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  • Was my daughter’s pediatrician out of line?

    My three-year-old woke up this morning with a fever. When my husband returned from work, he offered to take her since we also have a two-year-old. I forgot to remind him to ask the doctor a question about daughter’s urine, as it’s been cloudy lately, despite wiping accurately and her thorough consumption of water. After they had been called to the back, he texted me that they were just waiting to be seen, and that the medical assistant pointed to the “no cell phone use” sign, so he’d have to put his phone away. At this point, I called the doctor’s offfice and asked if I could ask the nurse a question, realizing I’d not be able to speak with the actual pediatrician. I was transferred, and asked the medical assistant if there was a way she could ask the pediatrician to check my daughter’s urine, and I proceeded to explain why. She said she would give her the message, I thanked her for her time and that was it. Before I knew it, my husband called me and said my daughter had an upper respiratory infection. About the urine, he said the doctor gave him attitude, then proceeded to tell him that she was upset with me for attempting to tell her how to do her job and self-diagnose. In her words: “Since your wife is very determined to have a urine sample taken, you can fill up this cup or if that doesn’t work, we’ll stick a catheter in your daughter.” I was livid. Never did I attempt to self-diagnose or was rude to the staff, etc. As a parent, isn’t it our right to ask questions?

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  • Could I be experiencing prenatal depression?

    I’m nearing the end of my first trimester. My husband and I are expecting our third child and are happy about it. However, lately I’ve been feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything. I’m two semesters away from graduating college, and am currently enrolled full-time. Up until this point, I’ve done extremely well, making no less than a 3.96 GPA per semester. This semester however, I became sick with an upper respiratory infection that won’t relent. I go back and forth having a low grade fever, and had to miss class a few times. I can’t take antibiotics because I’m pregnant, so I’m just trying to deal with the constant cough the best I can. I’m trying to keep up with my class assignments, but am feeling defeated. The only energy I have is for getting up, taking a shower and going to class. My mom watches the girls while my husband works and I go to school, which is a huge help. However, as soon as I get home, she goes to work and it’s nonstop from there. I feel I only have enough energy to take care of my family and nothing else. I barely survive that. I don’t wear makeup anymore, haven’t dyed my hair, and basically look like a wreck every day and don’t really care. I’m being very snappy with my husband and am not very patient with my two toddlers. Should I withdraw from my classes this semester or does doing so make me lazy and a failure?

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  • How can I deal with a husband who is possibly narcissistic?

    My husband and I have been married a little over two years. We've been living with my 73 year old mom this whole time because he can't seem to find success in his career. He has a degree, but other people always seem to get promoted while he lags behind. I'm a full-time student and have a part-time job. We have two kids, who aren't of school age yet. While we've been with my mom, my husband has been very rude to her. I know it's tough living under someone else's roof, but he's never respected her or the fact that we're living there rent free. He's constantly making fun of her to me, even though I've asked him to stop. He rarely thanks her for occasionally buying baby food, diapers and other things we may need. If his family comes over, he excludes her from joining in with them. He just did it again tonight and I protested by not joining them in the other room while they FaceTimed my MIL. He goes through periods of being kind, yet bounces back to not caring about me when I cry, etc. I try to be a good wife, but he always finds something to criticize me about. He monitors how I care for our kids as though I'm a babysitter and not their mom. How can I deal with this pain of not feeling loved, understood and demeaned?

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  • Am I experiencing anxiety-related attacks?

    I've always been an anxious person; it's hereditary. However, after the birth of our daughters, I experience what I like to call "anxiety attacks of the imagination." These happen sporadically, but at night they tend to be worse. I just experienced one in the shower. I suddenly started to imagine hearing my husband yelling out my name, then me running into the bedroom and finding an intruder violently attacking my family. I see my toddler and baby clearly. I hear their screams. It's so vivid and creates strong emotions. I'll start to cry and shake and I pray for these imaginings to stop. I feel like a wreck. I'm pretty normal when I'm not experiencing them, aside from some occasional irritability. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. Thank you!

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  • Could my birth control be suppressing the effectiveness of my pre workout drink?

