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  • Why did a strange man ride his bike into my driveway?

    I was cleaning the garage when I heard a bicycle chain squeaking and looked up and a man had come all the way down my long driveway to in front of my garage where I was cleaning and turned around to bike away I saw his face and didn't recognize him or the bike. He was wearing a yellow hat and backpack. He avoided eye contact with me and lazily rode off back down my driveway and into the culdesac and then up the street and away. I thought he might have been someone from a roofing company inspecting houses for storm damage from the recent hurricane but he avoided looking at me and im pretty sure he left in a hurry when he saw me in the garage throwing trash into a bag. Wtf. What do you think is it time to install some cameras and load up the shotgun?

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  • Why did a UPS driver try to open my front door.?

    I was sitting in The living room when I heard the squeaky handle of the glass door behind me turning. Its very obvious when the handle gets turned and someone is coming inside so I just thought for a second it was my brother coming inside. The door was locked though. Then I hear the doorbell ring and I whip around to see a UPS driver had dropped a package and was walking away. Why did he test the door? Its happened twice now and I kind of feel like he's testing the door to tell someone he knows which houses are unlocked for an easy score. My other theory is that he is used to the double sets of doors in my neighborhood so he might have wanted to knock on the second wooden door and was going to open the glass door so he wouldn't be knocking on glass...only the wooden door was wide open and he could see straight into the house. What do y'all think

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  • Work truck vibrates intensely at a certain rpm.?

    Why would my lead man's work truck start to vribrate as if he was on the side of the highway hitting the bumpy portion meant to wake you up if you fall asleep. It happens when he drives straight so I don't think it's axels. It only happens sometimes and if he takes the foot off the gas and floors it then the vibration stops. Its a very strong vibration and I would swear he was on the shoulder of the road when it happens but he's always in between the lines where he Is supposed to be when it happens. Is his transmission shot? 

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  • Whitewater kayaking helmet. Which one should I choose?

     This is the one I'm looking at, I'm just not sure about what kind of helmet to buy and I don't want to spend a whole lot on a helmet if I find out I need or want something different. I saw some cheaper pro tec helmets that look a lot like the bike helmet I have been using to start learning how to paddle but I'm afraid it will be made with inferior materials that won't keep me safe. Any ideas for a beginner? I haven't been kayaking class four whitewater yet just three and below so I'm not doing anything too crazy yet but they are georgia rivers which even at low flow have been very challenging for me.

  • Remington 870 action is chalky and not smooth.?

    I have two of these shotguns and one of them is from 1996 I believe and the other from 2016. They are both express supermagnums. The one from 2016 seems to always have rust inside whenever I check on it and the action is a lot less smooth. It just feels like a cheap toy when I cycle it and the sound it makes is a lot more dull. When I hold the two guns upside down by the foregrip the action will start to slide on the 1996 version because it's really smooth but the 2016 version is so locked up it won't come close to cycling even when I shake it. I like that the more modern version is painted with real tree camo which helps keep rust off the outside but the internal parts just seem like garbage compared to the older one. Is there anything I can do to make the modern gun cycle smoothly like the older version. Is there any parts I can buy to fix the issue. I already have to buy a new foregrip because it was cheap and is already cracked on the new version.

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  • Whitewater kayaking suburban creek almost hit somebody what to do?

    We were kayaking a creek called Sweetwater creek in suburban Atlanta and when we started out it was not crowded at all. This creek has a section that has class 3 rapids and the rapids are one after another. We were making our way from rapids to rapids and before we knew it we were in the middle of a whole bunch of people just hanging out in the river. The way the river is makes it hard to choose a path around the people so we ended up kayaking right next to them. We were yelling at them and telling them heads up but they just stared and wouldn't budge. We never hit anybody and maintained our distance at least two or 3 feet Away from them but it was a challenge we were hugging rocks and really fighting to not hit anybody. There wasn't much we could do to just stop and wait for them to move because the river just kept taking us to the next gr

    Group of people hanging out in the rapids. What to do in a situation like this. I don't want to hit anybody and I know I won't always be able to look ahead around the corners to make sure nobody is in the river. Should I just go around blowing a whistle hoping nobody gets in my way when I'm barreling down a river? I can't find anything online that describes what to do and who yields to who

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  • Skimboard rental any good?

    I recently went to the beach and rented a skimboard for cheap (about 25 bucks for 24 hours) but me and all my friends couldn't ride the thing for more than a few feet before it would sink into the water tossing us off. My question is, would a more expensive skimboard make it easier for us to learn. I notice in YouTube videos the guy's skimboard comes bobbing up on top of the water immediately after he gets off of it. My rental would sort of lazily float back up to the surface sort of half submerged in the water. I believe the brand was zap and it was about a half inch thick and when stood on its end it came above my belly button but below my nips. The beach was Myrtle Beach on the east coast USA. The sand had lots of small and big shells mixed in. We tried high tide and low tide. At low tide the beach was flat  but at high tide the beach had a pretty steep angle but it seemed to work the same no matter what. We would jog with the board and lay it into the ground and try to step into it as gently as we could.

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  • video editor that is simple to use and actually free?

    im trying to make a 20 minute long video and all the video software that i have tried you have to end up paying in order to actually create a video. anybody got any suggestions for an easy to use video editor that wont charge me?

    Software3 months ago
  • LED light question. How can I make it run off battery.?

     in I'm an electricians apprentice and I recently was asked to demo out some pack lights on the outside of a building. I kept one of the massive LED lights inside the wall pack. I cut off the mogul screw exposing the input hot and neutral wires and I attached a ground and connected a piece of SO cord with a cord body so that I could run it off 120v AC but I noticed it had a sticker saying the light runs off 38-42v DC at .7 amps I believe. Is there a good way to run this light off of a battery and still be able to carry the whole setup in a hiking bookbag. I want to carry it into the entrance of petty John's cave in Georgia so I can take really good pictures using the light. 

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  • Whitewater kayakers. What to wear when kayaking.?

    I recently went on a kayaking trip with my friends wearing a swimsuit to hold my wallet in a plastic bag and my car keys. When I rolled and my spray skirt came unsealed my pockets on my swimsuit didn't hold my wallet and car key and I ended up losing the car key but chased after my wallet and got that back. Are their any good PFDs with pockets that would be good for kayaking and have big enough pockets for my wallet and keys and maybe my waterproof phone? Or should I just wear some synthetic pants with better pockets to hold all my stuff

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  • Beretta 92fs question. Why does my gun say it's made in Germany by umarex which seems to mostly make airguns?

    I purchased a Beretta 92fs in .22 caliber and was disappointed to see right on the plastic frame that it was made in Germany by umarex. My friend brought his pellet gun over to my house and it also said made by umarex which got me thinking i might have an inferior gun than some of the other models. Is my pistol of lower quality because it is made in Germany or do they make quality weapons.

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    How can I identify whether the place I want to visit is private property.?

    I was trying to find a place to walk my dog that wasn't overcrowded the other day and Google maps showed a green square next to the river at Abbott's bridge in Gwinnett county Georgia. I assumed this was showing a park that I could drive into so I drove over there but upon arriving I saw the whole section of forest was blocked by a fence with no trespassing signs all over it. How exactly can I know for sure before driving all the way over to a place if it's private property or not. I have tried researching online but I can't find any helpful information 

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  •  gas stove went out while cooking. Isn't this incredibly dangerous? ?

    While boiling some water the flame must have gone out because I smelled gas from the next room over. In order to shut off the gas you have to turn the knob on the stove back past the ignition setting which creates a spark while still releasing gas. What can I do in a similar situation to avoid a major fire if more gas were to build up

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