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  • Will a weaker modem still work at all with high speed internet designed for DOCSIS 3.0 modems?

    I owned a older but decent modem and wifi router, and recently had my cable/internet changed. The new internet is 30 Mbps, the old was 3Mbps. This is 10X as fast and the tech said I would have to start to lease a modem/router combo from the company again as the old one could not handle that speed. I was trying to avoid the cost, if I reinstalled my old modem, would it still work, just be incapable of hitting the 30Mbps speed, or would it not work at all? Even if it only capped out at 10Mbps, I would be happy with that over buying a new modem or leasing one.

  • Do you still need to let turbo engines idle for a bit before shutting them off?

    I know back in the day that has always been the case, with modern engines like in the Cadillac ATS is it still true, or do they cool themselves or wind down better? And if it is true, how long would your normally have to do it and under what conditions? I have head after long highway or aggressive driving, but does that mean you would not have to do it after a 8 mile drive to work in mixed highway/city driving then for example?

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  • I have heard of sacrifice flies, but you would sacrifice a strike-out in this scenario?

    This happen in a video game but it could easily happen in real life too. It is a NL game to determine a Wild Card spot. Team “A” is the home team, leading by one in the top of the 9th. Team “B” is down one but has a man on third and first, at 9th in the batting order (so it’s the “closer” pitcher on the plate), and ZERO outs. Would team “B” ever consider having their batter, the “closer” pitcher, simply take a strike out to get to the top of the batting order with one out? In that case the leadoff hitter would have a presumably good chance to sacrifice fly a pitch to tie the game. If you have the previous batter, the pitcher, bat as normal, he could get a hit, but there is probably a more likely chance they hit into a double play, which would take the sacrifice fly for the next guy to tie option off the table.

    I just thought it was a really interesting scenario. Have you ever seen a MBL team take a strike out on purpose in that or a similar scenario? I fully understand the rules of the game but I have always been a casual fan, so I have not watched a lot of MLB and am unsure if that decision would ever be made.

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  • Talking to air traffic control question?

    If you own a plane, and have a private pilot license, but am not certified as an instructor, and you bring a spouse or friend up in the plane with you on a VFR flight following flight, is it ok if you have the other person talk to ATC through the microphone for you as long as the licensed pilot is the one operating the aircraft? I have seen that done dozens of times and I only ask because of the situation where a controller got in trouble in NYC for having his child who was getting a tour in the tower give a take-off clearance, but with a pilot and a friend in the plane, the rules are obviously different and not as strict, correct?

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  • How do aircraft know when a enemy is locked on and a missile is coming?

    OK, most examples of this are just what I saw in the movies, but I was wondering in general, how when a anti-aircraft missile is launched from the ground or another plane locked onto the heat signature of a aircraft how the pilot gets warning of this. I can assume that today's radar on the planes are good enough to probably detect a new projectile heading towards it at several times the speed of sound like missiles do, but was that simply the same explanation as in the early 60's when pilots had to try and dodge missiles while spying over Cuba for example, or does it work another way altogether?

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  • Current Russian ICBM warhead strength?

    I understand the current warheads on US ICBM's are 300kt-500kt down from multi megatons in the Cold War. I would never have cut it down that low but I guess with targeting being so good now you don't need to be as big. But does anyone know what the Russian standard warheads are on their ICBM's? Surprisingly I could not find a easy resource, one place cited 800kt, which would make sense as they always built things a little bigger, but does anyone know or have a good online resource?

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  • How are ICBM nuclear warheads programmed to “airburst”?

    I understand that nuclear warheads fired from these missiles travel at several times the speed of sound, entering into space and re-entering the atmosphere, going anywhere in the world in 30 minutes or less. At these speeds, it is still possible to now, and especially with 60’ Cold War era technology, have the warhead burst in the air above a target to maximize blast damage and reduce local fallout? At those speeds it seems like the window to detonate at the proper height above a target but not hit the ground would be 0.0001 seconds or less, were there really targeting measures that precise so long ago, or were nuclear bombs the only things which could really be programmed to airburst?

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  • USA gets 2 points and Russia gets 1 now, right?

    The brilliant announcers never explained how points are distributed and in multiple online searches I only found one source which stated this. But the rules for Olympic hockey in the prelims are 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for a OT win, 1 for a OT loss, right? If not I assume it's 2 points for any win and 0 for any loss.

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  • USA gets 2 standing points and Russia gets 1 now, right?

    The brilliant announcers never explained how points are distributed and in multiple online searches I only found one source which stated this. But the rules for Olympic hockey in the prelims are 3 points for a regulation win, 2 for a OT win, 1 for a OT loss, right? If not I assume it's 2 points for any win and 0 for any loss.

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  • If you e-filed a state return and it's not processed, can you edit and resend it?

    Long story short I was moving from OH to PA right before new years 12'-13 but out of either state for training the first two months. I thought the taxes for all of 2013 were being charged to PA, but it turns out the first 4 pay periods went to OH while I was out training. I know I will have to do a tax form for OH now, but if I e-filed for PA, and it was not processed and I got no return yet, can I edit and resend or do you have to fix it after it's all processed?

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  • Should the NCAA playoff next year just be the top 3 SEC teams?

    I am not a SEC fan at all, but I guess it really is simply a higher league then any other conference.

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  • Do the Carolina Panthers always play "Sweet Caroline" after a home win?

    I know this question may be 4 weeks late, but when the Panthers beat New England at the last second "Sweet Caroline" was playing as Brady was screaming at the ref exiting the field. Do they always play that song after every win because Caroline sounds like Carolina, which I think is ridiculously lame, or did they just play that song after that game as an insult to the Boston area for milking symphony after the marathon bombing by having Neil Diamond perform that song and everything else.

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  • When will the Wolrd Cup games generally be played Eastern time when they start next year?

    I know the dates are set but I don't think the specific times are. Does anyone know if the World Cup games will be played mostly during the day or in the evening in Africa, and what that will convert to on the east coast in America?

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  • Is there a 50% chance that the 56 game hit streak record will be broke in the next 50 years?

    I doubt it, offense is up in the MLB but I think that is one of the most solid records in all of sports, I don't expect it to be broke in my lifetime, I would put the odds at about 15%.

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  • Apple logo on back of iPhone question?

    I have a black phone with the black logo on back, and someone just got me a real nice black case with the hole to see the apple. The only thing is I don't like the black on black on black color scheme. Does anyone know if they sell a shinny silver high quality sticker or something that fits that apple on the back? I could not easily find one online and that is all the color variation I would need to make the phone look great I think.

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  • Will teams finally stop drafting RB's top ten now?

    Taking any RB in the top ten is nuts now in this era of the QB and passing 70% of the time. They also don't last as long as they used to and other then AVP no team who's RB was their best player has made the playoffs in a long time. The Browns were idiots to take Richardson so high and deserve what they are getting now, but do you think all teams in general realize this now and will stay away from picking RB's that high?

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  • Are there any advantage in WC seeding for winning CONCACAF?

    If the United States or whoever comes in first place after all the qualifies, are you more likely to be placed in a easier pool at all, or is it all pretty much random when seeding for the World Cup tables?

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