    I'm currently on Kariva birth control. A few days ago, I tried a pre workout drink and it gave me amazing results. At the time I was on my period, so I was taking the placebo pills in my bc pack. I took the pre workout today after taking my pill, but didn't feel that same spark. I could barely get through my run and even found myself walking in between! The only place I feel the effectiveness is in my brain. I feel a little "tipsy" so to speak. Is this all in my imagination or does the pill have something to do with this?

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  • Post partum memory loss?

    I have been experiencing foggy thinking and occasional forgetfulness. However, I scared myself today when I had absolutely no memory of putting my 3 month old in her crib. It s as if I had amnesia for five minutes. After I put her down in the crib, I walked back to the room where my mom was and asked where my baby was. She looked at me like I was crazy and said that I had just taken her from her arms. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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  • I skipped a birth control pill the 2nd wk of a 28 day pack (Kariva). Can I get pregnant?

    I wasn't sexually active until the last day of that month, since I had just given birth the month before.

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  • Why doesn't my fiance consider my situation?

    We're getting married in a week and my fiance just dropped the bomb that he doesn't find it necessary for me to live with him when he moves out of town in january for work. I'm giving birth in late october, so that would mean I would be going to school, raising the baby while living with my mom all alone while he's snug in his apartment in another city. He says I need to finish school, so that's why I shouldn't go. The city is close enough to commute back and forth, but he says he may not be able to because of work hours. He says I'm being dramatic because he's being so unemotional. I haven't screamed , just got teary eyed. To make matters worse, up until two months ago, I was under the impression that we were moving together...we talked about it, etc. Then, last night he reveals this news. This time away will last for a duration of 6+ months. He says that if I wasn't planning on finishing my bachelor's in january, then he definitely would want me to stay behind. Either way, he doesn't see the need for his new family there with him. What should I do?

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  • Do I have a right to feel slightly uncomfortable about my fiance having lunch with a woman he was once interested in?

    My fiance recently received a text from a woman he once helped out in a campaign. Mind you, he showed me who texted him, who she was, etc. The only thing that bothered me was the fact that he mentioned that he had to remind her to stop flirting, because he's engaged.He told me that they never went out but just flirted with one another. What he didn't mention is the fact that before he and I got together, he had asked this woman out a few times and she declined. I know this because I work for his mom and, at the time, she would tell me his dating dilemmas, lol. He never brought this detail up to me, so when she texted him, I brought it up to him and just said that he told me a while back. He didn't deny it. That's all fine with me. After all, he had every right to ask her out at that time....we weren't even together. The only problem (if there actually is one) that I have is while

    texting, she asked him to go over some

    ideas with her over lunch; he quickly said yes. The whole time while he's texting her, he's blushing. I'm sitting there, not reacting, because I don't want to seem insecure. I trust him, but feel annoyed because he doesn't work for her anymore, so technically there's no need to give advice. He jokingly told me that people were going to start rumors about them. He

    seems eager to break his rule of us not

    having friends of the opposite sex, although when it comes to me, I've broken off dinner commitments that were platonic b/c he felt uncomfortable

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  • Should I be upset that my fiance chose golf over our prenatal doctor visit?

    I just turned 6 months pregnant, and our monthly obgyn exam was scheduled for this friday. Some conflict arose at work and I thought I'd have to reschedule. My fiance was disappointed and said that I shouldn't have to reschedule the appointment because it was important. It turned out that I was able to keep the appointment after all. However, my fiance called me this morning and asked if I could reschedule it after all. I didn't bother asking why, because I assumed it was work related. I reschedule, call him back with the new appt. info, and he proceeds to tell me, "Great! Now I can play golf friday morning." I wanted to explain how upset this made me, but he was walking into a mtg. Now I wish I could have nipped it in the bud.

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  • Why are some (not all) very overweight women so threatened by thin women?

