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I live in Texas where i'm an engineer for the UPRR.In my spare time I like to ride my Harleys(got a 1956 panhead and a 2002 electraglide classic) I also build and fly radio controlled airplanes and helicopters.I build computers too.I'd like to do more woodworking too if i could find the spare time lol

  • Does anyone besides me think this is cool?

    I posted this link for Ninebadthings to see what he thought about these.I myself think they're pretty cool.Not very practical but still cool.What do the rest of you think?

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  • Engineers Has this happened to any of you on a DPU train?

    The other day a fellow engineer where i work was on a DPU train with one pusher engine.They were coming to a stop for a meet and the remote engine would not throttle down.It stayed in run 7 even though they didn't show a comm loss or any other fault.They plugged the train and the unit wouldn't even PC.Lucky for them it was an AC unit so it didn't burn through the rail.But it stayed in run 7 til the emergency fuel cutoff was activated.Then they cycled the BCC breaker and restarted the engine.They never had another problem but that's a scary scenario to say the least.That could have been very ugly had they been on a heavy grade or had a non AC unit in the rear consist!So have any of you encountered anything like that before?The DPU technology is getting some age to it now and it makes me wonder if we don't have more of this to look forward to in the future.

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  • What is the best oil for a Harley transmission and primary?

    I've kinda narrowed my choices down to trying either Redline or Amsoil in my 2002 Electraglide.I just thought i'd see if anyone has experience with either of these and what they thought.Also does anyone know of something better particularly for the transmission?Thanks in advance.

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  • Were the 70's and 80's a blur for any of you other old head rails?

    I had to laugh when Samurai Hoghead mentioned the 70's and most of the 80's being a blur in a reply earlier.I got to thinking that's no lie! I know it was for me! I do remember how much fun we had though!It wasn't til the mid/late 80's that they brought us sharply into focus.And they have been focusing us all they can ever since.So you other old head rails here,was that era of railroading blurry for you too?As for myself ,i'm glad i got to have(and survive) the experience.Railroading isn't anything like the job was back then.

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  • GMC truck fuel system question?

    Does anyone know where the check valve is located that keeps the pressure side of the fuel line full?I have a 2001 Silverado with a 5.3 liter engine.It is not holding fuel in the line,so when the truck sits overnight you have to crank the engine for about 20 seconds til the line fills again.So is the check valve in the pump or somewhere else like the filter?Thanks

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  • I have planted some hanging Tomato plants.What would cause them to keep flowering but not start to produce?

    They get quite a few flowers but then they just shrivel up without doing anything.My wife thinks i'm over-watering them but i don't think so.I water them every other day right now.I'm in West Texas so they get plenty of sun.Any ideas?I appreciate any thoughts anyone has.Thanks.

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  • A question for my fellow engineers?

    I know this isn't something some engineers like to talk about due to bad experiences but i'm curious.An earlier question about train noise had a video link of a close call at a crossing.The crew almost hit a truck and they plugged it before they got there.My question do you handle close calls or actual hits?Do you bighole it prior to the incident or after?Myself,i won't pop it til i know it's gonna be a hit.I'm not going to risk a derailment due to poor train make up when plugging it before hand is not going to change the outcome.We all know by the time we see them it's too late to stop.My worst close call was a gasoline tanker truck.I missed him by a foot.My conductor was going to pull the air and i yelled at him don't do it while i was diving for the floor.He thought i was crazy til i explained to him that if we had hit it our only chance at survival was not stopping in the fireball.So what's your thoughts on it?Wait for the clang or plug it first?

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  • What's wrong with YA?

    all the questions show to be 4 hours old

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  • Does anyone here need a good laugh?Try Joe B's profile.?

    Go to Joe B's profile and read some of his questions.The guy asked one about taking 3000 for a bike he wanted 4000 for but then a couple of days later he answers a question with one of his usual rants about how he can't even get 1700 for it.Maybe we do need to do a charity ride for him like someone suggested a few days ago.I know this will get reported and pulled but oh well.

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  • 2007 GMC Sierra with active fuel management?

