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I love to cook. I am a people person. Yes, I wear my MoHawk everywhere, even in the kitchen. Thats about all.

  • Question about Everyman? (Morality Play)?

    Hey! I'm doing a project where I need to perform the play Everyman using only 9 cast members. Is this possible without people interacting with themselves? There are 17 characters total, can anyone help me? Send me an email at if you have any questions about what I mean. Thanks so much for your help!

    1 AnswerTheater & Acting8 years ago
  • Weight Limit on ice Skates?

    I weigh about 325 pounds and I'm 6'8. I'm going ice skating tonight, should I worry about my weight on the rental skates? Thanks in advance!

    4 AnswersIce Skating9 years ago
  • Chili Question (give me opinions on my chili ideas?)?

    Okay, so here is some ingredients i was considering using for a chili tomorrow. you dont need to use these ingredients, but these are just what i was thinking, im not sure of the exact recipe yet. give me some opinions and improvements, and if anyone could give me a recipe that'd be greatly appreciated :)

    tomato paste

    tomato sauce

    cayenne pepper

    ground beef


    crushed red pepper

    green and red bell peppers

    i'm not really sure what else to put! someone give me some ideas? (:

    7 AnswersEntertaining9 years ago
  • I need help with my penis!!!?

    Listen... I have some issues, so here I go. On the left side in the middle of my penis I have a small black dot, about one half to one centimeter big, i dont think its raised, but its hard to tell... Also, when I was about 9 I got some soap inside of my urethra and then when I peed it burned really bad. Ever since, about once every couple of monthes (its not really a set time, just an estimate) it burns like that when I pee. That was a few years ago, but thats what the sensation reminds me of. Oh, I didnt notice the dot until about 2 monthes ago, and the burning went on way before that. Oh, I am 14, almost 15... Is it all a part of puberty? Its sort of freaking me out... Please respond ASAP. Best answer 10 points.

    5 AnswersMen's Health1 decade ago
  • My friend might be pregnant, HELP PLEASE!?

    Okay, my friend has sex with her boyfriend 3 weeks ago, protected. Heres the catch- the condum was ultra thin for better feeling, and they didnt check it for tears. Now she missed her period, and she asked me to buy her a pregnancy test, but shes pissed at me now because I stole one of her condums. (NO THIS WAS NOT THE REASON SHE GOT PREGANT- I STOLE IT TODAY AND THEY DID IT 3 WEEKS AGO) So now I need your help. thanks a million,


    1 AnswerPregnancy1 decade ago
  • Ahh! Monologue Question.?

    I NEED a monologue STRAIGHT from a script that's funny by next week. I am auditioning for Arsenide and Old Lace. Please help!

    1 AnswerPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • Question about Scarecrow Fangs Molding Kit?

    Hey guys, Panda Man here, and I recently bought a set of Natural Fangs. Now, I dont want you guys telling how they are too big, because they ARE NOT! Anyway, in the video VampFangs made, they say to use 5 drops of customizing fluid in order to make the paste. In the instructions, they say to use 7. Clearly you see my issue. How much do I use? Thanks, Pandaman

    1 AnswerSculpture1 decade ago
  • Mononucleosis Help, PLEASE!!!!?

    Hey, I shared a drink with someone who just got over mononucleosis. Is there any chance I could have it? I feel like I have the cold, only 100 times worse. Thanks alot,


    3 AnswersInfectious Diseases1 decade ago