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  • Why do women scold?

    So I have one female friend, she's the only female friend I've had because to be honest I simply think men are less complicated and easy to get along.

    We are not friends with benefits since I don't find her attractive. We are friends because we're similar intellectually and spiritually and she's demonstrated so many times that she's there for me and I trust her.

    She has woman issues now and there which are a bit annoying but what has been really taking the cake recently is that she has scolded me twice in 2 weeks. The first time was 2 weeks ago she very seriously told me that she does not want to hear me talking about weed, although she's smokes tobacco all the time.

    My male friends don't smoke weed and they simply laugh at my stories or don't mind them at all, but for my female friend to tell me what we can and we can't talk about that's just not cool.

    Anyways, we met yesterday because I had to give her instructions about my apartment which she will be taking care of but before she told me "there was something very serious to talk about" Then she scolded me about something incredibly silly: we went to a bar and a friend of hers invited everyone their drinks and I thought it was pretty cool and wanted to do the same but some other day as I had to leave.

    Anyways she sat me down and basically scolded me about being stingy and that she has never seen me inviting stuff, although I have invited her one or two things in the past. But why do they feel they have to scold?

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  • My iPhone doesn't ring, is there an app for that?

    Hi, my iPhone doesn't ring when I receive calls, it seems to be a technical problem and it's no longer in warranty. The speakers and volume work just fine for other purposes, just not for incoming calls.

    With all the possible apps one can find, is there an app that can help with this?

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  • What free video editing software to get?

    Hello, I want to make a short documentary and need to be able to add cool professional looking captions with a logo, just like you can see on any TV documentary.

    Unfortunately windows movie maker allows you to just add simple text captions, nothing with backgrounds, images or logos.

    So I just want some free video editor that is easy to use and that has that particular feature of adding logo captions.

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  • Can an Ikea foam mattress be rolled up again for transportation?

    I bought an IKEA spring mattress before and they come rolled up and you fold them open.

    Now somebody is giving away an used IKEA full mattress. But I would have to use my car which is a Honda Civic, and fit it inside.

    The only way this could be possible is if the mattress could be rolled up again.

    What do you think?

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  • ¿Manejar con placas americanas en Tijuana?

    Hola, compré un auto en San Diego CA, esta registrado a mi nombre y tiene seguro valido. Estoy pensando mudarme a Tijuana y traerme el carro conmigo, legalizarlo me costaria como $10 000 pesos. Podría simplemente conduciro en Tijuana sin problemas? o me van a estar parando y extorsionando?

    Tengo licencia de manejo de Guadalajara, Jalisco. Valida. Gracias.

  • Fighting a traffic ticket in court, should I declare myself guilty or not?

    So I want to fight a traffic ticket. I was given a citation for "failing to obey reg. sign (No U-Turn)" When I was stopped, the officer mentioned this and I said I never saw the sign and he told me it was there. Then I took pictures of the place where I made the U-turn that show there is a No U-Turn sign but it is pretty much hidden and virtually impossible to see at night.

    To my defense, I can say it was pretty much hidden and virtually impossible to see at night, and provide pictures.

    So in this case, when the judge asks me "how do you declare yourself?" Should I say "Guilty" and then give the argument and provide the evidence looking for a dismissal of the fine?


    "No Guilty" and provide the reasons and evidence for the dismissal of the fine?

    Also, should I ask for dismissal or reduction?

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  • Can you ask the judge to dismiss a traffic ticket?

    I got a traffic ticket for making a U-turn where I wasn't supposed to, but when I did so, I carefully looked for the NO U TURN sign and didn't find any. My ticket says "failed to obey no u-turn sign"

    Then I used google maps to find the place where I made the illegal turn and found the sign pretty much hidden and impossible to see at night.

    I want to go to the judge and explain this as well as provide photographic evidence that the sign is not visible at all.

    I want to see if he can dismiss the ticket, I just want to know how should I ask for it in order to maximize my chances, please let me know what you should think or what I should add:

    "I ask you to please dismiss the fine"

    "I ask you to please dismiss the fine or at least reduce it"

    5 points.

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  • Fight traffic ticket in El Monte, CA?

    I got a traffic ticket yesterday (the day in which Paul Walker died in a car accident in L.A.) I got it in El Monte, CA, more specifically Rosemead Blvd. and Telstar Ave. For making an illegal U-turn.

