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  • How to deal with a parent who thinks I’m ungrateful for them paying for my tuition?

    I’m in my 4th year of college (I’m not graduating though due to me changing majors) and my mom (single parent) has ONLY given me $350 towards my tuition. I’ve had to pay THOUSANDS of dollars all by myself, and whenever I bring up the subject of her not supporting me, she always throws the $350 dollars in my face. Saying things like, “I do look out for you. I gave you $350 for your tuition.” That honestly pisses me off, because she’s given more to the church (paying tithes) than she’s given me for college. I’m not ungrateful for her giving me that $350, I’m just annoyed at how she thinks that a lot compared to what I had to pay myself. 

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  • Is it normal to have a low libido at 22 (female)?

    When I was younger (I’m still young, but) I had no problem with my libido. Now, if I don’t act right away when I feel horny, I lose interest all together. For example, I was in the mood, so I texted my fwb to come over. When he finally got to my place, I wasn’t in the mood anymore. Is this normal? The only issue I know I have is PCOS, but I’m not sure if that effects my libido. 

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  • Is it fair for me to start ignoring this guy when he ignored me first?

    Long story short, this guy and I have history (he knew that I was interested in him - I’m not interested in him anymore). Anyway, after us hanging out and him not talking to me after that for about 2-3 months, we see each other on campus and he comes up to talk to me. Later that day, he messaged me asking me out, and when I agreed to go out with him, he stopped responding. I sent him 2 messages asking if we were still on, and I still got no response from him. However, when we see each other in person, he acts like nothing happens and he talks to me. 

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  • What to do about mom stressing me out?

    Last year, my mom called me and asked if I could take her to the store because she wasn’t feeling well. I told her yes. So when I got home to pick her up, I didn’t see her car in the driveway, so I called and asked where she was, and she told me that she already went to the store and is on her way back home. Needless to say, she never made it back home b/c she passed out while driving and totaled her car. The insurance company gave her about $3,200 back, and instead of buying another car, she bought back her totaled car.... so I had to let her use my car (for a year). 

    A week before I had to move back to college, she was driving my car and it broke down, so I told her to have it towed to the shop and I’ll pay for it. But instead, she had her sister’s BF work on it, and he made it even worse. It got to the point where I had to buy another car. So for the past 4-5 weeks, I’ve been taking her to and from work, while being a full time student and it’s very stressful. I talked to my mom about it, and she said that she was happy that I’m taking responsibility... for what though?! Her stupid decisions?! She’s honestly stressing me out and I can’t keep taking her everywhere, because I’m missing out on class.I don’t know what to do

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  • Why do friends flake on you?

    So my friend texted me asking if I wanted to hangout sometime and I said “sure, yeah! Just let me know whenever” and she never responded. Two days later, I texted her, “do you still want to hangout?” And I still haven’t heard from her. But then, when she sees me on campus, she’ll wave and say “hi” to me. It’s been a week since she’s asked me to hangout, and she still hasn’t responded, but she posted a hiking picture on her Instagram. Why do friends do this?

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  • When is tailbone pain serious?

    I slipped and fell on my butt on Monday, and immediately I felt dull pain on my butt (tailbone area). I was able to get up on my own, but walking was difficult, and I had extreme dull pain whenever I tried to bend down. Anyway, almost a week later, I still have dull pain (same area). I can bend down now without pain, but it just hurts when I sit. I didn’t go to the doctor because I’m young (21) and didn’t think my fall was serious, but when is tailbone pain serious?

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  • What do I do if a guy starts talking to me again after I’ve blocked him?

    Long story short, I told my guy friend that I liked him a few months ago, and a few months go by and I couldn’t tell if he felt the same way (he never actually told me if he liked me back or not). I went to visit him and I still couldn’t tell if he was interested or not. But he told me (during my visit) that he wants to see me again and will do so before school starts (school already started) and I haven’t heard from him since. That was 2 months ago. Last month, I found out that he was in my hometown and he didn’t tell me, so I blocked him and decided to be done with him. Currently, I saw him on campus and he nervously came up to me and started talking. He found my email (since I blocked him on everything) and asked if I wanted to hangout with him or grab lunch. What should I do? He told me previously that he was a bad communicator, but I don’t want to feel like I’m being led on again.

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  • What to do if my mom’s bad decisions are still effecting me?

    I’m a 21 year old college student, paying for my own tuition. Last year, I had my own car, however, my mom crashed hers (she said she wasn’t feeling well that day, and I told her to not go out, and she didn’t listen to me and ended up getting into an accident) and I let her use my car for the rest of the year. Anyway, fast forward to now, my mom was driving my car and it broke down and I told her to have it towed to the shop and that I’ll pay for it. Instead, she had her sister’s bf work on the car and he made it worse. So I had to buy another car because I had to move back to college 2 days later. Anyway the car that I bought cost me $4,000. That’s money that I could’ve used for my tuition. Since my old car isn’t working anymore, I have to take my mom back and forth to work and it’s too much for me. I don’t know what to do. If I don’t take her to work, she’ll guilt trip me saying that I’m a bad daughter and that she’ll never do “that” to her mother. What do I do?

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  • Should I be weary of my friends?

