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  • How to get splat blue out of hair?

    Would head and shoulders work? I'm looking for the gentlest and most effective way to wash out the blue envy in my hair so I can replace it with a bright red.


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  • Could My Medication be causing high blood pressure?

    I recently have been getting results for high blood pressure, and It began after a few months of regular use of an oral contraceptive, and two anti-depressants, welbutrin and celexa? I plan on changing my dietary plan and increasing physical activity but I am curious as to if these medication might/will continue to play a role in my blood pressure and If exercise can still decrease blood pressure though these medications might be raising it? Any info would be great! My therapist also told me my blood pressure might raise because Im a bit of a hypochondriac and now I get anxious every time my blood pressure is taken but I don't know how much of that to put into account.

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  • What years were Murray Comforte's made?

    I was recently given some junk bicycles and in the bunch was a Murray Comforte. Looks a little old, but I couldn't put a date to it. Upon searching I have only found pictures and people selling them. I'd just like to know if anyone knows when this bike was made? For a rusted piece of junk it rides decently, and does have a very comfortable riding position.

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  • Dog won't eat his own food?

    I have a year old maltese/poodle mix and he seems really uninterested in his own food. We dont feed him human food, unless he finds a way into the garbage, but he finds ways to get to the cats food and in the end will try to eat anything but his own food. This is annoying because he allergic to certain things in cat/dog food so he's gets a special brand of food to keep his tummy and his skin in okay shape. What can I do to help him regain interest in his own food?

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  • paranoid over boyfriend leaving me?

    I am someone who has high anxiety and for some reason I implanted the thought in my head that my boyfriend wants to leave/does not love me anymore. There are really no signs that he is, We still have a healthy relationship, he compliments me all the time, He'll even hold me while (he thinks) I'm asleep and talks about how much he loves me. We have a healthy relationship in all our areas, I just convinced myself he wants to leave and can't get the feeling of dread that he does out of my head

    What can I do??

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  • Question about strays dilemma?

    I have/had two strays for about a week in a separated room from my cats and two days ago found out that one of them had been feline lukemia positive, sadly I decided the best option was to put her down because she could not stay in my home( I have other cats) and I know that all animal shelters put positive animals to sleep I cried all day and night over it, if I had the ability to let her leave out her life without the risk of infecting others I would have. My question is what precautions should I take with the other stray, he tested negative, but I have read the virus can take up to thirty days to 3 months to show. He was given a vaccine for leukemia and in 3 weeks is due for a booster but I want to know if I should keep him separated from my cats in the room for three months until I get a second negative result?

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  • hair wont go lighter than champagne blonde?

    I've been trying to bleach my hair to white, but with no luck

    I've bleached my hair three times, once with 30 developer, the last to times with 20. Now I thought this light dirty blonde would be enough to take lilac hair dye but I was wrong, My hair now has lilac roots with dirty blonde length. Im unsure of what to do next. I'm thinking of getting a pink dye since its going to be a darker shade. EIther that or I'm going to try to bleach my length again, and I'm unsure if that will produce any results except for damage. Any advice would be helpful

    Ps. Im not going to a salon, I dont have the money to spend, literally dont have the money

    I'm not going to a brown either, Ive spent to much time to just give up and go to a boring shade.

    2 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • a good hair dryer with a cold option?

    I have really thick hair, insanely thick, and my hair takes forever to dry. For example I washed my hair last night and I still have a wet spot in my hair. I like to limit the amount of heat I put on my hair because I bleach and dye it, luckily my hair still feels nice and silky but It takes all day to get my hair dry, and thats when Its more likely to get tangled and ends to break. I've looked but all i can find are "cool shot" buttons that you have to hold down to get the air to stay cool, and even with air it takes like an hour or two for my hair to dry and holding down a button gets annoying and my hand cramps so any help or recommendations would be great!

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  • best way to make the rest of my hair light blonde?

    My hair currently is a orange blonde from my bleaching

    I match my cats color, so about this shade

    what should I do next to even the tones into a light blonde?

    I keep getting told a variety of things and I just want more input


    I knew that when I first bleached it, but my hair isnt that bad, I know how to take care of my hair with protein/wide tooth combs, and treatments with olive oil so no advice on that thank you

    also if it helps Im going to wait 2-3 weeks before messing with my hair again.

    3 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • stray cat with no tail and funny walk?

    She and her friend/sibling seem fine other than the fact that the tailless one walk funny, but doesnt seem to suffer from it, Shes a little unbalanced and walks with a sway/longer step/ hopping a bit when running. Is this normal for say a Manx breed or do you think this is a genetic deformity? The sibling is slightly knocked knee but other than that she walks normally.

    They both are eating good, using the restroom properly, and seem to be perfectly content, Im just curious about the walk, I cant take them to the vet to get checked out till next week but any clues might be helpful.

    3 AnswersCats10 years ago
  • Evening out tones after bleaching?

    Hi, Ive bleached my hair and I know have white/yellow blonde new growth with a reddish blonde ends, I was wondering what I should do to try and even out my tones. I know I can use toner to cover the copper color but I was wondering if I should try toner on the bottom length until I get desired shade, then wash, then on a seperate time tone all or just the yellow part for a less amount of time? Or will getting a blonde dye help, or should I go for another bleaching after 2 weeks or so?

    my hair currently matches my cat, though I think its a beautiful color on him, Im unsure it will fit with me, but im fine with waiting with this hair for awhile

    oh, and please dont tell me how "bleaching damages hair" I know this, Its common sense, I also took the right steps in keeping it healthy and moisturized before and after.

