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  • Questions about boating in the USVI?

    I'm pursuing an opportunity in St. Croix, with a fairly high probability that I will relocate to the island. So many questions.........

    How does a freshwater boater prepare for the transition?

    How's the inshore fishing, or do I need offshore capability?

    I'm thinking 20-25' bay boat, single outboard, used; can I find a serviceable boat like that for a reasonable price on the island or do I shop on the mainland and ship?

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  • is it normal to leave a line of trim paint on a wall?

    Interior painter painting the trim white, covered the wall paint along the trim with a thin line of white. Its a mostly wavy line up to maybe 1/4" or so in width. Even where its straight it looks wrong to me but he says its how its supposed to be.

    I think the wall color should extend all the way to the trim in a straight line. No wall paint on the trim and no trim paint on the wall.

    Am I nuts or is this guy crazy?

    3 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling7 years ago
  • 98 explorer, need help identifying this part.?

    V-6 SOHC. A lightweight metal tube runs from the air intake hose, behind the thermostat to the other side of the engine. On the other end is a flexible rubber "Y" fitting, connected to what I think is the EGR valve and another metal tube headed towards the firewall.

    I accidently tore that rubber Y while removing the thermostat housing. Parts store doesn't have it, I can't find it online, don't know what to call it.

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  • What to do about a skunk encounter?

    This morning my 90-lb Rhodesian ridgeback surprised a skunk laying up in the high grass not 3 feet from the sidewalk along the Trinity river. He actually picked it up and threw it a few feet. It waddled off apparently unhurt (Tucker has a very soft mouth when he's just playing).

    I found a recipe online that actually works. 2 quarts hydrogen peroxide, 1/2 cup baking soda and a couple tsps liquid soap. Wet the dog, pour the mixture on, rub it in, wait a few minutes, rinse. Try to keep it out of his eyes & ears, and keep him from licking it up if you can. He's bound to ingest some, so be prepared for him to vomit a little. But a the smell will be gone immediately.

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  • What to use as insulation for built-in cooler?

    Was it just me, or did anybody else lose their job today? After 19 years at certain bankrupt airline whose name I won't mention, I suddenly have all the time I need to work on the boat.

    I believe I can allocate some space under the deck for a small drink cooler. I'm thinking that pink foam board insulation looks pretty good but it is effective?

    1/2" or 1"?

    What have you guys used?

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  • How do you get 3m5200 off your fingers?

    I figured out that lower unit lube will take uncured resin and leave your skin feeling soft with an odor that, well, chicks don't really dig all that much, but the 5200, so far the best I've come up with is an emery board from the wife's manicure kit. Not so bad I guess.

    Don't worry, it's cured to the point where it's not transfering to the computer keys.

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  • If the fireplace is in a different room, does it still exist?

    Canine Philosophy 101

    When I say "fireplace" the dogs are supposed to go to the fireplace, get up on the hearth, sit down and wait for additional instructions. If we're in the living room, they do this without hesitation. Almost without hesitation.

    But if we're in a different room, they both start looking around, almost frantically, like they know there's somewhere they're supposed to be but can't remember where it is. They might go to a crate, or jump up on the nearest piece of furniture (there's only 3 pieces of furniture in the whole house they're allowed on), or something.

    If I walk to the livingroom door and look at the fireplace, you can see the light bulb go on, usually one will get it first and the other follows.

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  • Have you ever found a body?

    I know from watching cop shows and movies, that most dead bodies are found by fishermen and dog walkers.

    I dog-walk and fish more than anybody else I know, sometimes simultaneously, yet I've never found even one dead body.

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  • Have you ever found a body?

    I know from watching cop shows and movies, that most dead bodies are found by fishermen and dog walkers.

    I fish and dog-walk more than anybody else I know, sometimes simultaneously, yet I've never found even one dead body.

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  • Another "if these dogs bred" question?

    I have a rhodesian ridgeback cross who could pass as pure ridgeback, including the ridge, so I know it can be passed in a crossbreeding.

    I'm curious about whether the ridge requires the ridgeback coat (short haired single coat in wheaten or red wheaten), or whether you could possibly produce pups with, for example, the true labrador double coat in black, chocolate and yellow, with the addition of a ridge.

    It's my dream to produce a ridgebacked dachshund. I know it's sheer folly, that's why it's a dream, but ya gotta admit, it would be pretty cool.

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  • If there were no shelters, if people were required to euthanize their own unwanted dogs...?

    ...theoretically at least, if by law people had to do the deed themselves, do you think they would make more of an effort?

    Does the existence of so many shelters and rescues enable people to get dogs they aren't prepared to care for?

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  • Idioms involving dogs?

    I want to compile a list of English language idioms that involve dogs. Here's a couple examples:

    If you can't run with the big dogs, stay on the porch. means "If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen."

    I've got to see a man about a dog. Means "Excuse me while I go urinate."

    Other languages are ok, too.

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  • Is the Cannibal Cafe still there?

    In San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, Belize, I haven't been there in such a long time. It was my favorite spot for key lime pie. I remember their slogan, "We'd love to have you for dinner."

    1 AnswerOther - Caribbean9 years ago
  • I am a civilian sending social mail to a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Army. What do I write on the envelope?

    Is it Lieutenant John Smith or Second Lieutenant John Smith or Mr. John Smith?

    2 AnswersMilitary9 years ago
  • Teaching my puppy to shake -- opinions?

    Ever notice how people will hold out a hand to a sitting dog and say "shake"? I thought it would be fun if the dog, instead of offering a paw to shake hands, stood up and shook his body, like a wet dog.

    Then I thought, would it be funnier if he did that to "shake it like a polaroid picture?" What do you think?

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  • Is there a DIY test for herding instinct in a puppy?

    I have a 4-month-old Black Mouth Cur crossed with Rhodesian Ridgeback. In appearance he could pass for a pure-bred Ridgeback, which got me wondering what he might have inherited from the cur. A herding instinct is probably the most distinguishing characteristic between the two.

    How do you tell if a dog has such an instinct?


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  • Will no one stand up for the reproductive rights of domesticated dogs?

    I won't (despite having a lot of respect for mutts, heck some of my best dogs have been mutts), just wondered if anybody would.

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  • Will the hair on my ridgeback always be this short?

    At 10 weeks, his hair is still so short you can barely grip it between your thumb & forefinger. We like it alot, it's soft like velvet. Just wondering if it might grow out as he ages. His dad is rhodesian ridgeback & mom is a big yella hound (blackmouth cur). Except for the black mask, he got his dad's looks 100% (including the ridge).

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  • Puppy doesn't want to leave the yard?

    10 weeks old. Not fighting the leash, he just doesn't want to go beyond the lawn. Sits down, whimpers a little. I pull him along a little ways, he repeats the process. Once we get out of sight of our yard, he trots along like any other dog on a walk round the block.

    I know we'll get over this apparent "homesickness" -- my question is, can I leverage this behavior to easily train him to not leave the yard in the event of a future escape, and/or come back when called. And if so, how?

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  • Can a dog really play shortstop?

    Much as I appreciate the humor and philosophy of Peanuts, I always doubted it. But now we have a westie who, I have no doubt, could play major league ball.

    If they would use an undersized tennis ball instead of a baseball.

    And if I could teach him to hit a curve...

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