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hi im 16 and i panic a lot so i often come here to ask about things im panicking about to strangers and hope theyll like console me or something

  • ok! headaches, idk how to fix it?

    so i think ive figured out whats going on??

    at the start of this, literally almost a year ago (happy one year anniversary of constant headaches, yahoo) it was hard to move my neck,,, there wasn't any pain it was just very stiff (?)

    and then the pressure/tight feeling came, started out every now and then, then it became constant, then a lot worse, blah blah

    it feels like my head is too heavy to hold up sometimes, i feel pressure/tingling on the back of my head mostly, you know that feeling where your jaw gets tired, so you rest it? i feel that constantly except i cant;; rest it;;

    i feel a little bit of relief when i support my head, i rest my chin on my hand and it feels a little less strained. so what im assuming is that i just have really;; really weirdly tight muscles?

    i say this because ive tried heat packs, neck exercises, and nothing seems to make it any better?? 

    its very frustrating :'))

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  • anybody else have constant headaches?

    this has been happening since... literally december. so 8 months now..! 

    I've been to a few doctors about this, they either tell me it's something to do with my sinuses or a tension headache.

    I've tried so many nasal sprays, medication, heating pads, my muscles are relaxed but this unrelenting pressure never went away.

    the only symptoms I really have are dull pain and this awful pressure. It literally feels like someone is squeezing my entire head.

    i'm really.. frustrated and scared to be honest.

    i've had days where i just want to cry because of this, but I can't because that makes the pressure increase significantly and I feel like I'm about to pass out, i cant chew because it feels like my jaw is gonna pop, when i exercise it gets worse too, i just. want this to end so badly.

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  • Sinus Pressure for 2 Months?

    Okay so I'll start this off with the fact that I am a hypochondriac, and I've been stressing about this for so long.

    I've had sinus pressure for 2 months now, non-stop. Wasn't too bad at first, got worse. Now it doesn't seem to get any worse or get any better, but it's very uncomfortable. Along with this, I've been feeling dizzy and weak. I'm afraid that this could be something serious?

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  • Constant pressure feeling in head?

    I have constant pressure in my head, it's in my jaw, the back of my head and my forehead. I've been to the doctor and he told me that it's caused by my anxiety, tense muscles, stress and such... but me, being a hypochondriac, is scared it may be something more severe.

    It started off as just a periodic thing, maybe an hour or two of mild pressure once a day. But it continuously got worse, and still is. Now I can feel it constantly, and there's much more pressure than there was before. My jaw is starting to ache, and when I lay down I have to constantly readjust so it doesn't feel like my head is about to explode.

    Does anybody else feel like this? Could it be something more serious?

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