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Retired English Heritage employee/Museum researcher Originally from West Yorkshire, now living in Buckinghamshire UK.

  • Does anyone have any experience of CBD+ (cannabidiol) usage for back pain?

    UK health supplement store Holland &

    Barrett are now stocking CBD+ and I was

    wondering if it really does help with severe

    back pain?

    Your experiences with it would be appreciated.

    5 AnswersAlternative Medicine3 years ago
  • Attachment image

    Do you pray for Donald Trump?

    I found this cutting in a magazine and

    wondered how most people feel about it/

    6 AnswersEtiquette3 years ago
  • Seniors, Are Supermarkets encouraging laziness in meal preparation?

    I was was shopping in Asda, (owned by

    Walmart USA) a few days ago, when I

    spotted a pack of 2 Boiled Eggs for £1,

    next to the salads, in my local UK branch.

    I appreciate that some people like to save

    time in preparing meals but surely it takes

    so little time to boil and shell an egg, that

    I fear that we are being encouraged to be


    2 boiled eggs cost £1 yet you can buy 6

    eggs for £1 30.

    27 AnswersSenior Citizens4 years ago
  • Why was Sir Thomas More canonised in 1935 as a martyr?

    There are many churches in the UK named for St. Thomas More, the Roman

    Catholic martyr, and yet it was hardly

    Christian to be personally responsible for

    burning Lutherans and Protestants at the

    stake for their beliefs. They too believed

    in God, just had a different approach.

    How does the RC church justify More's

    Sainthood when he was responsible for

    these killings? Presumably Catholics

    could kill anyone they wished to, as long

    as it kept the Pope happy.

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality5 years ago
  • Seniors, Is "First Footing" just a New Year thing in the UK?

    In order to invite Good Fortune into the home, the old tradition of First Footing was often practised. A dark haired male

    was sent outside at 23.55 and he would

    be allowed back in as soon as the New

    Year chimes had finished ringing out.

    He carried a small piece of coal, a chunk

    of bread and a little salt, and wished a Happy New Year to all within the home.

    Thus ensuring that warmth, and food were

    plentiful for the coming year.

    Is this superstitious tradition still carried on? And does anything similar happen elsewhere?

    It is said to hail from the Celts of old.

    17 AnswersSenior Citizens5 years ago
  • Seniors, Have you tried the 'benefits' of Facebook without actually joining it?

    Everyday I walk down the street and tell

    passers-by what I have eaten, how I feel

    at the moment, what I did the night before

    and what I will do later, and with whom.

    I offer them pictures of my family, my

    pets, my front garden and me standing

    in front of favourite landmarks, having

    lunch, and doing what anyone and

    everyone does all day.

    I also listen to their conversations, give

    them a "thumbs up" and tell them I like

    them, and it works just like Facebook!

    I already have four people following me:

    two policemen, a private detective and

    a Psychiatrist. LOL!

    10 AnswersSenior Citizens5 years ago
  • What does Intel Rapid Storage Technology do?

    An icon for Intel Rapid Storage Technology has recently appeared on my

    taskbar. Do I need it? Do I have to open


    Any advice would be appreciated.

    1 AnswerDesktops5 years ago
  • Do you have Senior Moments when cooking?

    Here is my latest recipe.

    Chop up enough Rhubarb for three servings. Place in Pyrex dish, cover with

    Crumble mix, place in oven for 35-40 mins.

    While it is cooking, sit in favourite chair

    and read your latest book on Kindle.

    Wake up two hours later to find strong

    smell emanating from the Kitchen.

    Enter kitchen, open oven door and wonder

    what the burnt offering was? Leave it to

    cool and have a Yogurt for desert instead.

    Anyone else wish to confess?

    8 AnswersOther - Food & Drink5 years ago
  • Does anyone still do Brass Rubbing these days?

    Some years ago when I visited old churches in the UK I would see people

    making brass rubbings of medieval wall

    memorial brasses.

    Was this hobby just a UK thing, or did

    people in other countries do it too?

    3 AnswersHobbies & Crafts5 years ago
  • Seniors, Did any of you learn to play a musical instrument in your youth?

    I dabbled with the trombone when I was a

    boy attending The Salvation Army after

    much persuasion from my parents.

    Nowadays, I wish I had stuck with it or

    at least learned to play the piano.

    Have we any quality musicians on the

    SC category, or were you like me and

    just dabbled?

    16 AnswersSenior Citizens5 years ago
  • Seniors, Can we still use our own avatars on YA?

    My account 'goofed' up a few days back,

    how do I install an avatar?

    7 AnswersSenior Citizens5 years ago