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  • Can i transfer into UCLA?

    I currently have a 3.5-3.6 gpa with 1 more semester to go. I have 4 more classes to take which I will be completing this upcoming fall semester and I also need to apply to the school this semester. These classes are the last 3 prerequisites I need to get involved in Poli Sci, my chosen major, plus my last science class. I currently have a job, was secretary for BSU at my community college etc. When I first started back at CC I was not even sure if I was going to transfer and had no idea what I wanted to do and my lack of focus caused me to take less classes. This last year I have kicked it into high gear and knocked out every class with a A’s and B’s. I feel

    like the way I started might get in the way because life started getting hard for me at one point which also hurt my on the level of focus. 4 first 3 years of trying to get it together were tough but Ive taken about 30 of my credits this year. Do you think this could hurt my chances of getting in even though I made the grades? What do you think me chances are?

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  • Dating with kids?

    Okay so I had a child about a month ago and I would really like to begin casual dating. Before you judge me, me and his father aren’t in the best terms and it’s been a long time since I’ve been happy. I would very much like to be involved in a relationship that’s worth it and can also have a great impact on my son in the future. I’m talking to a few men. They know the situation and how old my son is but my problem is that I am very very limited on time because I have to get back home to take care of him. I had a date with one already and I really liked him but I’m also interested in testing the waters with another person (not having sex yet). Should I just stay consistent with the person I already kind of like and see where it goes or put him on hold to see what other people might be like.

    My last relationship was 5 years long so I’m kind of in a rush but I’m not at the same time because I really want to have a good relationship with the next person i choose to be with.

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