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  • How To Calculate Major GPA?

    I'm an accounting major and want to figure out how to calculate my major GPA. I already know my cumulative GPA which includes all classes I've ever taken even those unrelated to my major. But what classes do I include when calculating my major GPA?

    Do I include all Accounting classes only or all Accounting and Business classes I've taken?

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  • Employer Refuses To Pay?

    My Wife's employer put her on Salary of $250 a week and she works about 60 hours a week to get that. She's been working there for about 6 months.

    However her appendix burst and she was in the hospital for a week. Then the next week she went back to work on Thursday, worked both Thursday and Friday.

    She went in to get her check and they told her, not only will she not get paid for the week her appendix exploded, but she will also not get paid for the week that she only worked 2 days because she did not work a full week.

    I was wondering what are the legal aspects we can go after to get the money from them? Anything else we can do?

    6 AnswersLaw & Legal7 years ago
  • Question About Maintaining a CPA and If It Is Worth It?

    I am a current accounting student looking at the different alternatives I can go towards, CPA, CMA, etc.

    I've been researching it and it looks as though in order to keep your CPA certificate you need to take 40 hours of education credits each year. This confuses me a little because in college 40 hours of credits costs about $10,000. Is that really how it works? Does it really cost $10,000 + renewal fees to maintain a CPA? If it is that means you have to earn $11,000+ more than a noncpa to pay for itself and probably $20,000+ more then a noncpa to make it worth all the extra effort.

    But it doesn't seem like there is that big of a difference, so I must be off. How much does it really cost to do the 40 hours of credits each year, do any sort of renewal, and is it worth it? I'm sorry if it is a stupid question, but I'm still learning.

    1 AnswerFinancial Services7 years ago
  • Does Getting A Local Number Help With The Job Market?

    I've currently lived in Missouri for going on three years now, I moved out here from California. I don't like to change my phone number because that is how most people get a hold of me. Now I'm getting ready to graduate from college and am sending my resume out.

    Do you think the californian number with the (909) area code as opposed to the (417) area code will hurt my chances at a job? I didn't think it would, but my mom seems to think I should get a local number so people know I'm in the area. (Even though I'm going to school in this area)

    What are your thoughts? Does a out of area phone number hurt your chances at landing a good job?

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  • Windows 8 Won't Let Me Log In?

    I've had my windows 8 sony touchscreen laptop for a few months now. Normally when I turn the computer on it has a cover page. When I push a button it takes me to a green page with a login button and spot for a password in the middle.

    That is what is supposed to happen. Now, however, when I turn my computer on it still comes up to the cover page. But when I push a key it just goes to a blank green page without a spot to enter my password. I've tried turning it on and off, but it wont work. I've also tried just typing the password anyways, but that doesn't work either.

    Any ideas on how I can fix this problem?

    Thank You

    4 AnswersSoftware7 years ago
  • Deleting The Open Web Analytics To Lower MySQL?

    I have been using OWA to track the traffic to my blog. Recently I got an email from my webhost saying that my MySQL is too high because of a program owa_domstream. When I checked it was from the OWA setting. I deactivated OWA and tried to delete it but whenever I hit delete my computer said "webpage cannot be found" I tried deleting other plugins I was not using and that worked. So I clicked edit and deleted everything. I emailed my webhost to see if the problem was fixed, but they told me that owa_domstream was still growing. Please help! How can I delete owa_domstream from my site so that my account won't be deactivated!

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • How Do I Get The Pubcenter HTML?

    I'm new to Pubcenter. I've used adsense before ad with adsense you create the ad and they just give you the html. With pubcenter they give you the application ID and the ad unit ID and I have no idea what to do with them. I guess I'm suppose to download the microsoft SDK, but when I do that I can run the program but I don't know what it saves under or what the name is. I don't even know what I am suppose to do with it once I do. Can somebody break it down step by step for me, the easiest way to get an ad unit onto my blog. Thanks.

    1 AnswerProgramming & Design8 years ago
  • Healthy And Cheap Foods?

    I live by myself and I have a high metabolism. I tend to eat about 3000 calories a day to maintain my bodyweight and I'm a little underweight right now. I don't want to eat just a bunch of junk food, I actually want to eat healthy, (non processed, etc) but I also don't want to spend $400+ for just me every month for health foods. Any ideas on how I can eat healthy while at the same time not breaking the bank?

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  • What Is The Best Way To Build Abs If Your Super Skinny?

    I'm trying to build abs and am very skinny. My height is 6 foot 4 inches and I weight 165. So, I'm a little underweight, but not much.

