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  • Canadian reentering from United States Process?

    Hello, so I basically moved to United States back in January before corona started taking over the world. I was wondering if I’ be able to drive bsck into Canada to visit my dad? It does say seeing family member Is allowed and I’m also a canadian citizen, however the car I will be driving into Canada has American tags and registration. I was wondering if that’ll impact me being able to enter?

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  • No license and got a ticket, can I provide them with one before the 15 day?

    So to make this more clear, I was being a dumba*s and driving with my g1 and I got pulled over for having expired stickers. As a g1 you cannot drive alone, and got a $325 ticket with a $110 ticket for not having renewed my plates. Since I can get my g2 anytime, if I manage to get my g2 before the 15 day period to pay off the fines can I give that to them and they remove the $325 fine or at least reduce it?

    11 AnswersOther - Cars & Transportation2 years ago
  • Open a bank at 16-17 in Ontario?

    I have recently moved out from my dads house because Of fights and other reasons that I don’t want to mention. But since I’m legally allowed to move out, I’ve found a place for $500 a month and yes I do have a job right now. My current bank account is a student account only allows me to spend $100 a day, but I would like to change it or open a new account but they need me to be 18. Is there a exception for me since I basically live on my own now? And I’ll be turning 17 in a few months.

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  • Can I get a g1 license at 16 without a parent?

    I want to get a g1 license and my dad is always busy. I heard its just eye exam and a written test that doesn't need an appointment. Can I go myself and take the test and exam? Since on the website it says I only need a parent if i'm applying for a g2 or full license. I already have all my ID and documents I need for the g1.

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  • Friends brother sign us up at planet fitness?

    So me and my friends want to go to planet fitness to workout. I use to workout at a home gym but would like to try machines instead of dumbbells and bench. So my friends brother is 21, can he sign us up? We re both 16 but he s sri lunkan and I m asian. If they said that i m adopted and I m apart of their family would they question it? I find it rude to ask for proof that i m adopted as they shouldn t be asking such question.

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  • Can I live anywhere at 16 in ontario?

    Hi, so I currently live in the states. My parents live apart but not divorced. My dad live in canada and I live with my mom in the states. For instance what if I took a plane to Canada then decide to stay there with a friend in Ontario, plus I am from ontario. I will have no problem getting through airport, the question is once I'm in canada and in ontario im following Ontario law, and it says 16 yrs is when I can live anywhere I want. (IM A CANADIAN CITIZEN BTW)

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  • Moving to canada at 16 with a canadian passport?

    Hi, I was wondering if I could move to canada at 16, since i'm a canadian citizen who is currently living in the states. I'm also american, I live with my mom and I don't really like it here so I was wondering if I could move back with my dad who is in canada. My mom doesn't agree with me going but my dad says yes. I heard since I'm holding a canadian passport they have to let me in regardless at the airport? I don't think it's considered running away because my dad is accepting me to live with him just not my mom. And no they're no divorced or anything I just don't like it here and my mom doesn't like canada. To sum it up basically asking if I could just leave to the airport at 16 and move back with my dad in canada who agrees with me moving in.

    4 AnswersImmigration3 years ago
  • Is it possible for someone with fine thin hair to gain or grow thick or thicker hair?

    Hi, I'm a male that was born with fine straight hair. It's annoying how every time I go in the shower and my hair is wet I could see my scalp and it just looks gross. When its windy outside my hair goes everywhere. I was wondering is there a way to grow thicker hair? Is there a specific type of essential oil or remedies that would help? I've heard it's only possible to look thicker but not actually grow thick hair.

    2 AnswersHair3 years ago
  • Add money into Rewards Debit Card?

    So I got a rewards debit card from EVGA as a $10 rebate. The card basically has all the features of a debit card name, date, number, and code. I was wondering if I could load more money into the card like another $10? If I take it to a ATM can I just put cash in and put it into the card?

    Credit4 years ago
  • Change IDE to ACHI on Asus h110m-a M.2 MOBO?

    I wanted to install MAC OS X on one of my spare hard drives so I watch a YouTube video on how to do it. It said to go to my BIOS and change Sata Mode to ACHI, I tried that but couldn't find ir nor locate where it is.

    The mobo i have is the Asus h110m-a M.2

    Can someone with a same or similar Mobo tell me how i can change the Sata mode to ACHI?

    2 AnswersDesktops4 years ago
  • Will using a case fan hub break my motherboard?

    So I just built my first pc and I got the ASUS H110M-A M.2 and I realized my case has 3 fans and there's only 1 CPU fan connector and one 4 pin fan header. I searched online and found the deepcool case fan hub it's a four 3 pin to 4pin connector and I'm worried if I plug in multiple fans into one header it would break the motherboard. I heard there's another way by using or connecting to the power supply directly. Is it safe to use 2 fans on the fan hub? Or is there another way?

    Mobo: ASUS H110M-A M.2

    Case: Thermaltake Versa H22

    PSU: EVGA 430W 80+ certiifed

    1 AnswerDesktops4 years ago