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  • Chemistry?

    According to Newton’s second law of motion, the relationship between an object's mass (m), its acceleration (a), and the applied force (F) is F = ma. How does this law apply to the sport of bowling?

    A.When the pins are correctly aligned, their mass and acceleration will keep the ball from going into the gutter.

    B. When the bowling ball is rolling down the lane, the mass of the ball on the floor makes the pins become unstable, allowing the acceleration of the ball to knock down the pins.

    C.When the bowling ball is rolled with a force, this accelerates the ball. That acceleration, when combined with the mass of the ball, produces a force that knocks down the pins

    D. When the bowling ball hits the pins, the ball has a mass, so it will exert acceleration on the pins and knock them down.

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  • Chemistry  11 ?

    The gas-phase decomposition of NOBr is second order in [NOBr], with k = 0.810 M^-1.s^-1 at 10oC. We start with 4.00 x 10-3 M NOBr in a flask at 10oC. How many seconds does it take to 

    use up 1.50 x 10-3 M of this NOBr? Given the formula for second order reaction as 

    1/[A]t = kt + 1/[A]o 

    1/(2.50 x 10-3 M) = (0.810 M-1 .s-1 )t + 1/(4.00 x 10-3 M) 

    t =185.19 seconds

    Where did they get 2.5 x 10^-3 from

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  • Chemistry Q test 3 review?

    1. When the following reaction is balanced in acidic solution what is the coefficient of I2?

       IO3(-) +I (-)  ----------> I2

    2. How many electrons are transferred in the following reaction when it is balanced in acidic solution? No3(-) +I (-)-----> IO3 (-)+ NO2

    3. Which of the following is the strongest oxidizing agent:

     Cl2 +2e(-) ----->2 Cl(-)       e=1.36 V

    Mg(2+)+ 2e(-)------> Mg      e=-2.37 V

    2H(+) + 2 e(-)-----> H2         e=0.00 V

    4. The standard emf of the cell involving Mg/Mg (2+) (anode) and Cu/Cu(2+) (cathode) half-cell reactions is 

                           Half-Reaction                                   E(V)

      Mg (2+) (aq) +2e(-) ----------> Mg(s)                      -2.37

     Cu (2+) (aq) +2e(-) ---------->Cu (s)                        +0.34

    I have the answers I need to know how to solve

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  • Chemistry Q ?

    1. Consider the following electrode potentials:

     Mg (2+) +2e(-) -----> Mg  e= -2.37 V

    V(2+) +2e(-) -----> V   e=-1.19V

    Cu(2+)+ e(-) -----> Cu (+)  e=0.16 V

    Which one of the reactions below will proceed spontaneously from left to right?

    A) Mg(2+) +V---> V(2+) +Mg

    B) Mg (2+) + 2Cu-------> 2Cu(2+)+Mg

    c) V(2+) +2Cu(+)----> V+ 2Cu(2+)

    D) V+2Cu(2+)-----> V(2+) +2 Cu(+)

    2. Oxidation is responsible for turning alcohol into  vinegar

                          C2H5OH (I)   +O2(g)----> HC2H32 (I) + H2O (I)

    ΔS (J/K.mol)    161.               205.0          159.8           69.9

    ΔG (KJ/mol) -174.18               0               -38945          -237.2

    A. WHat is the ΔS for the reaction in J/K

    B. What is the ΔG  for this reaction in KJ?

    Please help me the way to solve them.

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  • Chemistry II Lab Help ?

    Molarity, abbreviated M, is defined as the concentration of a solution expressed as oles of solute per liter of solution. How many mililiters of 4.00 M H2O ae required to react with 1.6 g of CuO according to Pb(NO3)2 (aq) + 2 KI (aq)--------> pbl2 (s) + 2 KNO3 (aq)

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  • Chemistry Lab help please?

    consider the precipitation reaction between lead(II) nitrate solution   and potassium oidide solution:

     pb (NO3) (aq) + 2 KI (aq)------> pbl2 (s)+ 2 KNO3 (aq)

    suppose 20.0g of lead(II) nitrate and 20.0 of potassium iodide were dissolved separate to form 250 cm3 of lead(II) nitrate solution and 250 cm3 of potassium iodide solution. (a) what is the limiting reactant? (b) determine the mass of lead(II) iodide(PbI2) that can be obtained from this reaction.

