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  • xenon quad core for gaming?

    I am looking at a used dual xenon quad core (8 cores total @ 2.6 ghz). It has a work station graphics card that I know I will need to replace for gaming. It has 24 gb of ram. My question centers on would this be the basis of a good gaming rig. It already has a 750W power supply in a fairly large well vented case. Perhaps someone in the know could clarify in detail where this type of processor, and configuration, figures into the generational gap of "generation" (IE. pentium to the modern "I" series intel ) Bottom line with a descent mid to upper end graphics card...will this make a good gaming rig as opposed to a mid level I-5 or I-7 quad unit???

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  • sata connections?

    whats the difference between say a sata connection and a sata 3 connection? I am looking at installing an ssd and I know I'm using a sata connection currently....but knowing the ssd is sata 3...will it work

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  • I want to change the processor on my mobo?

    currently I'm running an HP media center edition tower (circa) 2006. It has an asus mobo with an intel Pentium D (dual core) 2.8 ghz processor. I have an GeForce gt 640 gpu, but utilize the realtek audio chip on the mobo. Maxed out at 4 gb ram. Now I realize this is slightly antiquated by gaming standards but I called asus directly with my specific board and they told me the best processor I could go to was an Intel Pentium D 3.2 ghz. the mobo will support it. My first question is for less than 20 $ I can get this chip new off ebay....will this enhance my computer for average gaming (nothing too hard core) as my performance score from windows shows that the processor yields the lowest number 4.5 , My second question is would I have to change anything else on the mobo, like the bios chip?....Most high end computer people would just say buy another computer but A) don't have the cash...and B) this computer actually works very well...quiet and clean. Even with the processor that's in it my gaming experience is pretty descent overall....The gpu card scored a 7.1 in my performance score so my mindset is to release the bottleneck at the processor a little (or as much as I can) by going to the best chip my board will support. Have I missed a problem in doing this?....tell me what you "KNOW"...and give me as much detail so I can reach a decision...thanks in advance for an intelligent /knowledgeable / detailed answer

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  • Is it possible for "part" of a ram card to fail?

    just curious as I have a 64 bit O/S with 4x1gb ram cards installed...certain programs see the full 4 gb of ram....yet my system says 3.25gb useable....i'm on an ASUS mobo...with an Intel Pentium D 2.8 ghz proc.

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  • which processor is better?

    granted these are older processors i'm just trying to refurbish one descent computer from 2...thre first processor is an intel Pentium 4 at 2.8 ghz..this is on ? motherboard (came in a dell tower. The second processor is an intel Pentium D at 2.8 ghz on an asus motherboard from hp...please tell me why you think one is better than the other

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  • am i getting ripped off?

    i amabout to purchase a new os. On craigslist (vancouver) I answered an add in which the person is offering a new (unused) copy of windows 7 professional 64 bit. This is a "copy" disc of the os and tells me the reason I will not get an original disc in box is because he's a "builder"....and has several "licences with unused "key codes". He's telling me that the key has a coa and is unused

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