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  • I can not for the life of me figure out this movie!! ?

    Ok so there is a scene in this movie with guys all sitting around its daytime and some guy comes up with a mullet and crazy eyes and shouts like "hey hey" and is trying to get these guys (main characters) to fight. My husband swears its a Justin Long movie but I went through everything and I'm at a loss!

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  • My mom does drugs...?

    Ok so I would really like it if I did not get mean or dumb answers it’s hard enough dealing with this.

    So my mom is addicted to heroin she smokes crack does pills like oxys and anything she can get her hands on. She’s on disability and gets money on the 1st of the month which is gone before you could even blink. She has pawned everything her and my dad have. She takes most of my dad’s money he is also on disability so he only gets it on the 1st also. Most of the time she is out of it, she is falling asleep everywhere (we went to a funeral today and she fell asleep) She smokes and burns holes in everything cuz she falls asleep with her cig burning. She smokes 1-2 packs a day which my dad can’t afford and neither can she. She is mean if she doesn’t have money or what she wants and I mean really mean! The worst part is she has watched my brother OD twice and had to call 911 to save him. Her and my brother are really close and you would think that that would shake her up and she would quit. She tells us she’s done, but don’t get mad if she relapse. She says that a lot. She wears diapers cuz she can’t hold her bladder. And sometimes she’s not wearing a diaper so she pees on stuff like her chair and the bed. She has been doing drugs my whole life. She gets my almost 3 year old nephew every other weekend and she can’t take care of him. She tries but she passes out so much that it’s not possible. The smoking is bad cuz hes around that and he don’t need to be breathing that in. You cannot talk to her about it cuz then she blows sky high and beats you down till your so broke you feel like you will never be fixed. When I was little I used to watch her smoke rock in the bathroom. I don’t have good memories about her. I’m not saying I’m perfect who is. I’m 20 years old. I have been with my fiancée going on 7 years literally and we are expecting our 1st baby I’m 29 weeks prego. We have lived on our own for 2 years and just recently moved into my parents till we can find another place in the town we want. (We didn’t want to start a new lease) But I am the way I am due to my grandma stepping in a lot to raise me (she’s a really strong Christian) I don’t know why my dad is still with her me and him are really close but that’s a diff story. My main issue is how I tell her she will not watch my child or be alone with him I have seen how she is and gets. How do I tell her if she does not change I don’t want to be around her? She would never go to rehab she doesn’t think anything is wrong. I just don’t know how to not feel so much anger towards her! She will hurt anyone to get what she wants. IS there any advice to me? I’m so fed up!!!!!

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  • Im 15 weeks prego with my 1st baby?

    So im 15 weeks prego and im havin the hardest time not sleeping on my stomach. I have a tube in my head which prevents me from sleeping on my back and my right side so all the is left is left side. i have bought a body pillow and i sleep with 3 other pillows. but i just cant break the habit. Is there any advice anyone can give me or help me with something you did????

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  • Ladies with children or Women Expecting Please only...TMI?

    I am 20 and having my 1st child (11 weeks) I am very constipated i have been taking my prenatals everyday and im just looking for a little relief is there anyone who had this problem and found something that really worked....?? I also have a tube in my head and my doctor said i have " to keep things moving" its a way to prevent it from blocking through my pregnancy.

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  • my 1st baby and 1st ob appt?

    i have my first ob appointment in a few days... can anyone tell me what i should be expecting??

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  • Facebook help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    Ok so my facebook has a big square white open space on the top were all the post should be i have to scroll like half way down to see them and its on all my apps to i have the side ads and my info but i dont no were it came from can someone help me??

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  • Ok so i had my period and then...?

    So i had my period right on time it was a little lighter then normal but when it was over like 3 days later i had some spotting and the day of the spotting i had some really bad cramps in my back and around my ovaries. Can anyone tell me what may be going on??

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  • Its about the show LIE TO ME on fox 47 (well thats the channel it is on were i live) Rio Wisconsin?

    ok i think it was on at 7pm because it ended at 8pm. but they sang a song and it was really cute. like a bunch of little kids were sitting in a circle and there was a man at like the top and it was like...o gosh i dont really remember the words lol. something about a ---White lie--- idk can someone please help me.

    P.S. i live in rio wisconsin so if that is like a diff time zone

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  • this is a rely weird question but i have been wondering it.?

    ok i dont no if neone can rely answer this cuz omish dont have internet. unless u no them or idk. so do omish just have regular sex n thats all or are they freaks in bed n do oral n stuff?????