    I met this woman at church at a retreat a few years back. From day one, both she and her sister gave me cold stares when I went up to greet them. The one who really dislikes me is more than likely a little over a size 20. Her sister is overweight, but not as big. I haven't always been whole life i've been overweight (size 16 was my biggest). Due to an illness, I dropped 40 lbs 3 years ago and have been a size 4/6 ever since. For this reason, I don't have issues with overweight women and am not critical of them. I never considered jealousy a reason for their coldness...I just assumed that, for whatever reason, they didn't like me. I was okay with that, since not everyone has to like me! However, it wasn't until I got a Pinterest account, that I noticed that their issues ran deeper than I thought. If I pin something, the bigger one of the sisters has to comment on it...usually it's not a friendly comment and aims at correcting my mode of thinking, etc. One time I pinned something onto my fitness board that was meant to motivate ME into staying in shape. It read, "rolls are not the same as curves...they just aren't!" I pinned this, because I believe it. Curves are just what the word describes...curves. To me, curves usually signify a waist to show definition, a natural curvature of the hip, etc. If a person is severely overweight, they more than likely have no waist, etc. No sooner had I pinned that, she "liked" it and pinned a pin that depicted skinny Victoria's Secret models walking the runway, while underneath was a picture of heavier "real" women. Her description was the following: "Take this all of you skinny biatches! Call them what you want, rolls, fat, whatever...curves are curves." I paid no heed to this and it's been this way ever since. She keeps following me, unfollowing me on Pinterest, and has deleted/blocked me on Facebook repeatedly. Seriously, I have never intentionally done anything to her. What's her deal?

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  • My ex and I parted on bad terms.?

    My ex and I broke it off two years ago. We worked together until yesterday. Bad idea...I should have looked for something else immediately after the breakup. She started treating me coldly from the day I moved out.I reacted to this with anger and crying. After this period, we became neutral with eachother and would be polite, etc.Two weekends ago, I found out from a mutual acquaintance that my ex had an affair with a married woman immediately after we broke up. Actually, while we were still together, they started texting eachother a me realizing this was.the.reason for ex's behavior. The person she had the affair with was the director of the retreat I went on and my ex was also a part of organizing that retreat; this is how they met. I confronted her, even though I shouldn't have and told her I knew. She.started crying and looked pissed. I felt bad, so I got up and told her she was forgiven already, gave her a hug, etc. She said she was better. On monday after that weekend, I put in my two weeks' notice.I realized I couldn't do it anymore. Well, yesterday was my last day and my ex treated me horribly. By this I mean she gave me the silent treatment, didn't answer work related questions, and didnt want to participate in the luncheon my coworkers threw for me. I just about had it. Words were exchanged, I shot her an email explaining that I was tired of being treated like a criminal by her, and always trying to be civil when I had nothing to be sorry for, etc. I told her I was done...wanted nothing from her. I know it was probably unkind of me, but that was the breaking point for me. Before I left, I gave everyone a hug, which included her. I told her God bless you and walked away. I feel bad that it ended this way...not my intention, but I just want to move on now. There is a lot more to my ex that I can't include because of space, but after doing research I discovered she's a narcissist.

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  • What should I make of this situation?

