same time that I might not be able to accomplish my goals in life if I do so.

    I am a professional but I feel like I needed to improve the stability of my life ( get a house, improve my savings etc.) 

    I am really confused and pressured. Thoughts?

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  • Wat shud u do f d girl that u like want u now to be her bf but u've realized dat u arnt redy into any reltsh?

    and nw she keeps on txting u askng to watch mvie nd telling she doesnt want to get hurt tho ur relatinshp wit her is nt official.

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  • advice me please, singers nodules?

    I just visited my ENT doctor today because I got easily hoarse for 4 months. My doctor perform endoscopy and showed to me that I have a VOCAL NODULES. This really shock me and almost makes me cry coz singing/music is almost a part of me, now it'll be impaired. You know, though vocal nodules doesn't affect one's general health but in psychological aspect it'll fall.

    I'm totally depressed right now.. and I almost think that I want to end up everything.

    Now I'm under voice rest for 1 week and steroids for 5 days.

    Do I have to ask for a second opinion?

    god help me.

    19 y/old

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  • my monitor keeps on blinking...?

    I'd just reformat my hard disk, it takes me a very long time to do this about a month( so my computer has been off for a long time too). after I fix my hard disk problem I immediately plug it in my computer, the CPU worked perfectly but the monitor is my problem. It keeps on blinking and showing nothing but a complete black.

    Do you think guy's what could be the possible cause of this any remedy would be much appreciated! thanks a lot in advance I badly need your help.

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  • reviewing tips... Pls help me?

    Hey guys

    This coming Tuesday will be our pre-finals examination I am really nervous about that. I want to be in the top scorer students and if possible to be the no.1 (I know that is too much lol).

    Any1 can give me a simple but effective tips on how to review? retention technique?

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  • happy new year mind to say something?

    If you believe that your gonna have a lucky year staR me...

    Well if not give me a rude comment lol!!

    Tell me what is your zodiac and I'll tell you whose the luckiest( Based on the horoscope I brought) lol

    happy new year to all!!

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  • all about dog(patchy) pls help!!?

    There is something about my dog's mouth it's like a rashes all over her mouth. The eyes are already affected, beneath her toes and on her vagina. I'd tried bringing her to a vet and he prescribed some tablets which he said that is a anti itch and anti bacteria but 2 days of taking medications my dog gets even worse. Like she loss her appetite and she already vomits once. I am already worried here. Any one could help me about my dog and remedy suggestion? Coz my dog loss weight already. Thanks

    - patchy -

    2 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • I need a quick advice from you...?

    Guys I'll be joining a singing contest today actually this will be my 4th time to enter again with the same competition but I am always at 2-4th place never been a champion. But I won't give up coz I know I have the talent( I hope so).. Any advice to control the stage and of course impress the judges? Do you think I should keep on this today? thanks a lot in advance!!

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  • what should I do about this matter?

    I receive a call from a some kind of foreign exchange company and after an hour of discussions, I said to myself wow! what a great opportunity to earn a lot. But before I can start I should have a base capital of 100$ to start the biding of currency. what Should I do about this one? a kind of scum or something? help

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  • dec.21 2012 end of the world?

    Hey guys do you think it is true, when we reach at the year 2012 the world will came to its end? I am really piss off I need your view about this.

    hmmm... I guess the only true (I am just a nursing student I don't know anything about this Environment change) is that global warming is taking place. I had noticed that its getting hot this past year even on last dec. its really hot. why is that? and I heard that there is a good advantage about global warming any I dea?

    Anyways back to this dec 2012 here's the site maybe you love to check it. pls look at the timer that they set.

    oh crap!! hahah sorry if I have a lot of question.

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  • what is the best thing i could choose?

    do you think guy's it is better to stay up late at night just to review your notes or it is better to sleep early and read your notes a little bit earlier?

    review hard and stay up late or read your notes earlier and go to bed at the standard time of bedtime? what is the best? anyone help me....

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  • hey guys...?

    I am a non sports guy and every time we have a p.e subject my classmates notice that I am not good at basketball and even in volleyball. And i was so freak out with one of my classmates and now I am thinking to knock him down so he can see who i am. What do you think guys..?

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  • Hey does yahoo makes any lottery raffles and give away prizes? coz I had receive a notification from them!!?

    is thats true? pls help me regarding my question or they were just a form of spam..?

    6 AnswersAbuse and Spam1 decade ago