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  • My almost 10 year old cousin is nuts NO JOKE.?


    Ok so i will give you the long story so maybe i can get a little more help. ok he is the youngest of 3 kids oldest 20 year old male then a 11 year girl then him. his parents are seperated and have been since he was like 2. there not divorced she lives with another man. theres been a few different men. his dad is a strong christian (thats y no divorce he believes shell come back) both mother and father are doing well financally. they can afford to bye the 2 youngest ones lots of nice things (oldest is out of the house)


    ok he is nine. gonna be 10 soon but acts like a 2 yr old. let me think recentally he has been kicked out of childrens church for getin in a fight because he had something he wasnt supposed to and him and another boy physically fought. he drank a lil bottle of lense cleaner just beacuse. he cant sit still in church. he gets mad and fast n he will scream and hit. he cries is you touch him like hard enough that ur almost not touching his skin. he hits his sister just cause he can . theres not listining when it comes to him cuz hes the boss and hell tell you.he can talk but not well like half the time i cant understand him n neither can my family. his sister had friends over and he beat on the bathroom door cuz he wanted in to bathe with them. he pulled his pants down n showed those same girls his penis. he likes to grab boobs and at the same time says he wants boobs. he never wants to help with anything. when he freaks out he gets violent. he breaks alot of things. he yells. he can kinda read but when he does cover your ears he screams wat hes "reading".

    +yall are prolly thinkin aww thats not bad well i wish you could see it

    he dont listen to ANYONE. and he does wat he wants no matter wat.

    i have been there and witnessed alot of it. its really bad but his parents dont wanna admit nething is and its all talkin a toll. he cant ever be babysat cuz he goes crazy on them. he gets kicked off the bus alot. he hit his teacher. he tries to touch all the butts he can he no joke is a lil pervert! hell say things like: pee in my mouth, you got big nuts, you got big balls, weiner, poop head, ***, ****, poop in your butt. ect...

    like im afraid that if sumrin aint dont then hes gonna get worse so it there any advice out there to help him out or help me tell his parents wat could be wrong with him or idk just some smart people with good advice.......


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  • i want to listen to music on my cell phone...were do i go?

    ok so my phone has there internet and everything and i have alot of free time just sitin waitin. so wat sites can i go on to listen to music???? (not youtube cuz i dont want to have to watch videos and stuff)

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  • i have the internet on my cell phone and i was wondering wat is a good site to listen to music or the radio?

    ok like my question stated lol i have lookid for sites but none of them actually play music. so anybody have any sited that can be accesed from my phone that i can jam out to?????

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  • I have heard this song a few times but i have no idea who sings it!!!!!! PLZ HELP?

    ok no i recorded it on my phone so its a lil fuzzy but i got a lil so im sorry that my inturpation of the lyircs so bad!

    i fall asleep

    leave my door open just to crash

    cuz i feel like such a insomanic

    y do i tire from counting sheep

    wen im far to tired to fall asleep

    10million fire flies weird cuz i hate goodbyes

    my dreams get real bizzar

    i like to make myself believe

    its got some lyircs in it like that.

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  • About the first 3 twilight books and the first 2 movies?

    i was wondering if there is a really good quiz about each indivdiual books n the movies...?

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  • I cant figure out wat movie this is....?

    ok i watched it a long time ago...its a movie about a almost perfect murder. theres 2 teenage boys who try to do a perfect muder one has brown hair n one has blonde. um they try to muder a female. and they were like whole body suits do none of there hair ect get on the body. the only reason they get caught is cuz, i think its wen they dump the body well the blonde kid throws up. n the cops trace the food to a resturant and then o him n ect. can neone tell me wat its called. i would be a great help. thanks muck

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  • When your pregnate and you get you period what does your period look like?

    ok so i was like a week late on my period and i finally got it and it is really light, so i was wondering what your period looks like when your prego????

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  • ok my . was 1 week late and i took test it was - not i got my . it is very light ??? wats goin on?

    ok so heres the story. i was like a week late on my peroid so i took a pregnancy test and it was negitive but the line was very faint. so i finally got my preiod and it is really light. i dont no if i am prego or what is going on and i dont have axcess to another prego test so can someone please help me and tell me what u think is going on???

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