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  • Has anyone ever used ACF-50 (misspelled as acf50) to protect their electronics (phone, tablet, audio player, etc) from water/moisture?

    There really isn't much answers in terms of using it on electronics except for those cheap bicycle lights (dropped in a cup of water while it's on!). I'm talking about smartphones (or candybar, flip feature phones, or those using kaiOS), audio/video player/recorders (known as mp4, mp3, etc), camcorders/digital cameras, portable speakers, etc,

    Would it actually work to keep water completely off the circuit board and all connections so it doesn't get destroyed? Thank you in advance for any/all answers, no matter how ridiculous they may sound or be. (and it'll contribute to the community, because there's always somebody LOOKING for an answer using a web search).

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  • Can you screw a light bulb into a screw-in fuse socket?

    Since there are no answers or questions asked... I thought maybe I should be the one to give it a go... In relation to THIS question:

    Would it light up, or just act like a fuse and do nothing, regardless if it's Incandescent/halogen, florescent or LED?

    I understand this may be a 'stupid question' like the rest, however answers must be given. Cheers.

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  • Has anyone used a leaf blower to clear shattered glass from the roads, or bicycle lanes?

    I know it s used to blow and move not just leaves, but many other hollow and light weight derbies, maybe unbroken empty glass bottles (beer, liquor//booze/alcohol). But what about shattered glass?

    A web search wasn t at all helpful, so that s why I decided to ask a question here, and the best answer can help others who might be wondering or even asking the same question.

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  • How the heck does a house mouse vanish out of thin air without any explanation?

    Okay so here's the deal: Woke up to do my usual business and this god damn pest of a house mouse jumped over my foot from behind the toilet, so I slammed the door shut. Tried but missed scooping it into the tub, missed trying to stomp on it too.

    It then ran under the white wheeling plastic shelve, which i promptly slammed backwards and forwards... I then checked the drawers contents: NOTHING!! No mouse found. Then i put everything into the tub and checked everywhere it could easily hide: NOTHING STILL!!

    Then i assumed it vanished through a rip in space and time, or dimension(s), never to be seen again... Because HOW can you explain what happened if it seemed to VANISH OUT OF THIN AIR?! Seriously...

    Here's the video I recorded as a result of that too:

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • Who else has an HP Pavilion Media Center PC model a1420n? Have they put in more than 2GB of RAM & tried a core 2 duo/quad processor?

    I'm just curious, since I just swapped my previous machine for this one. Since it takes DDR2 RAM and uses the socket 775 processor, i'm wondering if anybody else has upgraded theirs to a core 2 duo or core 2 quad CPU, including going beyond 2GB RAM (HP says that is the maximum). I also found that it works with Windows 8/8.1, HP makes no mention of it at all, but it should work with the windows 7 drivers, or work out of the box.

    Thank you for any answers and help, I have included the make/model of the motherboard.

    Name: Asterope

    Vendor: ECS

    Product Number: ER894AA-ABA (from BIOS)

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  • Has anybody ever mounted or attached a camera to the arm of a hard disk drive?

    What I mean, is literately mounting or attaching it to the disk's read/write arm (similar to those that did it to a record player), would the camera even stay on or get thrown off due to the sheer speed of the back and forth (left and right) movements when data is being seeked for? If anybody has ever done it, or thought of it, can you do a video of it? Google, yahoo, bing, aol, etc. wasn't very helpful either.

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  • Battery Question: Is there any *compatible* 3V Li-Ion packs for the Canon Powershot SX150?

    I don't want to keep using NiMH AA batteries all of the time, because the camera occasionally detects them as DEAD when they're fully charged. I spotted a few that were rated at 3V (not anything higher), and they listed a variety except my camera, and I know 14500 types will only damage the camera due to the voltage being more than double that of NiMH and alkaline types, so my research was limited to what I could find using creative search terms.

    The two are linked here: and this one

    Will they even work? Has anyone tried them? I just don't want to waste any money, I just want to be able to be worry-free about not having to carry a cassette tape holder full of AA's with me all the time, thanks a bunch!

