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  • 1942 wheat penny struck with reverse 1943 near Lincolns nose?

    it is also double struck on back.

    1 AnswerHobbies & Crafts7 years ago
  • weakness, tired all the time, body hurts, tried everything?

    I've had a lot of muscle weakness and back pain for years now I'll be 25 in September. My hands and feet go numb all the time. I'm never comfortable sitting or standing or even laying down. My body gets extremely tired when i walk even when I walk up the small incline in my driveway. I sleep a lot, I can sleep for days and not even get up to use the bathroom. Recently I have been getting a numbing sensation on the left side of my head and when i scratch it tingles and kind of burns. I'm sick of being weak and tired. Please help my family thinks I'm a hypocondriact.

    2 AnswersOther - Health1 decade ago
  • guitar strum pattern?

    i know cords!!! lots of them but i cant put them in order and strumming is...well i cant figure it out lol.. been trying to learn social distortion ball and chain...anyone help with the strum pattern???

    7 AnswersPerforming Arts1 decade ago
  • where to buy authentic ancient artifacts?

    for someone with little to no knowledge of ancient artifacts. mostly looking for beads and small figures and statues if its even possible i have no idea. I'm uneasy about ebay and probably wont buy anything of this nature there.

    4 AnswersEgypt1 decade ago
  • how to decide which stitch function to use on sewing machine?

    of course i'm a beginner. i have a singer with 40 functions but i don't know what stitch to use for each project.(pillow,blankets,clothes etc.) are you suppose to use certain stitches with different fabrics?

    2 AnswersDo It Yourself (DIY)1 decade ago

    i have to back wisdom teeth with cavities leaving the root exposed is there a way to kill or dry out the root? NO MONEY THIS MONTH FOR DENTIST!! OWEEE!

    3 AnswersDental1 decade ago
  • Finding plant seeds outdoors?

    how do i find plant/flower seeds in the wild? what should i look for and how do i go about harvesting the seed?

    4 AnswersGarden & Landscape1 decade ago
  • Is Wiccan a modern religion? Paganism?

    Where does the Wiccan religion come from? Is it the same as the Paganism Religion (pre-Christian) in Europe? because i thought "the old religion" was wiped out by the rise of the Christian religion in Europe, Pagans were turned into "witches" and killed by the thousands, the religion was feared and lost, right? or Are there documents on how Paganism was originally practiced in Europe? Is the "old religion" practiced today if so how and how is it different from Wiccan? Any good, honest books would be helpful as well.

    IF I'M WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING I'VE SAID PLEASE CORRECT ME! I'm learning and I mostly ask because I'm trying to figure out if and which religion is right for me. I am an overly passionate person and believe whole heatedly in the Earth and Humanity and i want to dedicate my life to the Earth. Just trying to figure out where i belong.

    9 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • how many women have started wars?

    Queen Elizabeth but anyone else? and also have women played any major rolls in the planing and execution of wars?

    7 AnswersHistory1 decade ago
  • New gay marriage ban in California?

    i thought they had recently made it legal, can someone explain?

    12 AnswersLaw & Ethics1 decade ago