    When I did so, I was looking for the "No U turn" sign, but there was nowhere to be seen. Then I got stopped. I googled the location and found out the No U turn sign is not well displayed, it's 10" from the ground just below the traffic light which would make it virtually impossible to see at night.

    I want to go to court and have this argument, ready to read it on paper with the judge and a picture that shows the lack of visibility of the sign.

    What are my chances of getting the fine reduced?

    Can I ask the judge "I would like this ticket to be reduced or dismissed"?

    What are my chances here?, Also, I'm considering hiring ticket busters, if they only get the fine reduced in half and I have to pay them then it wouldn't be worth hiring them. What can you tell me about it?

    The only time I got a traffic ticket was for Jailwalking in San Diego, it was about $200 and I went to court, asked for a reduction and the judge reduced it in half.

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  • Gateway NV57H unable to connect to internet?

    My gateway NV57H laptop sometimes is unable to connect to the internet for no apparent reason, for example right now Im using another computer because the gateway didnt want to connect, and this current computer is 10 years old and connecting to the wireless. While the NV57H is barely 2 years old.

    Also my iPhone 4 is connected to the internet, so it can't be a problem with the router.

    I tried contacting support but the idiots at gateway say that chat support for my computer is not supported, what the?, no way to contact them by email, just by phone but that would be a long distance call.

    What I'm saying is that the computer has a problem with the software or hardware, if it is the software what can I download to avoid this problem in the future?, any program or particular update or software?

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  • Traffic on thanksgiving between LA and San Diego?

    What would be thanksgiving traffic like between LA and San Diego? I want to pick up my girlfriend in San Diego, bring her to LA then take her back to San Diego probably on Sunday.

    What if I pick her up on Thursday the 28th?

    What if I pick her up on Friday the 29th?

    We don't celebrate thanksgiving. We're not Americans.

    2 AnswersThanksgiving7 years ago
  • Can I get the English nationality if my brother marries an English woman?

    Can I get the English nationality if my brother marries an English woman?

    We're Mexican.

    My brother just proposed to her.

    5 points.

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  • English nationality if brother marries an English woman?

    Can I get the English nationality if my brother marries an English woman?

    We're Mexican.

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  • How to record videos with hidden webcam?

    I want to know how to record with my webcam, without the computer showing the video recording program, in other words, I should be the only one who knows the webcam is recording, how do I do this? What program does this? Thanks.

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  • My landlord's dog is creating havoc, what should I do?

    Hi, I have this problem:

    I live in a nice house where I rent a room from a Chinese lady, she's really nice with me and all but the problem is that she has a 6-7 months old ***** that is creating a havoc in the house:

    The dog takes trash out of trash cans and there's garbage in the kitchen all the time and also our bathroom was full of garbage which must be picked up daily. I took the trash can and put it on top of the toilet so that she couldn't reach it and her response was: Pee on the bathroom, which now stinks.

    The dog is a very cute mix between Pomeranian and probably a street dog, looks like a mini Golden Retriever, but once you find out how messy she is then you stop liking her.

    I've tried correcting her behavior even taking her to where she did her mischiefs and smacking her snout telling her no! no!, but she keeps on doing it.

    I've had dogs all of my life and was able to train ALL OF THEM.

    I came to the conclusion I can't train this dog because one of my house mates is un-training her.

    He's a 50+ year old man who works as a car salesman, the guy is a mess and you can tell by the state of his room. He basically adopted the dog because her real owner (the Chinese lady) is never home to take care of it, she just locks her up in the kitchen (which is of course dumb, since we have a small yard, but I guess she doesn't want people to steal her, this is L.A.).

    Anyways, this guy allowed the dog to play with trash, and that's how she got to like it, so no matter how much you tell her no, she keeps on doing it.

    The dog could simply be locked up all day in that kitchen but he's the one bringing her upstairs, and not even taking care of picking up the trash, cleaning the bathroom or even closing the door for the dog not to get in.

    Today I told him that she had peed on the bathroom and the freaking bastard told me to "mop the floor" which of course I didn't since it is his responsibility, he's the one who brings the dog upstairs.

    I would totally be cool to take the dog for walks and train her, but I realized I can't waste my time since the dog is simply doing whatever she wants just like her adopted master, and she's a mess just like him.

    What else can I do?

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