    *To not confuse anyone, there’s me, friend A, friend B, and friend C*

    The 4 of us have been friends since high school, and I started noticing problems with friend B back then. “B” would always hangout w/the 3 of us, but she’d never invite me anywhere. She always invited “A” and “C” out. During our senior prom, “B” kept asking “A” and “C” to dance w/her but they didn’t include me. Anyway, we’re in college now and I haven’t spoken to B since high school, but I kept in contact w/ A and C. A and C thought that B and I should rekindle our friendship, so we all hung out yesterday and it was fine. However, A, B, and C made plans to hangout (right in front of me) and they didn’t ask if I wanted to come. I had to invite myself. Also, all of us took pictures yesterday and C posted every picture we took, except the picture of me w/them. Additionally, I unknowingly let a guy use me (long story) and A always brings it up in front of people and it makes me feel stupid. So should I be weary of them?

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  • Is it a red flag if your friend doesn’t post pictures of you (like in a group setting)?

    For example, 3 friends from high school and I met up yesterday and we all took pictures together. However, one of the girls posted every picture we took except for the ones that I was in. Is that a red flag?

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  • Can the cops give you a ticket/stop you for expired tags?

    I bought a car for the first time through a private owner and I was not able to get an appointment with the dmv until October. The car is insured and the inspections and emissions are up to date (passed, good until 7/21), but the tags are expired (5/20). I don’t know what to do. I’m a college student and I really need my car, but I’m scared to drive around with expired tags. 

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  • If you block someone on twitter, can they see your likes and retweets?

    For example, if you like or retweet the same thing as someone who you’ve blocked, can they see that you liked/retweeted the same post?

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  • If you block someone on twitter, can they see your likes and retweets?

    For example, if you like or retweet the same thing as someone who you’ve blocked, can they see that you liked/retweeted the same post?

    Other - Internet3 months ago
  • This guy knew I was interested in him, but led me on. What should I do?

    My guy friend knew that I was interested in him (I told him a while back) and a month ago, I went to visit him (we go to the same college, but he lives 6 hours from me). Anyway, he told me a month ago that he really wants to see me again and will try to before August (also haven’t heard from him since he told me that). But I found out that he’s in my hometown currently, and he didn’t tell me. He’d also always tell me things like, “I’ll always be here for you, I enjoy having you around, you can always come to me” but he’d NEVER reach out to me. I was always the one texting first. I’m starting to realize that he’s not interested, but what do I do? When I cope with these kind of things, it helps for me to block the person, but I don’t want to make it obvious (that I blocked him on social media) since we’re friends.

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  • Are these signs of a fake friend?

    I met this girl and we were going to be roommates for the following year. However, there were some things that made me decide that I didn’t want to room with her. (She’d tell me that she sleeps with a knife under her bed, she hurts herself when her boyfriend doesn’t give her attention, etc). Whenever she sees me, she’ll say “you’re so pretty, I want to be like you, I wish I had your hips/butt, I’m jealous of you.” To me, those kind of compliments seem superficial, since she repeatedly told me those things. I was having trouble getting in contact with our professor, so since my friend and I were in the same class, I asked her about the due date. Turns out, she gave me the wrong due date, and I don’t know if she did that on purpose. One day, she asked last minute if I could help her drive to New Jersey (we live in NC) and I did. However, she rarely returns favors or checks in on me. I haven’t heard from her in almost 2 months.

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  • If you’ve been talking to a guy for a while, and he doesn’t mention anything sexual, then is he not attracted to you?

    Before you judge, I’ve never talked to a guy for longer than a week, without him hinting at something sexual. 

    I’ve been texting this guy I met in my class frequently since March (we can’t see each other in person b/c of the virus), and he’s mentioned nothing sexual. I know he’s very reserved, but does that mean he’s not attracted to me? I’m not used to this; I’m used to guys wanting and trying to sleep with me within the first couple of days of meeting.

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  • If a guy isn’t thinking about dating, does that mean he’s not interested in girls?

    If a girl tells a guy that she likes him and he responds with, “I haven’t been thinking of that kind of stuff, but I would love to see you more and hangout a ton!!!” Does that mean he’s not interested? Or does that mean he’s open to the possibility of dating her?

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  • Do guys get cold feet about dating?

    There’s this guy who shows all of the signs of him being interested in me, and knows that I’m interested in him, but hasn’t said whether or not he was interested in me. Is that a bad thing? I know he’s inexperienced, but he knows I’m interested, and I don’t want to invest my time into someone who turns out to say “I don’t feel the same way”. 

    when I told him that I liked him, he said that he’d love to see me more and hangout more. We’re planing on meeting up (we live 8 hours away, but met at college) and he seems really excited about that.

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  • Do you think my guy friend only wants sex from me?

    My guy friend and I have been “friends” (more than acquaintances, less than friends) for a year, and I’ve always noticed him staring at me, but never acted on it. Anyway, we’ve been texting a lot recently, and he tells me things like, “you can trust me, I’m always here for you, you’re a good person, you can always come to me”. I told him that I was interested in him, and he said that he hasn’t been thinking about dating, but would love to hangout with me more, and that he was really upset that he couldn’t get to hangout with me after spring break. (We were supposed to hangout, but couldn’t due to the virus). I told him that I might visit him to hangout, and he said that he’d love that, and that he’d show me around and go to the beach together. What if he tries to sleep with me when I visit? I don’t think he’s “that” kind of guy, because if he only wanted sex from me, he would’ve been hinted at that (we’ve been talking since March), but I still have my doubts since he never actually said whether he liked me back or not. 

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  • If a shy guy gives a girl these compliments then does he only think of her as a friend?

    If a shy guy tells a girl that he thinks she’s a good person, that he appreciates her, that she’s a person with real feelings and not an object, that she can always come to him with her problems, and that he’ll always be there for her, does he think of her as a friend or as more? 

    Of course, there’s context to what he said.  He didn’t just say those things out of the blue.

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