    I like the active fuel management except for one thing.It's too touchy.The slightest thing puts it back to v8 mode.So does anyone know how i could add a switch to prevent that?I'd like to be able to force it to stay in v4 mode.Does anyone have any ideas how i could do that?Does it work off the TPS?If not what triggers it between modes?Thanks in advance.

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  • What's the definition of a RUB?

    I thought i knew but maybe not.Bluff Mike said i was a RUB.I thought being a blue collar worker(i'm a railroad engineer) and riding for almost 40 years would disqualify me,but seeing as he says i am maybe he's right.He seems to know everything!So...what is the definition of a RUB?And if your one what do you do for a living?

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  • Does the amount of clueless people here scare anyone but me?

    I know that everyone has to start somewhere to learn things.But are there really that many people running around that are that clueless about life?Some of the questions i read here(and the answers for that matter) make me think there's no hope for us as a species.

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  • Drip irrigation for a vegetable garden?

    I'm installing a drip irrigation system for a vegetable garden and i was wondering if anyone knows how much water should be placed on the plants and how often.If anyone has used a system i would appreciate their advice.I have 4.0 gph emitters right now and was thinking of 30 minute cycles twice a day.Too much ,too little? I'm in the west Texas desert.

    The soil was clay but i have added a lot of top soil and steer manure so it drains well.

    I have bush green beans tomatoes squash radishes broccoli brussel sprouts cucumbers chili peppers and romaine lettuce I'm not expecting much from the broccoli and brussel sprouts just trying to see if they will go here.Thanks in advance.

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  • Love these humorous rail tails! Anyone have anymore?

    Here's my most recent one.I was on a train heading to my afht.Dispatcher came on and asked if we had a certain car in our train.Conductor looked and sure enough we had it.We were told to set it out when we got to Vaughn Nm.While doing that the shift change came for the dispatcher.New dispatcher (a buddy of mine) came on and asked if we knew about the hot car.I told him we were setting it out as we spoke.He said good cause things are a little tense here.When we got to the motel i called him wondering what was so hot about this car.He said the car had come from West Colton Ca. going to Tucson.Made it past Tucson and went to New York.Got turned and went back to West Colton bypassing Tucson again.They sent it east again and this time it went to Wisconsin.Back west again to ...drum roll please.. West Colton.Here it went east again and right thru Tucson again and we had it in our train!5 times thru Tucson without being set out!The shipper was just a bit unhappy! Hmmm YA THINK?

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  • Does anyone else besides me think they should make the MSF course mandatory for new riders?

    It seems from the posts here that we're getting loads of people thinking about getting a bike for the first time due to gas prices etc.I have a bad feeling were going to see a sharp jump in the accident rate.Lots of them seem clueless about how to ride a bike safely.Seems to me they need to make taking the MSF riding course mandatory for getting a bike license.I think it would save a lot of lives.What do you think?

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  • Does all the drivel that PMF HD William yaps about make anyone else as sick as it does me?

    I have met a few people that are in love with themselves but i swear he must get up at crack of dawn so he can admire himself in the mirror for an hour or two before work.He thinks he's real "biker", but he wouldn't make a pimple on a real bikers butt.With people like him running loose is it any wonder so many people hate Harley riders?

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  • Why do people find it necessary to tear down the brand of bike that someone rides?

    I have been riding motorcycles for almost 40 years.I have owned suzukis,yamahas,hondas, even a bultaco dirt bike.I choose to ride harleys now just because i like them!But i never cared what folks rode just was glad to see them riding.Didn't matter to me if it was jap british italian american...etc.But it pisses me off to see people on here bash people for what they own.WTF do you care?Do you have to pay for it?Do you have to fix it if it breaks?Is it envy cause you don't have one?i have a 1956 panhead i've owned for 31 years.I dearly love that old leaky cranky vibrating piece of classic iron.It has more soul than any of you bike bashing punks.I might not like what a person rides but i would never ever try to tear them down and make what they ride seem wrong to be on.Y'all ought to be ashamed.

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  • my 4 year old sony LCD projection tv picture is getting darker does anyone know why?

    the colors are still good and i have turned the brightness setting up to the max setting

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