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  • License plate light won't work, Even With New bulb?

    The car in question is a 2005 Hyundai Elantra. My son got pulled over because the the cop couldn't read the tag in the dark. He bought a new bulb but the light still won't shine. So we can't drive at night in it. Is there a fuse, and where is it?

  • Why, actually, do questions get deleted?

    Do they go through some kind of auto-censor to see if they measure up to community standards, so you have some brainless program flagging words that it seems to think are "dirty" when taken out of context?

    Oh, by the way, about the electronic pickup, I had my question answered in an empirical way. I took it to an open mic, stuck it in my guitar and it plugged into the amp. I understand now that Dean Markley pickups do that.

    I've got a suggestion: use real people. In case you hadn't heard, we have an unemployment problem in this country.

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  • Weird Side FX From Fluoxetine, Has Anybody Else Had This Problem?

    I started taking Fluoxetine on the 2nd of August, and this last Monday I noticed a spotty rash breaking out on my feet. I can't think it's from anything but the medicine--nothing else has changed. I'm using the same soap, the same body wash, the same moisturizers, the same fragrance that I have for years and years. Anyway, I looked it up on the Internet and a rash was mentioned. It has gotten worse over the last couple of days. The dots all kind of expanded into blotches and started to run together. My feet look as if they'd been scalded and feel as if I had been bitten by 10 million fleas. I've got the rash on my arms and down my sides, but at least it doesn't itch. I know this is not a common side effect. I was prepared for the OTHER side effect--the sexual one, but not this! Incidentally, my son had to take it when he was a kid and he never broke out into a rash. If anybody has had what I'm told is a "specific reaction" to Fluoxetine--or any other med, for that matter--I'd like to know.

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  • Odd Little Japanese Fruit--What IS It?

    Today I was on a road trip with two Japanese friends, and we all brought our own food with us to save money. One of them had this bag of things that looked like candy, because they were wrapped like candy, in little cellophane pouches, like a Warhead or something. But they were obviously a fruit--about the size of an olive, kind of a pretty dark reddish in color, with a kind of velvety texture, like an apricot. She called the taste "sour," I think because she didn't have the English to describe what it did taste like. When I bit into it, it was crunchy, and definitely savory: not a bit sweet. It was a little salty, a little bitter, but the taste reminded me olive. A Romanian lady who was with us felt she had to have an orange afterwards to get the taste out of her mouth, but oddly enough, I didn't think it left any aftertaste at all. I asked for one of the Japanese mystery fruits to take home to give to my husband. He said it reminded him of an olive. He didn't finish it. He gave it back to me. I am really interested in finding out what is it that I ate today.

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  • Is it safe to drape a heating pad on my tower?

    I live in Florida, but we've got the worst cold spell we've had in 20 years, as you'll probably have heard/read. Recently my computer monitor has started doing this weird thing where this diagonal, brightly colored kente-like pattern takes over the screen and I can't make it go away without a cold reboot. There is a digital readout on the front of the tower that right now says it's 67 degrees inside. It is around 65 in the house. My husband thinks the video card may be on the way out, but we've also noticed that all I have to do is leave the computer up and not do anything with it and this weird thing happens. Right now I figure the only thing preventing it is that I have been reading email, answering Yahoo questions and stuff like that. I need to get up and do stuff around here, and I like to leave my computer up so I can come back to it and pick up where I left off, but I know as soon as I stop working here, that weird thing will happen on the monitor screen and I'll have to reboot. There are a couple of guys at work that I mean to talk to tomorrow, but in the meantime, have any of y'all ever seen anything like this? I am thinking of draping a heating pad, set at its lowest setting, over the tower so the computer will be little warmer on the inside, but I don't want it to get too hot--although, come to think about it, it gets pretty darn hot in the house in the summer and I don't have any problem then.

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  • How Do You Get Bugs Out of the LCD Display in Your Microwave?

    Thanks to my new neighbors bombing all the roaches in their townhome, they've all fled through the party wall into mine. I've put down baits and sprayed and have killed a lot of them, but I don't want to set off a bomb because I'd have to transport my 3 cats somewhere else for the day. The part that REALLY CREEPS ME OUT is the bugs that have gotten into the microwave--NOT the part where you put food, but the LCD display, you know, where the settings and the clock are. They make the display difficult to read, and THEY WON'T LEAVE. I know they can leave, or they wouldn't have gotten in there in the first place. So my husband tried to take the microwave apart and was stymied by this one special screw that will not, apparently, take any kind of screw known to man--it's kind of hex-headed and kind of star-headed, and we went to Lowe's and got a new set of star-head screw tips and none of them work. To complicate things further I think we stripped out the screw head and even the exact right tool wouldn't work if we could get hold of it. Is there anything I can do to INDUCE the little suckers to come out of my microwave?

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  • Niche Photography Job--Is it Possible?

    A while back we were trying to get estimates for body repair on his old car, which he'd run into a palm tree. It wasn't really drivable because the fender had curled down into the tire and he had to take it off and put the donut on to get it home, so I had him take a bunch of detailed, close-up pictures of the damage and print them out. We took them with us and showed them to various body shops. Some gave us estimates; some would not, without being able to see the car for themselves; they all said the pictures were good--one person who'd been an insurance adjuster said they were among the best she'd seen. Can a job be made out of this?

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  • Suicide Door--where did this term come from?

    Today I bought my son this used car--a '99 Saturn SC2. It has the niftiest little thing--behind the driver's side door, this little one that opens backward. Really, ALL cars with two doors and/or underdeveloped back seats should have that. My husband said that this type of door was called a "suicide" door, and said that the Lincolns during the early 60s where famous for them. I'd like to know why they call it that.

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