    I met this guy in January at church. He stared at me throughout mass, then as I was leaving, stopped me in the parking lot and asked me out on a date. I'm normally reserved about these things, but he didn't creep me out and seemed really nice and genuine. I followed my gut instincts and gave him my number. He texted the following day and we made plans to go out. We went to Starbucks, had a great conversation, etc. Then we went to the park and he started moving way too fast for me (hands all over, etc.). When he took me home, we made out in the car again, but I pulled away and told him that as a Catholic, I didn't believe in pre-marital sex. He said he wasn't sure how he felt about that. The following date, he put the moves on again, and I again reminded him. I started hearing from him less and less, so I assumed it just didn't work out and we had different beliefs. He called me after awhile to apologize that it just wasn't going to work out. He had just started going back to school full time and was starting to feel stressed. He didn't have time for a relationship. I told him not to worry about it, that I understood. A month later, he calls me at 1 a.m. to see what i'm up to. I let him pick me up. He took me back to his place( well, his parents') and we went really far. A pattern started. Since February, he would call me once a month, we would go back to his place and have sex. Yes, foreplay turned into sex. I lost my virginity to him. It turned into a type of 'friends with benefits' situation. Over Easter, I resolved, for the sake of my relationship with God, to not answer his calls/texts anymore, and if I did talk to him, to explain why. Well, I stuck to my word and it had been over a month until yesterday. I went to a religious store to buy a gift for a girl I'm sponsoring for Confirmation( another reason why I'm committed to changing my life!). I was ready to pay for my items when all of a sudden, who shows up? He does. What are the chances of that happening?? I prayed he wouldn't see me, so I pretended to search through my phone. He went to the next register to start ringing people up...he works there now, a place i frequent. The guy in front of me told me that I should go to the other register. So, I did. We saw each other and it was so awkward. We smiled though and hugged. When he rang me up, I told him I had no idea he worked there and that I used to work there( I really did). We made small chit chat, etc. He told me to call him. Later on in the evening, as I was having dinner with my girlfriends, the phone rang and it was him. My friend told me not to answer him, that he was "a bad seed", lol. I didn't. Whether or not I wanted to admit it to myself, I do have feelings for him. On my way home from the restaurant, I called him back. He didn't answer, so I left him a text stating that it was good seeing him again and that I would see him around. He called back and started venting that he was really depressed because school was really stressful and he had to get that job to help his parents out. He asked if I could please help him with this paper he was trying to write. I told him I would, but only if it was to really and truly help him with the paper. He promised that it would be. When I got to his house, I can't explain it, but I felt like something had changed. In the past, he would only take me through the back to door to his room...I had never met his family, not even his dog. This always made me feel cheap and used ( never said anything about that, though).He had picked up some food for his sisters and told me to follow him to the kitchen. I met his dog, and both of his sisters. It felt weird, because I had never seen that side of him before. We all chit chatted for awhile at the dining room table. He introduced me as his friend, which I was cool with, because we were never a couple. After that, we went to his room and started working on his paper. We actually worked on his paper. He did try flirting with me like he usually does when he wants to have sex, but would stop himself. I don't remember how it started, but we started talking about things. He said that when he saw me at the religious store, he felt really bad that he had done what he did. I told him that I didn't think we should have sex anymore, and he said he understood. We both agreed to be friends with no benefits. When it was time for me to leave, he walked me to my car and we had another heart-to-heart conversation. He said that his original intention was to have a relationship with me, that he really liked me, but that when school started, he felt overwhelmed. We talked for a long time. Whether or not it was an excuse, I just appreciate the fact that he wasn't the jerk I thought he was. I kind of feel that God gave me this opportunity to see that he was a good guy and to pray for him. What do you think?

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  • How can I overcome this?

    I'm feeling very overwhelmed by life. First of all, I'm a 29 yr old female who moved back in with my mom 2 yrs. ago after leaving my partner of 2 1/2 yrs, because she didn't love me anymore. Two years later, I'm still here, because I'm back in school and trying to save money. What's hardest is I have an undiagnosed health condition that causes me extreme stomach pain at least twice a month, so bad that I have to call in to work. To top it off, my credit score is through the roof, because of all of the hospital bills, etc. It's as if I have health issues coming out of nowhere. It took me a long time to get over my ex, because we still work together ( really want to leave, but my manager actually works with me when it comes to my health). I'm trying to lead a good christian life, as I'm Catholic, but it's hard! I vowed that I would never live the lesbian life again....complete surrender to God. In January, I met this guy who followed me out of church and asked me out. He seemed so nice. I felt uncomfortable at first, but prayed about it and went with it. As it turns out, he just wanted sex and not a real relationship. I made the mistake of having sex with him twice. I already made up my mind to not let him see me anymore, but I can't help but feel used and unwanted by anyone. I know people have it A LOT harder than me, but I'm just feeling depressed and overwhelmed. This illness has altered my social life as well. I'm trying to stay positive!

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  • How do I handle this maturely?

    I have been living with my partner for over a year now and we have recently decided to live chastely together, so as not to offend God. When we first decided this, the idea sounded great and very heroic. We both come from strong Catholic backgrounds. However she, being ten years my senior, has had a few relationships over the last 16 years. I met her when I was 25 and she was actually my first relationship ever. I had devoted my young adulthood to connecting with God and trying to do the right thing, which meant denying myself of many wants along the way. When I met her, it was a very confusing time in my life. I knew I wanted to be with her, but at the same time, I didn't want to offend God. I gave in for the first time in my life, however, and we moved in together. I asked her then if she would consider living chastely, and she was completely opposed to the idea. She said that she had finally met someone she really loved and it wasn't fair. She would make rude comments, such as " I can't tell you the number of people who would pay just to be in your place" and the infamous " If a person can't get it at home they start seeking it elsewhere." So, out of fear of losing her, I would do what she wanted. Well, after a year, I guess everyone's prayers have been answered and she wants to change. The problem is, over time, I have become somewhat addicted to the sexual intimacy in our relationship and it's me who is finding it hard to change. What is getting me frustrated, however, is her seemingly insensitive attitude about it. We hardly ever kiss anymore and I feel like a certain "spark" has died. I am not ready to be just friends with her, yet I don't want to lose her either. I feel like she has forgotten what it was like to be a twenty-something year old...she was certainly not denying herself at that time. I could really use some advice as I feel as though I have been handed the short end of the stick! Her past relationships lasted anywhere from three to five years each. She always has boasted of how different I am compared to them and how she considers this her "first real relationship" since there are no children involved. Well, I feel I must be doing something wrong since we haven't even made the two year mark and she is already distancing herself. I have tried to be nothing less than attentive to her needs. I know I have faults like everyone else and somewhat of a temper to boot, but all of my time, thoughts and energy have been poured into her and I don't even think she realizes this. I am probably being SO immature about this and not seeing the clearer picture, but I am so overcome with different emotions at this point that I don't know what to think anymore. Any advice would greatly be appreciated.