    I hear that we already have abs, the fat is just blocking them from appearing. That means all I have to do is exercise and lose fat than? But I am already skinny enough that you can see my bones, so IDK if I have fat to spare, lol.

    I guess all I have to do is exercise and eat a lot of protein to make up for the weight I lose. What would you say is the best way to get abs in this situation?

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness8 years ago
  • Someone Keeps Hacking Into My Yahoo Mail Account?

    Hey someone keeps hacking into my yahoo mail account. I've changed the password 2 times and they just keep figuring it out. Than they spam everyone on my email address. First of all how are they doing this? Secondly how can I get it to stop? Thanks

    3 AnswersAbuse and Spam8 years ago
  • What If Europe Left America Alone?

    What would happen if Europe found America, but didn't care. Instead of colonizing it they just left things alone and focused on Africa and Asia? What would happen with the Incas, Mayans, Aztecs, Indians, etc?

    3 AnswersHistory8 years ago
  • How To Stop My Dog From Being a Wuss?

    My dog is an American Escamo and for some reason he is as scared as they come. He has met a lot of other dogs and other people in his life but he is always scared to meet new ones. He is 3 and it took him a year of me having people over constantly to get him to stop hiding in my room and start coming out and seeing everyone. Now we got a new puppy who is half his size and he is scared to death to go near it. So much so that this puppy pretty much walks all over my dog while my dog sits and cowards on the side.

    I don't want my dog to turn vicious, but I'd like for him to stop hiding in the corner from things that are half his size. I want him to socialize more, but he's always been in the company of other people and other dogs so Idk how to get him used to it if he isn't already.

    7 AnswersDogs8 years ago
  • How Do I Upload HTML To My Wordpress Site Once I Have An FTP Account?

    So I have a wordpress site and I need to download html on it to verify the site with Google. I just downloaded the FTP and have connected it to my site. I can login to my address and I guess I am suppose to download the google html page to the public_html folder. But I have no clue on how to do this. Can someone give me a step by step approach please?

    3 AnswersGoogle9 years ago
  • Upload A File To Wordpress Blog For Google Webmaster Tools?

    I;m trying to upload a file to my wordpress blog to verify my site to google webmaster tools, but I have no idea how to do this. I tried a plugin that says I can use it to upload the file but all it did was create a blank page with nothing on it.

    2 AnswersGoogle9 years ago
  • What Happened To The Roman Army?

    It seems like the Roman Empire's fall all started when their army weakened. During their later days the army was only a shadow of its former self and to combat that the Roman Empire hired barbarians to help defend itself. Eventually they just gave up their empire piece by piece until the barbarians just destroyed the empire itself. My question is, why did the Roman Empire army get so weak to began with, that they needed to do this? What made them a "shadow of their former self?"

    3 AnswersHistory9 years ago
  • Has Any Country Ever Actually Gone Bankrupt Before?

    I've been hearing all this talk about how the U.S. and Europe are going to go bankrupt and it is all going to be over. So, I am wondering, has it ever actually happened before?

    I'm not talking about just spending more then they make because that is a road to bankruptcy and not bankruptcy itself. I'm talking about actually going bankrupt where.

    1. The stock market crashes

    2. All goverment programs like Medicare, Social Security, etc completely stop

    3. Millitary spending stops

    4. People riot in the streets and chaos breaks out

    Has it ever happened before?

    3 AnswersOther - Politics & Government9 years ago
  • How Unblock Items in Kaspersky?

    I have Kaspersky virus protection and a few days ago they popped up saying that I had a file up that might be a threat and that 0% of users trust this file. So, I didn't recognize it and I blocked it.

    Later on I figured out what that file was, it was a document that somebody sent me and I really need to open it. How do I unblock this with Kaspersky?

    3 AnswersOther - Computers10 years ago
  • Why Do Gas Stations Turn Their Pumps Off After They Close?

    I was driving around at 2 am last night and pulled into 5 gas stations that where all closed. What is the point in turning the gas pumps off after you close? You got to think they are automatic and would just keep making them money throughout the night, even as nobody works there.

    2 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation1 decade ago
  • How to Help My Dog Poop?

    My dog has a tumer on her but from cancer. She is an old dog. We already had it removed once but it grew back. The problem is that it is preventer her from going poop.

    I was mixing pumpkin with her food and giving that to her and that was working. But I think she is struggling again. Any ideas?

    5 AnswersDogs1 decade ago
  • Why Was This Law Made?

    I realize that some of the stupid laws of the past probably had a point to them in their own time period. But why would someone even pass this law?

    In Texas a law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed.

    6 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago