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  • what should i do?

    My mother has been sick for about five years. She is bedridden.

    I had an exam so i studied instead of helping him fix his car, which he constantly does, but if anything is wrong with my sister's car, he can't possibly find the time for it. For two years she has been asked for get her car aligned to no avail. Someone picked the lock and broke it and he won't fix. Every evening that he isn't fixing his car, he is out liming.

    Before my mother was sick, she did everything: wash, cook, iron, grocery shopping, cleaning, pick my sister and i up, you name it, she did it. All he would do is eat, sleep, go to work and lime, and sometimes fix something around the house.

    Now that she is sick, he expects my sister and i do fill her shoes, but we have schoolwork and he doesn't understand that. When we say we have work to do, he complains and yells at us. Sometimes he says it would only take twenty minutes, when it really takes hours.

    When he asks us to help him cook or fix the car, we actually just stand there, bored out of our minds, watching him for hours, occasionally handing him a tool or ingredient. A complete waste of our time when we could be studying.

    All he does is cook,work, lime. We do everything else.

    So now he says that he is not driving me anywhere. I think I'll just walk to school, but my question is, what should i do? He's mean, lazy and hinders my studies. I'm not saying i don't ever want to help. I'm saying that i need time to study.

    i have no where to run away to.

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  • does any one know what he meant/?

    This Older guy introduced himself to me and shook my hand. He commented that my hands were soft and i thanked him .Then he said ,' you still have milk in your face'. i am absolutely sure i didnot have milk ON my face because i don't drink milk at all and there was nothing on my face. do anyone know what he means by ' you still have milk in your face.' ?

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  • perform a query to show the books finished between the year 1992 and 1999?

    i need to show the authors' name, bk title and the year it was finished

    i know where to go in access but i just can't set the criteria row. I don't know what to put in that cell so that only the books that were finished between the year 1992 and 1999 would show. please help ASAP!

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  • how can i calculate the specific latent heat of fusion of ice?

    mass of water =0.3 kg

    mass of ice = uk

    change in temp in water = 12degrees

    specific heat capacity of water =4200 jk

    change in temp of ice = 45 degrees

    please help me

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  • is having a boyfriend really all that?

    i mean, is it worth it spending so much time texting and talking to a boy who will probably hurt you, and never speak to you again?

    not that that's ever happened to me, but i see girls left heartbroken, and the boy just goes after another girl, not caring about her AT ALL! is having a boyfriend really worth that?

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