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  • what does this phrase mean from Grey's anatomy?

    i was watching grey's anatomy and Bailey was telling Dr.Burke about why his choice of picking someone for a position was wrong , and he said this line to her "terrorize one and the rest fall in line"

    what does that mean ?!

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  • How to ask your instructor to put in a good word for you?


    so I spoke with my former teacher about an internship opportunity and he told me that he knows the people there and if I want, he can put on a good word for me. I sent my resume and cover letter weeks ago but I dont know how to email him and remind him about that?

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  • Finding concentration?


    I need to find concentration of 0.077 mmol in a 20.00mL flask.

    My issue is i can do c=n/v but the units will cancel leaving me only mols :/

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  • Quantitative genetics question?

    Hello, this is my try to the question , my answers in brackets

    1) In fruit flies a highly aggressive inbred line "Rambo" strain makes an average of 30 lunges per hour during fights. Another highly inbred line only produces 6 lunges per hour (let's call them Docile "D"). When R flies are crossed to D flies the F1 have aggression scores of 18. The F1s were interbred they produced 256 F2 flies with aggression scores ranging from 6 to 30. Of these 256 F2 flies 4 had aggression scores of 6 and 4 had aggression scores of 30. The researcher, Ralph, assumes a simple model of 3 genes involved in aggression, he calls them A, B and C. If Ralph's model that there are 3 genes involved is correct, how should he complete the following sentence in his report? The genotype of the Rambo strain is (RR), the genotype of the Docile strain is( DD), and, if the alleles are additive, each capital letter allele contributes ( 6) to the aggression score.

    2) In cats, the genotype TT produces tabby fur colour, Tt is a tabby and tt is black. Another independently assorting gene at at a different locus in its dominant form W (WW or Ww) blocks the formation of fur colour and all the offspring are white; ww individuals develop normal fur colour. What fur colours would you expect from the cross between cats heterozygous at both T and W gene loci?

    I assume this one is epistasis ? yet i still dont get it

    thank you

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  • Determine gene order?

    The pairwise map distances for four linked genes are as follows: A-B = 28 m.u., B-C = 15 m.u., C-D = 25 m.u., B-D = 10 m.u., A-D = 38 m.u., A-C = 13 m.u. What is the order of these four genes

    My problem is that the teacher didnt go over gene order and its on the quiz. What is it we are looking for ? i dont know based on what we order them

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  • Mendelian genetics question?

    C and c, O and o, and I and i are three independently segregating pairs of alleles in chickens. C and O are dominant alleles, both of which are necessary for pigmentation. I is a dominant inhibitor of pigmentation. Individuals of genotype cc, oo, Ii, or II are white, regardless of what other genes they possess. Assume that white leghorns are CC OO II, white wyandottes are cc OO ii, and white silkies are CC oo ii. What types of offspring (white or pigmented) are possible, and what is the probability of each, from the following crosses?

    a. white silkie x white wyandotte ( I got 1/4 for pigmented and zero for white since this is the genotype CcOoii )

    b. white leghorn x white wyandotte ( genotype is CcOOIi but i don't know the probality for this one)

    c. (wyandotte-silkie F1) x white silkie ( i got stuck here)

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  • Help! bacterial lab question about dilutions?


    so i have a lab today for growing bacteria for mid-log suspension culture.

    the procedure sheet is a bit vague and lab assistance is not very helpful

    so here, the teacher asked us to record the OD at 0 min, 60, for 3 hrs ( i suppose thats via spectropheter)

    however! we should record it for both 1:100 and 1:25 dilutions! whats the difference ? measure-wise ? does it mean we have to do this twice ?

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  • Attachment image

    Gringard synthesis?


    im literally so stuck in this more or less easy question

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  • Attachment image

    Gringard synthesis?


    im literally so stuck in this more or less easy question

    the reaction is attached in the file

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  • what does energitical favorable reaction mean?


    when a bond is formed (peptide, covalent) bond, is it energy favourable.

    most important , what does energy favourable reaction mean .

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  • question about DNA?

    If one strain of bacteria A is naturally found at 80ºC and another strain of bacteria B is found at 20ºC, would you expect the GC (guanine-cytosine) content to be higher or lower in bacteria A than bacteria B and why?

    So hydrogen bonds between GC will break at high temp., hence the answer is B?

    any thoughts?

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  • main difference between Adiposity and Satiety?


    in regard to hormone work, are not they all the same ? we feel full thus the extra fat consumed in stored.

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  • insulin levels and brain?

    so I am studying now satiety and hormones,

    how does the brain take up glucose without the help of insulin ? if thats so, why do diabitic people when they have low glucose levels faint ?

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  • negative log concentration (is it possible)?


    so i was transforming my concentration data to log(concentration) which resulted in a negative number . is it possible for the reactants to have a negative log concentration ? especially when i graph it !

    (p.s. this lab is reaction rate determination)

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  • Buret readings in laboratory?


    so this is my common mistakes that i make during the lab! my initial burete was 4.5 mL , final is 32.5mL .. i know the numbers increase as you go down, but would it be correct to say the volume used in titration is 32.5-4.5 = 28 mL ?

    or should i switch the numbers so the initial reading is 45.5 and final 17.5 ?

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  • formation of acetone via oxidation (Organic)?


    How does the mechanism for oxidation of propene to produce acetone work ?

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  • My hair is falling and getting thin !?


    i just realized as I looked at myself in the mirror, my hairvolume decreased dramatically ! im 22 yrs female, university student (Under a great amount of stress)

    i work out 6 times aweek, my diet consists of zero trans fat food, mostly complex carbs and protein!


    I use sulfate-free shampoo,too.

    so i really don't know how to stop my hair from falling!!

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  • how to identify organic compound by molar mass alone?


    my compound has secondary alchol as a functional group, the whole compound has 75.7 g/mol. How can I know its chemical formula given only these info ?

    (the volume in the flask was 0.1523 L)

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  • Rude salesperson !?

    so today I had to buy some stuff and I was stuck so endedd up in this store,

    the girl was extremely rude and replied to me in a very gross manners! when I told her co-worker " what an attitude you have in here" she laughed.

    i had to buy the product, and when i told the other girl about the incident, she apologized, I am still mad! cuz I know they simply wont care!

    do u think its not out of bitterness if i go back and specifically ask for the manager to file a complaint ? and what if i do so, what will happen ? i felt like i was not taken seriously !!

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  • Independent sample t-test?

    for the experiment, whither or not a group 1 is better than group 2 at recalling information

    the resuslts were that group 1 had a mean of 4.6 and group 2 had a mean of 4.3

    and p-value was higher than 0.05.

    my question is, does the mean tell me that group 1 was better at remembering information ? if so, the pvalue is high means there was no difference.

    what does the mean tell us ??????????

    1 AnswerMathematics7 years ago