    3 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Is there a way the spca will let me foster two cats i found til they can get placed in a new home?

    I would love to keep them but medically I can afford the cost

    I was wondering if they allowed people to foster them until they could find homes? I would really enjoy that since I wouldn't have to worry about them and know that they were cared for until I could hand them over to new loving owners.

    1 AnswerCats10 years ago
  • Im going from dark brown to white blonde, help?

    Ive bleached my hair before so I dont need help with that but I want to lessen the times I need to bleach it, so i was wondering if after I bleached it only once, I could use a toner and get rid of the brassiness? would it be even close to the shade I desire? like Ive said i have bleached my hair before but without toner which is silly, but i didnt know about it, I also really dont want to have to bleach my hair multiple times, since of course it made my hair feel like rubber.

    I already know about after I already use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, I also do oil treatments, I also protect my hair with heat serum, but I usually dont even put heat on my hair.

    any advice on my said question or tips on bleaching would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Found two stray cats, one with a gunky eye and slight wobble, what to do?

    Last night my boyfriend save a cat that was stuck in a tree in our yard. we put it in a crate and fed it since it was thin, Its a bobtail and seems to have stiff/wobbly legs, it also has a white mucus in its eye. The second came along to find it sibling and we also put it in the crate, it seems to have watery eyes (no mucus though) and has a bald spot on its foot with a bite mark. They are both very friendly, but I cant bring them inside since I dunno what they might have and if it could catch to my current cats and dog. Is there anything I can give them or treat on my own? I dont really have the money to spare for a vet, but I would like to find them homes as the whole time they have been in my company they have purred and rolled around. Im starting to get attached, they follow me around the yard so I would really love to help them.

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  • How to bleach hair with as little damage as possible?

    I've bleached my hair a few times, though the last time I did it was well over a year ago. Everytime I bleach my hair though it of course get dry and dull, but I have a strong urge for lavender hair and just want my hair to be left as healthy as possible, any tips or advice on how to do this?

    7 AnswersHair10 years ago
  • Having strange episodes of anger?

    In the last month I have had a ton of episode of anger. It's similar to an adult tantrums but I can't control it. I usually end up punching stuff, trying to harm myself with objects, scream, and attempt to pull out my hair. I can admit mentally I havent felt like myself, and A few friends think my mother(who is negative and insults me) might be the root. The only problem is that I cant move, I cant go to a therapist, I have no money, and my anger is starting to become more fierce. I have horrible confidence, I'm always paranoid but seem to have become less caring about what happens to me and I get insanely angry over nothing. I feel like i'm going insane, I'm starting to exercise and eat better to see if that helps, but does anyone have any advice on what might be happening? Am I developing a mental disorder? What can I do to help myself?

    2 AnswersMental Health10 years ago
  • Dealing with an angry and bitter mother?

    I live with my mother, and love her but she is really mean. She's always negative, and if someone has something to say that varies from her opinion you might as well caused your own execution. She jumps to conclusions, judges me, and get angry because I can admit I'm disorganized, though I dont affect her area's of the house, and seems to think I do (we rent a small house and she has alot of stuff). I'm also trying to help her out, but then something else angers her. I also get a lot of crap for studying, I study too much to her and use it as an excuse not to go to the store with her, which is insane. I also go out too much, which is only twice a week. I cant move since I havent found a job yet or had any money to save. Any ways to help with dealing with her reasonably? If i stay neutral she gets mad, If i get upset or cry she gets mad, so im at a loss, and have a lot to handle. She says ive always hated her because I would cry when i left the nursery, which is ******* ridiculous. Any suggestions would help.

    BTW, she wont see a psychologist cause nothing is wrong with her. I'm the messed up one since I have social anxiety.

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  • cant find a recipe for fruit salad dressing, help?

    I've been looking everywhere for a fruit dressing, not fruit salad that goes on a regular green salad, Its sweet and white, I usually get it at a popular south carolina resturant called Tsunami's. I've haven't found a single recipe and would appreciate any help, thanks!

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  • no period in 6 years?

    I know this sound silly and that i should just go to an OBGYN but im nervous about this subject, and im unsure of what to do. Im almost 20, and havent had a period since i was 14. One day they just stopped and never came back. i'll have light spotting from time to time but other than that theres nothing. I started my cycle when i was ten, and had a heavy flow but afterwords they stopped, my mom said not to worry since many girl have iffy periods and since i was sexually inactive i shouldnt worry but through the years it just became a side thought, and Im hoping nothing permanent has happened to my ovaries/uterus. If anyone has any ideas or experienced something similar please let me know. thanks!

    3 AnswersWomen's Health10 years ago
  • how to deal with anger and depression?

    In the last few months i've been feeling a lot of anger, and I've been depressed on and off for many years. Im almost 20 and recently have not been able to control my anger. If something happens to make me angry I begin to act out. Yesterday i punched a doorway til parts of my hands bruised. My boyfriend of two years had to make me stop. Today I started screaming and trying to pull my hair out. These actions are totally not me normally, and when i get angry I feel I cant control it. I've always been an anxious person and got diagnosed with social anxiety and always struggled with depressive spurts but this anger is recent, and truthfully kind of frightening. I would go to a psychologist, but considering im unemployed and my mom barely scrapes ( and if mentioned she would be angry for me being "depressed") so thats out of the question. I've also been on many anti-depressant and always have had bad side-effects(suicidal) and feel better without them. I'm looking for techniques and mental exercises to help me calm down until I can finally get to a psychologist. Anyone who can give advice on the subject would greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading.

    2 AnswersMental Health10 years ago