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  • Smoking jalapeños? (not the recipe)?

    Has anybody even tried that? I don't mean making chipole, but actually **smoking** it? Please, if you have, throw an answer. :D (these answers likely will go on my wordpress at some point once the open question is closed and a best answer is selected. Thank you for any feedback too.

    Disclaimer for mods: I do not condone the smoking of any substance, nor do I smoke anything in real life either. I am simply asking this out of curiosity because web search engines only bring up recipes and nothing else of potential interest or curiosity.

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  • How long, at 100 mAh, will it take to recharge a 650 mAh rechargeable AAA battery?

    Google wasn't being friendly and all I basically got was products from battery sellers. I could use some help, as I don't want to use the "smart" rapid charger that came with the batteries. I prefer to use the slow 100 mAh charger instead, as to get the most cycles and life out of the batteries. Alas, I have 8 of these batteries, used for the front and rear lights of my bike. (Front uses three, rear uses two)

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  • Dianetics, has anybody tried to microwave it?

    I'm very interested to see anybodys reactions to this, if it was ever to be done. If you have a copy, and don't want it no more, why not microwave it? Do it outside of course, because the smoke is bad for your lungs.

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  • Exactly how wide (the width) is Yonge Street south of Bloor?

    Just curious, I couldn't find any details as no search engines were being helpful at all. It didn't turn up anything, just now long it was. Big thanks if you can provide an approximate or exact measurement from the west to the east curve.

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  • How many baby girls were born in January 1970 in Toronto East General Hospital?

    My mother just wants to know, google returned nothing.

    This has to do with our family. No other information will be provided.

    Thanks in advance. Best answer gets 10 points or however answers works.

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  • Panasonic PV GS-85 not playing tapes, recording on tapes and still capture are fine.?

    Thing is, the camcorder won't play any Mini DV tapes. I've been recording on the 3 tapes I own in LP mode since I bought it.

    The first problem was repaired without costing a penny (it was under it's warrenty still), that was the dislocated chassis (lost a tape due to chewing).

    Now the camcorder won't playback ANY tape, regardless if it's set to SP or LP mode. Recording is fine regardless of tape or SD card.

    When playback is done, the display looks like this (sorry, it's all in text) when using any tape. There is nothing wrong with the playback device at all. It might be a jammed head but i'm not quite sure.

    LP 0h00m00s00f



    I'm asking if you or anybody else has encountered the same problem with your panasonic pv gs-85 camcorder or something similar.

    The good and best guess I have is, the head is jammed and it's not making contact with the tape. The record head does make contact OR maybe it's the same one which plays and records.

    This problem occurred after pausing the tape. The camcorder, like always, stopping after 5 minutes to protect it.

    Once I got back, I resumed and nothing showed on it's LCD display or in movie maker. I even reset it and reset the CMOS info (camcorder settings) to defaults. Nothing improved, nothing played still.

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  • Has anybody ever been contacted by this internet group called anonymous?

    Please let me know ALL your experiences. Was it bad? Was it fun? Was it silly? Was it stupid? Was it evil, bad, harassing? Was it criminal? Did they bomb your e-mail box? Did they call your phone numbers? If so, how many calls? Did you report them to the police and the news? Did you make a video and/or blog speaking out against them or to them? Did they attempt to attack and break into your computer? Did they DDoS or DoS your router or computer? Did they try and break into and/or hack info your social networking sites? Did they hack info and close your accounts? Did they mass flag any videos or posts? Did they give bad ratings at a mass? Did they change your passwords? Did they attack and hack into your email inboxes?

    Please, tell me. by all means, flood this question with answers!! :) I'll let the others vote for the best answer, since I'm asking the public for their experience and opinions on this group (they're also battling the evil church of Scientology, another threat to avoid).

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  • Based on the song, Cupid's Choke Hold by Gym Class Heroes, do you think it's folky rap??

    Since folk music kinda tells you a story about something, so does this song. I wanna know your opinions if it's folky rap or just plain hip-hop or rap. If it's folky, It's gotta be intergenre then.

    Let me know.

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