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I'm 17, and such a strange guy. (In a good way). :P ╔══╗♫♪ ║██║♥Music is my life! ♥ ║(o) ║ ╚══╝

  • What is this old movie called. plase help.?

    My friend is looking for it. I told her I'll find it for her. This is what she told me the movie was about. It was about like 1 girl and 2 guys. there's like 1 who likes her and one who doesn't. and she likes the one who doesn't. I think. and something about her being left alone in the dessert. I think she said it was called the tear drops. but have you heard of it. and how old is ir. I'm looking everywhere for it. Please, and thanks;).

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  • anyone know any gay-friendly music?

    like if there are guys making out in the video.? Could you pleaset tell me i'm doing a project on how music videos there are of all kinds.

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  • Watching a real life movie in a dream state. Normal?

    So I sleep then in my dream, I dreamt I was watching my self sleep and my leg wasn't under the covers so haha I felt something coming to grab me so I made my dream self put the leg under my covers, so I kinda watched myself sleep in my dream but real life, so wierd. Anyone else done that?

    1 AnswerDream Interpretation1 decade ago
  • What happens in my dreams, change in real life.?

    Alright, so most of my dreams are in real life but my dream says something different. Alright so I have an alarm clock, you need to plug it in, it doesn't run on batteries, in my dream it did, so the power goes out the next day and im bored so I take the batteries out from the remote and go down to put it in my alarm and it doesn't take batteries, my dreams always change my realy life alittle bit, like yesterday, I was dreaming that my sister was in this horrific background screamin cuz she was dying and My heart was pounding, I wake up to her actually screaming her fricken lungs off, but for a different reason, my stepdad was playing around with her, she was like happy screaming. Also so I'm in my dream and there is this this sound coming from nowhere stomping so loud coming toward me, then I freak out so I wake up, and the same sound happens, but something fell in the house! I can't deal with these dreams that change my life. I think I'll die from one of em. Is it normal, does someone else have em?

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  • My friends wants to be a likea poet soo...?

    Not a poet poet, but like those people who make like a quote, if u are u believe or something, she did this one and wants to heres peoples opinion, so wutchia think, don't be too harsh. ;) Thanks.

    It's Unwritten until you write it, someday we'll all go higher, It's obvious if we all raise our glass to people who are nothing but them we'll watch the beautiful fireworks everyone has become. We'll hope it isn't dream! S we all have the time of our la ah ah ah, so lets FLYYYYY!

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  • Anyone know a Ryan Smith.?

    I bought these shoes yesterday, I like em, but they say Ryan Smith on it, I'm guessing he's a skate boarder but yeah anyone know, Got a pic?

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  • Dreams? What dream did u have 2day?

    Today I had the most realistic suspenseful dream, the world was like coming to a end, it was good, then my dream like changed the house shacking, and the world was soaked, flooded, so we travelled by speed boat, it was all dark and raining and storming, I was so fricken surprised when I woke up cuz it felt so real! Whats the most realistic dream did u have, and what dream did u have 2day?

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  • Got a birthmark in a place you hate?

    Here's mine! on the bottom right.

    Please don't tell me ma body is ugly. I know it already.

    Yeah I dislike where it is. and like it. Idk. How about you?

    7 AnswersPolls & Surveys1 decade ago
  • Do you have a birth mark in a weird spot?

    PLEASE PLEASE I know I am chubby and my nipples are weird lol, but Idk if I like where my birthmark is, check it!

    You have one in a place you dislike?

    3 AnswersSkin Conditions1 decade ago

    THE COMPUTER font is huge, the desktop is huge, everything is big, how do I bring it back to normal. its not my computer!

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  • How can I put music on youtube into a Playlist.?

    I have 514 videos on my favourites in youtube.

    How can I put em in a playlist so they play automatically after ones done. Cause I always put one and have to come back and change it. Please if theres a way please tell me.

    2 AnswersYouTube1 decade ago
  • What site do I get the Music files on?

    Like to save it, like in a file, or as a file or something. Chu know?

    1 AnswerMusic & Music Players1 decade ago
  • What does Oprah mean by Farewell Season?

    She did like Oprahs favourite things, to mark the Farewell Season. What's the Farewell Season?

    2 AnswersTalk Shows1 decade ago
  • What is Black Friday? What's it mean?

    Yeah, I saw a topic on twitter, and all these commercials! Black friday sale! What's black friday?

    6 AnswersWords & Wordplay1 decade ago
  • whats the song called and who sings it?

    It kinda goes like,

    Tonight and every night you're a superstar

    idk what ist is about it, but it pumps me up like crazy. Know what it's called?

    1 AnswerLyrics1 decade ago
  • Please help me out, WTH do I do?

    Well my life kinda sucks, I know there are other lives worse then mine, but I hate it. If I have one wish I would wish for everyone to be happy. My stepdad always says stuff I don't wanna here, he kept telling me you do whatever you want, whatever you want to be, you can do it. Then like 5 hours laters he tells me, do you know what you want to be, I was like yeah, he's like what, I said Psychiatrist then he goes, you'll never be a psychiatrist you're failing school, I think it's possible. But WTF he doesn't want me to be it. I hate him so much, he always always always says something negative to me, puts negative words in my head. So today I had a dream that I finally stood up to him and yelled at him, that's enough and I told everything I wanted to tell him, then he kicked my ***, in my dream? I've had another 3 dreams before of him abusing me. but today I actually stood up. So today I did the same thing for real but to my mom! I starting to hate my mom cuz she's always with him on his side and everything, she smokes, it can kill us, she doesn't care, she knows how I hate it, so then she's driving she messes up, then blames it on the other person, so I stood up and said, mom, you have 1 hand on the steering wheel and you smokng, I've called my mom stupid before, but today I called her it numerous times, probably the most I have. and I fricken scream now, I'm ****** running out of patience, my life has been hell every since a kid.\

    If you ask wheres my dad, he's gone, Idk where.

    3 AnswersOther - Family & Relationships1 decade ago
  • Do you know how to track a package thats sent to you?

    I donated 20 bucks to this Charity and they said, they'll send a shirt back, It hasn't come yet, it's been like a month. Is there any site that helps you track it?

    1 AnswerOther - Business & Finance1 decade ago
  • What is the 4th of July?

    K so I head about it, But I never understood what it is. Like I heard it's a good day. But how did it get started. What do people do on 4th of july? I don't understand, can someone help me please and thanks.

    3 AnswersIndependence Day1 decade ago
  • Does this sound stupid, or smart?

    Alright, So I eat, I like to eat healthy. Like healthy! I wanna live long, and i'm 17. I believe ur never to young or old to start eating healthy. Cuz u need it, ur body needs it, but some people don't. Alright I understand I'm not calling u names, Because I eat healthy, my stepdad thinks I call him a pig. Yesterday we were eating Pasta, I was like since were having pasta why not Whole wheat, it's way better eh.? Then my step dad is like why whole wheat? My mother said cuz Zac, (Me) wants something healthier. Then my stepdad says, Zac, ur 17, you still too young. At your age you have to everything! I mean everything, for your bones, for you ***, and for your Private part. WTF? Then I go and tell my mom that's the stupidest thing I ever heard, then my brother over heard and said, No I'm stupid, he's right cuz he's older? That came to a shock to me. What do you think?

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