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  • Sinus And Toothache ?

    I have had stuffy nose, headache, ear ache, sneezing & coughing. My jaw has ached along with my bottom teeth hurting. Could this be from sinuses? 

    Dental2 months ago
  • What is a dental flipper retainer?

    I will have to get one of my molars extracted. It’s #30. I am extremely nervous, I have always took care of my teeth and never wanted any extracted. I seen the flipper retainer. Is this something that can be long term? Of course, I wouldn’t wear it to bed, while eating, and only about 7 hours a day. I can not afford a bridge, root canal, or implant at this time. I know the tooth is in the back, you can’t really see it but I would still be self conscious while smiling or laughing, or even talking. 

    1 AnswerDental7 months ago
  • My tooth is extremely sensitive to drinking cold or hot beverages?

    I had a compost filling on my #18 molar about three months ago due to a crack on the occlusal surface. My dentist has been keeping watch on my #19 because it may need a root canal in the near future. Which tooth could be sensitive? I can not tell. Is it normal for a tooth to be sensitive after 3 months post compost filling? Sometimes even hurts when I eat. Which tooth could it be?

    4 AnswersDental1 year ago
  • Is being a funeral director worth it?

    I have ALWAYS had an interest in the funeral industry. I’ve previously worked in a funeral home and I love it. I’m just afraid to go for it, I’m a family person. I love being around my family and another thing is I’m afraid I won’t have time to hardy since a funeral directors job is constant. Any feedback?

    2 AnswersOther - Education3 years ago
  • Is penn foster online programs legit?

    I am interested in taking the vet-tech program online. I would just like opionions of others on the college, the program if anyone has taken it, & if you will get hired easily since it's online.

  • Surgical tech or dental hygienist?

    i am interested in both professions. I am on my senior year in high school and will be graduation the dental assisting program too. I have just recently decided maybe going to be a surgical assistant. I already know the salary and ropes to be a dental hygienist but they get no benefits. What would be better and what type of schooling would I have to go in to be a surgical tech?

    1 AnswerHealth Care6 years ago