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  • IRR Recruiter checking on vet.?

    A recruiter is telling a friend that he can do checks on him (ETS'd on IRR) monthly, is that a thing? I feel like that isn't a thing

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  • WTF army?/ Help from anyone who has been in this situation?

    So, I S*&^ you not I got a 300 on my PT test today, and when we went to get weighed and taped I was over on my weight, I'm not bragging but I'm in REALLY good shape right now, on a REAL BMI test I have like 4% body fat but my neck is small so I busted tape. Now they have me on the overweight program and I have a 1st SG telling me I'm an out of shape soldier deying my weekend pass and sending me to a medic to make sure I don't have a "medical condition"

    What sense if any does this make and has this happened to any of you? Is there anything I can do? I've been PTing to go to SF selection but it looks like that'll have to wait.

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  • Wll my computer be able to handle Bioshick 3?


    Intel core i7 3610QM

    Geforce GTX 670M

    12 GB of RAM

    and a 1 TB hard drive

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  • Need help being wrongfully chaptered?

    Ok I've already asked this question, but I'm calmer now, so I can be more clear. I'm currently an AIT holdover, I tried to go EOD (big mistake as an IET soldier since he failure rate is now 85% seriously I failed for handwriting) Anyway, I have to have a record PT test for my reclass, but my company has lost several passing results and kept failures and now my PSG/acting XO is telling me I'm going to be chaprered despite passing several tests and being forced to do heavy lifting and full pt the day before taking my failed tests.

    I gave up everything in my life, a long term relationship, a job, school, frends, my relaionship with some family members to jon the army and now I'm being screwed out of the military, I need advice help anything.

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  • Advice on buing good boots for a soldier?

    I'm currently an AIT soldier, and I'm wondering if any of you high-speeds have some advice on buying some comfortable boots. I'm 6'2" and around 200 pounds if that helps.

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  • Does dell have a military discount?

    If so how do I get it? I'm an AIT soldier and I kind of need a computer to keep in touch with family and actually do some of my coursework.

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  • packing for Army BCT?

    At fort Jackson. What are the most important things to bring?

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  • Goodbye boxing section?

    I'm not actually allowed to say when but I ship to army basic very soon, thanks for all the best answers I got and great answers to my questions. Maybe I'll come back after training but for now I retire as undefeated super tag line champion. Have fun stay safe!

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  • Why did JMM drink his own pee?

    I never heard a "good" reason for this one.

    Bonus: Name some other insane things boxers have done in training.

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  • What's life like in AIT? US Army?

    I have an MOS with a long AIT, in general, since I know this will vary depending on command and location, what's life like for a soldier in AIT? What liberties and restrictions are there? Does AIT count towards time in grade for promotion? Any tips would be welcome.

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  • Living in barracks (US Army)?

    Getting ready to ship (Very motivated! Very dedicated! Hoorah!). Just curious about what the rules are for living in modern barracks, how much can you decorate, how much space do you have, as a rule, stuff like that.

    Bonus for any tips for surviving basic.

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  • Exactly how politcally active can an enlisted member of the military be?

    See above.

    Bonus: Is it more or less strict for officers?

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  • If Hillary had become President...?

    Would she have caved to Republicans on every single issue like Obama has? Would the TEA Party even exist?

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  • Switching MOS in DEP?

    I had signed up for EOD, but some family members don't want me to take it. If I did switch I'd want to switch to 35M Human intelligence collector (I scored a 98 on the ASVAB so I'm good on test scores for literally anything). If I do switch how hard is 35M to get and how long do you think I'd have to wait? my ship date is pretty soon (I know I can't post the exact date because of security)

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  • Old George Froeman vs Heavyweight Roy Jones 12 rounds?

    At featherweight! Kidding of course, but I always wondered about this as a what if match.

    Can Roy prove he's Superman even at heavyweight? Or is George big enough to make Captain Hook look like a Jr meal?

    Bonus #1 come up with your own tag line

    Bonus #2 Does the result differ over 15?

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  • Why do right wingers have to oppose everything the left says and vice versa?

    I notice it more from the right since I'm on the left but still, I notice that if a left winger says CO2 is bad for you, the right will say it's fine. Most recently in the Trayvon Martin shooting the right, most notably Glenn Beck's the Blaze comes out and desperately tries to justify the unjustifiable simply because they see the left as being on one side so they line up on the other.

    Why opposition for opposition's sake?

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  • Arturo Gatti vs Ricky Hatton 12 rounds 140 pounds?

    Prime for prime 12 rounds.

    Will the Hitman wack Gatti and go walking in a Hatton wonderland? Or will Arturo leave Hatton Thunderstruck?

    Bonus 1 Come up with your own tag line

    Bonus 2 Does the result differ in England vs in America?

    Bonus 3 Was Hatton soft to the body?

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  • Is Teddy Atlas over-rated as a trainer?

    Just like the above

    bonus: Is it me or does he have the flat-est nose ever?

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  • Voting in the military?

    I'm going to be in AIT in November, do I have to re-register to vote in the state I'm training in? Or do I vote absentee from my home state?

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  • How did we go from Nixon to Santorum?

    Seriously, Tricky Dick wasn't the greatest President ever, but he was good enough, despite being considered a far right winger at the time, he had ideas, he embraced intellectuals like Kissinger and was dedicated to realpolitik (Google it) now we have Rick Santorum who spurns facts and (climate change, benefits of contraception etc) and blames gays and fictitious satanists for out problems.

    How did this happen to the GOP?

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