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  • Haircut help please?!?

    Basically I've got a haircut appointment tomorrow in the morning with a trainee. I know a former hairdresser and other close family friends who know all about what suits you and whatever but I haven't seen them at all since I booked the cut. My mum said that the trainee should be able to advise me but i don't want to be sat there and not be able to make up my mind. Someone did mention to me a front fringe that starts of short and then gets longer but i didn't really understand what she meant?!

    I would like a change of some sort - some sort of fringe? I have long, pretty thick, straight (but not dead straight), brown hair that goes just to the bottom of my ribs (I know it's a weird way to put it, but that's all i can think of), at the roots it's dark brown and towards the bottom it gradually gets light brown and i have light brown and almost golden highlights. I pretty sure my face shape is oval and I'm 15 and still have a young(ish) face. I'm kinda small so what I'm trying to say is that some people mistake me for someone younger than a year 11. I don't have a fringe of any sort and I'm wondering whether to get one, can someone please help me!

    Soz about not leaving any links but I'm not the biggest expert on privacy when uploading things or whatever. Thank you in advance.

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  • How to cancel my spotify subscription?

    I didn't mean to sign up because i was looking but then i realised that you only had 1 month free and i don't have that much money. It says on my subscription page that I'm currently on subscription free, what does this mean?

    It also says that i also don't currently have a payment provider connected to my account, What does this mean?

    Other things say that all i need to do is click on manage subscription on overview and it will cancel but it just takes me to my subscription page with nothing helpful.

    There also isn't a cancel subscription button, should there be one?

    Someone please help me ASAP!