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  • How long do I have to wait in order to do sit-ups and run on the treadmill after having surgery?

    It has been almost two months since I underwent surgery for achalasia. I had a Heller myotomy with a dor fundoplication. I really feel the need to run on my treadmill and do sit-ups to start firming up again ( driving me crazy!). However, I don't want to push it too soon. My next appointment with the surgeon is not until next month, so I would have to wait to ask him. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thanks!

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  • How should I handle my somewhat controlling girlfriend?

    I have been dating my girlfriend for a little over two months. There is a ten year age gap between us (she being the older one). I love her very much, but sometimes she really does frustrate me to the point where I just want some breathing room. What really started me thinking was an event that occurred a week ago. My mom called me and told me that my uncle invited her to visit him in Colorado in July for one week. She casually suggested that I go with her, being that it was only for one week. When I mentioned it to my girlfriend, she became somber and said that she would not want me to go, and that she couldn't understand how my mind could even go there. I told her that it didn't mean that I wouldn't miss her, but that I hadn't seen my uncle in a really long time. She made me feel so bad that I eventually gave in and apologized and promised I wouldn't go. This of course made her happy.

    It's also all of the little things she does that always seem to catch me off guard. When she's around her family or friends, she doesn't hesitate to joke about how I do the laundry, how I dress, etc. I laugh along because I don't want to seem too sensitive, but it does bother me a little. I also feel like I can never do anything right in her eyes when it comes to cleaning, driving, making simple decisions. I'm 25 years old and I'm starting to feel like I'm 15 again. Help!

  • I think my sister is in trouble.?

    My 24 yr. old sister started formation in a convent about several months ago. While she was there, she met a 35 yr. old woman who was also in formation with her. The two of them became involved with eachother (sexually) My sister had never been in a relationship before, but as it turns out, this woman had lesbian relationships before entering. My sister left the convent when things became too hard to bear, plus she felt guilty. The superior had kind of figured out why she was leaving and when she asked my sister she felt obligated to tell her the truth. The superior turned around and asked the other woman if it was true and the woman denied it. To make things worse, she denied her own sexuality but told them that my sister was a lesbian. My sister and this woman continued talking on the phone even after my sister left and eventually the woman left the convent as well. They are now living together! This wouldn't bother me so much if the woman hadn't lied like she did. I asked my sister about it and she reassured me that the woman had her reasons and didn't mean to hurt her. I hope my sister isn't being used. What should I think?

  • Has anyone seen "Portrait of Jennie" with Jennifer Jones and Joseph Cotten?

    If so, this 1948 classic black and white film uses one of Debussy's haunting nocturnes. The problem is , I cannot seem to find this score anywhere. Can someone please help me? Thank you.

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  • Has anyone ever felt paralyzed upon waking from sleep?

    Several times in the past, although not lately, I would wake up, fully conscious, but unable to move a muscle, open my eyes or speak. These were terrifying experiences as I had no control over my body. I could hear everything around me but couldn't call out for help. Once, I felt an evil presence near me and even felt something touching my hair. I began to recite a "Hail Mary" in my mind since I couln't speak, until I attempted to force it out vocally. I distinctly heard a male voice mock it, but I kept on reciting the "Hail Mary" until it came out with much more force. When I did this, I felt the evil presence leave and I opened my eyes. Everything was back to normal. This was the only time that I have felt such a presence. If anyone has had a similar experience, please let me know.

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