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I am just a grumpy old man.

  • Did you get your Passport?

    It took me 4 1/2 months, 2 trips to the federal building, a zillion unanswered phone calls to the passport service group, one conversation with a worker from DC, and several emails to my congressman (who was no help), but I finally got my passport.

    Eventually I was given an appointment, on that appointed day I waited two hours before making my way to the window to plead my case. I gave the rep my SS# and she then told me to have a seat and wait for my name to be called. I fell asleep while waiting. About an hour later I was awakened by my name echoing in my head.

    At last my name had been called. The rep told me that she need to find my folder. She suggested I get some coffee and come back in 45 minutes.

    I went to get some really bad coffee and promptly returned in 45 minutes. She informed me my folder was lost. So I filled out a new form, presented her with another picture, and 50 minutes later I had a new passport. Go figure......

    What is your story?

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  • What do you think about this opening?

    The morning light woke me as it came through the window blinds. They were those big thick wooden blinds. The old kind from before they started making those skinny metal mini blinds. Funny I should notice that because there was nothing else about that window that looked familiar. My head hurt like I was hung over. But I didn't have that that dry rot in my mouth to remind me that I had way too much to drink.

    The light hurt my eyes as I rolled to my side to get a better view of the room. My body hurt, my ribs were injured.

    I was having trouble remembering last night. The room looked like a boarding house room. The kind you would see in an old movie from the fifties. What had I done, where was I where was my wife?

    Had I gotten drunk with people from work and gone home with someone. As I sat up it occurred to me that the clothes on the floor did not look like anything I owned. Thank God there was no womens clothes. I looked around for anything I recognized. Then I saw it my cell phone.

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  • Just do it.?

    I have asked this before and I may again.

    How many of you are registered to vote? If not Why?

    If you are registered do you vote regularly? If not why?

    How many of you gripe about the government, president, taxes, Iraq, Social Security, education, etc, etc, etc...?

    If you do gripe are you registered to vote ? If not why........................

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  • What do we need to do?

    I think we need to take care of the sick, feed the hungry, and make sure that everyone who wants or needs to work has a chance at employment. In the process of doing this we need to stop importing energy from countries full of people who hate us.

    What do you think and why.

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  • Sex, Murder, Trillions of Dolars, Fast Cars, Horror, and Automatic Weapons?

    Now that I have your attention.

    I challenge everyone out there who is eligible to vote to do so in the 2008 elections. There is plenty of time to register to vote.

    All of you who feel disenfranchised, and love to bash Bush make sure you vote. All of you who have never voted because you don't feel like there is anyone who listens to you, vote. Take a friend with you to vote.

    All of you who want change just remember that if ALL the people who can vote do vote the government will be changed.

    All of you who think one vote won't make a difference remember it is not one vote. You also vote for House Members, Senators, State Representatives, Mayors, and many other offices. The people you vote for appoint many like minded government officials.

    I don't care who you vote for. Just vote. If you won't do it for your country, your family, or even yourself then do it for me.

    I am a cancer patient with Multiple Myeloma. I don't expect to see the 2012 elections.

    Just Do It!


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  • Evening nightly news?

    Katie Curic or some old gray haired guy who has been around so long that the network doesn't know how long he has left on his contract.

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  • Vacation to Madrid, Spain?

    Can anyone recommend some good three star hotels in central Madrid?

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  • Stem Cell Research?

    Why do you think the president and many voters believe that stem cell research is immoral even if the embryos to be used are slated for destruction anyway. I would think the destruction of the embryos would generate a more inflammatory reaction from the people who oppose stem cell research.

    Think about it. Why is it OK to destroy left over embryos from fertilization clinics. But it is not acceptable to use those same embryos for life saving research.

    Come on, give it your best shot.

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  • Is it time again for unions?

    Given the way big business treats not only employees but also their stock holders, do you believe the time is right for a resurgence in unionization of workers? Why do you believe as you do?

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  • Finish this joke?

    Two nuns, a sailor, and a yew walk into a bar.......

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  • Paris Hilton is going to write a book about life behind bars?

    I heard she got a publishing deal to write a book after she gets out of jail. But she is not big on writing, so they told her to keep a journal and the editors would help her with the book.

    However the heiress said she really didn't write much at all. It wasn't a requirement for her GED. So they told her to keep a diary while she was in jail, draw pictures if necessary. Then at least they could get someone to ghost write the book for her.

    My question is once she gets past writing about her short lived parole and withdrawing from prescription drugs what is she going to write about?

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