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I really have nothing much going on in my life, my mom has 2 brain tumors, my dads girlfriend is waiting to go in a full care home since she lost a leg to flesh-eating bacteria, she also has some type of lung disease and diabetes. I work in a production line packing tissue paper, I am licensed to drive a forklift and I love playing video games and card games. thats pretty much it, I have yahoo, msn, skype, facebook, twitter, youtube and even a wii and ps3. I don't mind talking, but I will not date or go in a relationship further than a friendship

  • planning on building a house, need some advice?

    I recently bought a field with a fair bit of space, and was wondering what format of house should I build, and I need some pros and cons for each. the house will be sitting on a basement and have a 5/12 roof pitch, other than that I really have no idea, the field is over 500 feet long and 800 feet deep, with the back and side parts being mostly woods. it will be fenced in in the future. the only other place I've lived in is where I am now, which has a 20*12 kitchen/living room area, a 10*12 bedroom and a 9*5 bathroom, which I have to get rid of since we are two living out of it, soon to be three. I was to be in charge of the plan layout and all that, since my neighbor got a huge settlement, and he wants to live out of the basement (his layout) and I get the rest of the house.

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  • inheritance questions?

    my father's girlfriend (15-ish years) recently died and I have to go see a lawyer at some point this week, and I was wondering what are the rules in new-brunswick-Canada is when it comes to life insurance and inheriting what she had. I always though step-children did not apply when it came to a step-parents death, but my half sister and I (step-daughter as well) got called in to go see a lawyer, along with my father, her daughter and her son (no grand-children since none are of age)

  • how much can I drink before it really becomes excessive?

    I usually work 4 on 4 off or so (pending on if I get overtime or not) and I'll usually have about half a hard lemonade when I get home on the last day, then finish it when I get up (I work overnights) and I'll usually drink a second one during the night of day 2. my dad calls that excessive but I don't really think it is. I'm 25 so I pretty much disregard it anyway, but I'm just wondering

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  • what are some good laptops off the market at a reasonable price?

    It's time for mine to go, I've had it for 5 years and it's starting to crap out on me, so I'm thinking it's time to replace it. I don't heavily game, but I do some gaming with it (league of legends when friends come over, would be the worst of it) so it doesn't need to be extravagant, as long as it works

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  • debating on dog breeds?

    I currently own a bullmastif mix (about 50 pounds) and I live in a trailer. I just got her spayed due to medical reasons. as soon as monday I can adopt a second dog (I wanted a second one for a while) and I was wondering what breed should I look into. I can put up with almost anything, my main problem is I'm too laid back for anything needing an assertive owner, and I need something medium sized so it can fit in my mini-home. I also need something very flexible energy wise because I normally just get random bursts

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  • what breed of dog should I get?

    I currently have a bullmastiff/stafford mix, and she's a little lethargic, and fairly social right now. I get some friends to bring dogs over at times, and I even do dog walking on my free time. my dog has never posed any problems with people or any animals whatsoever. I recently decided to get a second dog (proper introductions will be included) since I have way too much free time and I have done my research, and a second dog for me would be affordable, and I have the energy/time for both dogs. I'd just need to know what breed should I look into, as well as some pros and cons about the breed (general). I will most likely adopt from the spca, but I always look online, sometimes people get rid of dogs because they were not responsible enough to do enough research on them before getting it. any help is appreciated

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  • to get a second dog or not?

    I have had my bullmastiff for about 6 months or so now, and she's around 11 months old, the problem is before she came with me, she used to live in a house with other animals and she would be a lot more active. more recently (last 2 1/2 months) she has been acting a lot more depressed to the point she doesn't even want to go for a walk anymore, unless I borrow one of the neighbors dogs (when he's home) and take 2-3 of them at a time. in the house she barely even does anything but lay around, and ask to go out every 3 hours or so, and stays out for 2 minutes max, no matter how nice it is outside. I was debating if I would be to get a second dog if she would be a little more active, or if she would stay the same. the problem I have is she no longer wants to keep up with me unless she has a companion around, and it's getting annoying taking 2 30 minute walks a day with no real purpose, the main reason I got a dog is to help me go on walks (to help get back in shape), as well as having a companion with me. if I would be to get a second dog it would have to be between 8 months and a year and a half, and it would be adopted from the spca./ If I should get one what breed should I look more into? the only rule I really have is it has to be at least 25 pounds, otherwise my dog could easily accidently step on it, and it must have some energy, or at least adapt to some level to get to my energy. I work nights, and my dog adapted to me like the snap of the fingers. I have pet insurance as well as a reputable vet so I can easily afford a second dog. there is always somebody home so it wouldn't be alone for more than a few hours and I don't hold out on vet visits, I take mine every other month or so

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  • ideas for different meals?

