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  • Where should I move ?

    I live in a city just outside of Vancouver Canada. Not now but I’m the near future I’d like to move away for various reasons. How ever im not sure where since I have many things I’m looking for in a new city so please let me know if you have any ideas.

    I’m looking for

    -somewhere warmer than here !!!!!

    -good schools and job opportunity’s.

    -English as the primary language (not fluent in anything else)

    -not crazy expensive

    -good social life (no remote towns)

    5 AnswersVancouver2 years ago
  • I feel like I need to be famous ?

    I have this strong desire to be someone or something. When I think of my future plans no ordinary career makes me happy. I have this urge that I need to be famous but I don’t know why or how. I have this constant feeling that my life won’t be complete unless I am. I feel like I’m nothing but ordinary but I want to be extraordinary. I’m not sure what I’m exactly asking but help

    3 AnswersOther - Society & Culture2 years ago
  • Sims 4 on windows 8?

    So I have a windows 8 laptop and I was wondering if sims 4 works on it.. Also I am planning on downloading it with my origins account, thanks. :)

    3 AnswersVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • Do I have my period?

    Yesterday I went to the washroom and when I wiped there was brown/red blood, this happened for the rest if the day when I wiped, there was only a couple drops each time but like not Enough to get on my panties. The thing is it didn't happen to day. Was it a warning sign that my period will come soon? Or is something wrong? (Btw I'm sure it came from my vagina)

    Women's Health6 years ago