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  • Chemistry Help Lab?

    potassium carbonate is highly soluble in water. calculate the mass of potassium carbonate required to make 250 cm3 of 1.50 mol/dm3 solution.

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  • Chemistry ?

    1. The PH of 1.00L of the buffer containing 1.00 M CH3COONa and 1.00 M CH3COOH after the addition of 0.080 mole NaOh is?

    2. The PH of a solution containing 020 M NH3 and 0.30 M NH4Cl is?Please help me understand the way of solving as I already have the answers for the questions. My test is tomorrow morning?

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  • Chemistry ?

    Methyl Orange is an indicator with a ka=1 x 10^-4. Its acid form, HIN, is red, wile its base form, In^-, is yellow. AT PH 6.00, he indicator will be??

    Can you please explain the color?

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  • Chemistry II?

    22. The molar solubility of BaSo4 (Ksp=1.1 x 10^-10) in a solution containing 2.0 M SO4^-2 ion is??

    23. The molar solubiliy of Fe(OH)2 (Ksp=1.6 x 10^-14) at PH 8.00 is??

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  • Chemistry ?

    1. The molar solubility of silver phosphate, Ag3PO4, is 1.6 x 10^-5M. What is its solubility product (ksp)?

    2. The molar solubility for CaCAf2 in water at 25 C is 2.1 x 10^4 M what is Ksp?3. The molar solubility of BaSo4 (Ksp=1.1 x 10^-10) in a solution containing 2.0 M SO4^-2 ion is??4. The molar solubiliy of Fe(OH)2 (Ksp=1.6 x 10^-14) at PH  8.00 is??I have my test tomorrow and I am trying to understand the test review. I have the solutions,  I need the way to solveThank you in advance?

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  • Chemistry?

    Predict the H (>7,<7,=7) of the following solution:

    NaBr, K2SO3, NH4NO2, Cr(NO3)3

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  • 1. The kb of dimethylamine CH3NH2 at 25C is 4.0 x 10^-4. What is ka of its conjugate acid?

    1. The kb of dimethylamine CH3NH2 at 25C is 4.0 x 10^-4. What is ka of its conjugate acid?

    2. A solution of acetic has a PH of 3.45. what is the concentration of acetic acid is this solution?  Ka for CH3COOH is 1.8 x10^-5

    Please help me understand the way to solve them.   I have the answer.  Thank you

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  • give me your opinion?

    should people replace ancient building with modern towers

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  • give me your opinion please?

    With nearly two-thirds of US adults being overweight or obese, colleges and universities are beginning to push health initiatives and programs within their campuses, educating and encouraging students to live a healthy lifestyle. Read the following article about how two different schools are incorporating health education into their curriculum and discuss your thought on their methods. Would be willing to undergo a freshman fitness assessment upon entering college? Do you think it is ok to require people of certain BMIs to enroll in health classes? Is your opinion different because you are studying health/fitness and possibly considering a career in the industry? How do you think these initiatives will affect students’ views on health and fitness?

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  • Math geometry help please?

    which of the following can not be the intersection of a plan and a cylinder?

    A. Square

    B. Ellipse

    C. Triangle

    D. Circle.

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  • Math help please asap?

    Data compiled by the Highway

    Patrol Department regarding the use of seat belts by

    drivers in a certain are a after the passage of acompulsory

    seat-belt law are shown in the accompanying table:

    Percentage of

    Percentage GroupStopped

    of DriversforMoving

    Drivers in Group Violation

    Group I

    (using seatbelts) 0.64.rate:02

    Group II

    (not using seat belts) 0.36 rate:005

    If adriver in that area is stopped for amoving violation,

    what is the probability that he or she:

    a. Will have a seat belt on?

    b. Will not have a seat belt on?

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  • math problem help please?

    Nicole has 4 different kinds of coins in her pocket. she has half as many pennies as nickles and more quarters than dimes. the total value of all her quarters and her nickels equals $1. which of the following is a reasonable statement?

    A. she has 20 coins all together.

    B. all of the coin together are worth $1.45

    C. She has 3 more pennies than quarters

    D the value of her quarters minus the value of her dimes is $0.15

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  • spanish help plz plz plz?

    me gusta montar en monopatin. Soy....................................

    what I have to add in the emty space. thanks

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