    I'm starting to get tired of kraft dinner and mr.noodles (no matter what I try with them recipe wise) and I kinda need some ideas. I make pizza every now and then, but I get sick of it fast (just like any pasta really) so anything outside of that is all fair play. I really don't have the budget to eat out 3-4 times a week or whenever I want to try something new, so I figured this would be my next best bet to find some cooks around that can cook something other than kraft dinner and mr.noodles

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  • what are some good dessert ideas?

    As it mentions, I need some dessert ideas. it gets annoying when all you ever eat for dessert is muffins so I'm starting to get the itch for trying something different. the ingredients doesn't matter, I can pick up pretty much anything from town on any given day since I work 6 days a week. just giv me a recipe, an approximate price and how many people it would serve. thanks

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  • yugioh deck lists ideas?

    I was starting to play a bit after being gone for a long time, and the tiers/meta all changed. I was wondering if anybody could give me a deck to try out, that is not in the top tiers for me to try out.the deck must be legal in itself since we play with the banned card list

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  • yu-gi-oh fun and different deck ideas?

    I was just playing with my friends the other day, and we were saying how annoyed we were when we just see the same top tier decks going around, and I was wondering if anybody had some new deck ideas that we could try, and we just play for fun, and nothing will be ignored, as long as we have a deck list. I got so used to playing a stall deck that I'm bored of it so the actual guidelines is no stall decks (of any kind) and nothing top tier

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  • dealing with teething on a puppy?

    I recently got a stafford bull terrier (16 weeks old) and she has a tendency to just chew on her toys (including a teething ring) but she always needs to chew on our fingers. She doesn't do it out of malice or defense, she just has a tendency to want to chew. she's already over 50 pounds ( most likely she'll be over 140 pounds) and I need some tips on stopping her from chewing before she gets too big.

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  • what type of dog should I get?

    I recently started looking into getting a dog, since it's been a long time since I've had one, and I am in need to get back into good health for my job (I shall be an industrial cleaner, and I want to get back in shape but I need some other reason to get out of bed) and so my doctor recommended I get a dog. I am working anywhere from 5-10 hours a day (usually about 5 on average) and I can take him for a walk at work (also recommended by my boss for the kids since we are a daycare/sports arena). he needs to be docile around kids and other animals (my neighborhood is littered with other dogs) and as for my living space I live in a very open concept mini-home. most people have medium size dogs around here, so I was looking for anything from 20-80 pounds myself (average). I generally try to be active for at least 12 hours a day, working or not, it's just recently I started driving everywhere instead of walking like I used to before I got laid off back in may (seasonal employee). so instead of just waiting for somebody to just give me a dog, I wanted to do a bit of research before hand so I'm that much more prepared for it. I am also an avid fisherman, so I can take him with me. I know all dogs have individual personalities, but I'm looking for breeds that has a good reputation around what I need. there is always someone at home, so it would never really be left alone for more than maybe an hour. I've never been too picky on actual breeds, but I prefer avoiding tiny/toy breeds since I have never had any actual decent dogs that size, and since my place has a lot of places a tiny dog could get stuck (under my bed for an example) I would rather just get something a bit bigger so that issue would not be an actual issue.

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  • bought a house not up to code?

    I recently had to move, so I bought myself a little mini-home until I could snag something better, however a lot of things were not up to code, like it wasn't a breaker box, it was the old fuse system, some places the mold ate right through the house and various other things. I'm wondering if there is any way I could get my money back on it, since the company didn't want to open anything for me to see and didn't have the water turned on, so I couldn't see the pipes leaking. I'm going back to the company I bought it from tomorrow, and I'm asking them, if not, I was gonna go to a lawyer, but I'm not sure if it's worth it, I remember there being a law against fuse boxes, I'm just not sure if it applies to selling the house

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  • would I be better off buying or building?

