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  • Will I grow anymore? I’m 14 and I’m 5”6?

    My parents are short, my mom is 5”2, my dad is 5”4. But my grandparents are seriously tall, my grandpa has to be atleast 6”, my aunt is taller then my dad, and she is younger. Like she is a lot more taller. Weird I know. That’s my dad side, my mom side is also tall, my grandma is short, but my moms dad is tall. Can I grow anymore taller?

    11 AnswersOther - Health9 months ago
  • a guy is offering me 20 bucks to give him a good review?

    So i bought an item off of him and i wanted a refund because i thought it was broken, i contacted him and he started getting rude with me and told me and accused me of lying. so i checked if it was broken and it seems it was just a feature on the item. I wrote a negative review on him and now he is offering me 20$ and a sorry to re write my review (my review was 5 stars, but ebay allowed me to change it to 1) should i take the money? that just shows him he can get whatever he wants with money, should i tell him all i wanted was a sorry and let him keep his money? waht should i do.

    4 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 year ago
  • I’ve tried everything for acne but nothing works.?

    I’ve tried everything, tea tree oil, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, I’m 14 and my acne is not severe but mild. My sister does the same routine but she does not have any acne, she’s 13. I’ve tried everything. I’ve cleaned my hands so much, i wash my face everyday. I change my pillow, nothing works, it just pisses me that my sister can wipe her hands on her face whenever she wants but if I do that, the next day there will be a pimple there.

    7 AnswersSkin Conditions1 year ago
  • I asked my son If I could see his instagram page. He said stay out of his privacy.?

    I asked my son If I could see his instagram page. He said stay out of his privacy. He said dont be in my business, i told him hes selfish, he allows 600 people to follow him but not me. then he said stay out of my privacy again and compared it with " if i asked your for 2 million dollars and you wouldnt give it to me, your considered selfish" then i said " shut up i was just kidding, you think your such a boss to talk like that? i told him i wanted nothing to do with his instagram and i didnt want to follow him anyway" im in the right, right?

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  • Should I date this girl?

    We have been friends for months, and for a few weeks we’ve been a little flirty, but when we were friends I helped her out with her boyfriend issues and her troubles. I asked her out a few days ago and she said yes, but a few hours later she confesses that she still has a feelings on this guy (her ex) a boyfriend who treated her VERY wrong. So I called our “thing” off.after a few days, Now she said she had a change of heart, and wants to be with me. Should I keep dating her?

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