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:) I am 14 I love AC/DC and Angus Young. I am always talking about them or thinking about them or listening to them. THEY FREAKEN ROCK! And I like: Van Halen Def Leppard Pink Floyd Foreigner Billy Squier Journey Aerosmith Led Zeppelin Ozzy Osbourne Bon Jovi Whitenskake Cinderella Ratt Creed Guns N' Roses Kiss Scorpians Police And some newer bands like: Disturbed Godsmack Staind Shinedown Nickelback Puddle of Mudd Red Hot Chili Peppers 3 Doors Down So yeah um I really love the 80s. Well, rock music from the 80s. Not that crappy pop crapness haha. I hate pop. Especially girl singing. I can't STAND girl singing. I don't know why- I just don't like it. But I love hairbands. And I love baseball. Go RED SOX! WOO! Jeez I sound like a tomboy... but I'm not really. I like shopping and stuff too. But I don't like to be like everybody else and shop at A&F. And I don't like drama. thats annoying to me. I'm a really awesome fun person so add me!

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