    I have recently made an offer that was taken for a place but it doesn't have a shed. I would need somewhere to put my lawn mower, snow blower and all that. it would be an 8*12 shed, since the max size is 10*12 but it's a narrow opening so I made the calculations and an 8*12 is my best bet. I'm too scared of heights to do the roof so I would need to get someone to come build it, however I checked and some places do sell them pre built, you just have to move it, so I was wondering which would be best. since it's not a massive size item I can't imagine the flat bed tow-truck is going to be overly priced, but I don't want to overly gamble on which is best. everything would have to be approved anyway, due to the area that I live in.

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  • what would be a good sample of a resignation letter?

    I was wondering since it hasn't really been going really well at work. I am working 6 days a week, yet I'm not even breaking 27 hours at all. I've also not had a day off, except from, well, sunday to monday, since I have off, usually about 3-5 a.m. sunday morning to monday morning. Lately my boss has been having various other employees call me and ask me to come in, even after he told me before leaving to take the day off. I am probably not gonna give him the letter right away, I just want one in my car in case I just get fed up with it. I've been looking for more work, and when I find something, the first place to break full time is where I'm gonna stay. I work in the maintenance department if it helps, however I usually don't put what I actually do or a reason for leaving in my resignation letters, I just thank them for the months/years of employment. I just never once had to turn one in, but I always had one typed up for other places that I have worked, even to having one typed up mandatory when I worked at a . I just need a little help with one

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  • what are some ways on living on a budget?

    I'm just curious. right now I'm living on about 950$ a month, paying 344 a month for the car, 130 a month insurance, 50$ a month on rent, about 75$ on food (macaroni and cheese and ramen makes a good meal) usually about 45$ on the phone, pending on how much work needs to contact me, and other than about 150-200$ worth of gas in a month that's about it. so altogether right around 800-850$ a month when it's all said and done. I sometimes get more hours, but on average that's about what I make. the main problem I found is I live very far out of town, so most of my gas is going to work and I do everything while I'm in town, usually. I checked around where I work, and there is nothing for rent around there, since most places there are actual 1 bedroom places with overpriced rent. I just need to find a way on saving a few dollars until I can get a secondary job. any help is appreciated.

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  • what type of housing should I get?

    I was wondering since I have to be out in a few months. My main problem is I'm always on the go so it's awkward for me to do any yard work or shoveling out the drive-way, but that's easy to get that done, since I have a lot of friends who work in landscaping. I just need at least something to live in. I can muster up about 3 000$, so I was thinking mini-home or trailer type of thing, but I just had to have some opinions. I have found some places that went for 20-25 000$ so after 5-7 years it could be mine. please give me some pros and cons to everything

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  • not sure what I should do, need advice?

    I was starting to look at a few places, since I have to move pretty soon. I have about 3500$ saved up, and, truth be told, I'm starting to get sick of paying 250-300$ a month just in gas to go to work in town. I was looking at moving either right next to town, or right next to it, to half that amount. I only work about 30-37 hours a week, give or take, and it's the only thing that worries me. at the moment, I would be comfortable paying 400$ a month, + bills. now I'm always on the go, so for me lawn care would be a no-go. I was thinking of getting a tiny 50-60 000$ town house, and maybe renting a bedroom out of it for 350$ a month. I'd just like a bit of input to see what my best course of action is at this point. I live on about 18000$ a year, if it helps. it's just apartments recently went way up, and the cheapest one I was able to find was 560$ a month, in low rentals. I already got most of the furniture to go with the house. I was looking at a few condos as well due to the fact that for an extra 250$ a month, you don't need to worry on repairs or any up keep around the house, just the lot you own. just need a bit of pros/cons

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  • which would be my best option?

    I have enough to make sure I'll be ok for at least 4 months, but it appears as though I have to move by the summer, so I was wondering, would I be better off going for an appartment, paying 500$ a month+ or getting a trailer for 13-15 000$ over 3-4 years at 250 a month + lot fee. I don't have enough for a 5000$ deposit out of a 100 000$ house, but I do have enough to cover the paperwork and 2 months up front if needed. regardless I'm waiting until after tax season to know how much I'm gonna get. I normally make around 17 000$ a year or so, and I was thinking I could rent out a bedroom out of a mini-home with a friend or something, I just wasn't sure and needed a little input on the issue

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