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  • Can Someone help me construct a Deck in Yu-Gi-Oh?

    These are the cards I have:


    Labyrinth Wall

    Celti Guardian

    Armed Samurai - Ben Kei

    Gyaku-Gire Panda

    Rock Ogre Grotto #1


    Bombardment Beetle

    Dark Blade

    Ryu Kokki

    Two-Headed Fire Dragon

    Gearfried the Iron Knight

    Giga Gagagico

    Ancient Elf

    Darkfire Soldier #2

    Tripwire Beast

    Battle Footballer

    Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6

    Level Eater

    W-Wing Catapult

    Gazzelle the King of Mythical Beasts

    Aussa the Earth Charmer

    Sunlight Unicorn

    Basic insect x2

    Anti-Aircraft Flower

    Moon Envoy

    Ryu-Kishin Powered

    Skull Mariner


    Ancient Gear Soilder

    Flying Kamakari #1

    Guardian Elma

    Chrysalis Dolphin

    Amazon archer

    Skull Servant

    Dark Dust Spirit

    Harpie Girl

    The Furious Sea king

    Milus Radiant

    Skilled Dark Magician

    Wall Shadow

    Dark Scorpion - Menae the Thorn

    Mystical Elf

    Doma the Angel of Silence

    Dark Magician x2

    Killer Needle

    Skull Red Bird

    Dark Red Enchanter

    Crawling Dragon

    Spirit of the Harp

    Island Turtle

    Guardian Kay'Est

    Gemini Elf

    Breaker the Magical Warrior

    Element Solider

    Skull-Mark Ladybug

    High Tide Gyojin

    Obnoxious Celtic Guard

    Steel Ogre Grotto #2

    Outstanding Dog Marron


    Masaki the Lengendary Swordman

    Royal Keeper

    Junk Synchron


    Blue- Eyes White Dragon

    Red-Eyes Black Dragon

    Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon

    Dragonic Knight

    Endymon the Master Magician

    Magic Cards:

    Magical Citadel Of Endymon

    Change of Heart x2

    Rush Recklessly

    Monster Reborn

    Different Dimension Capsule

    Luminous Spark

    Tribute Of the Doomed

    Chain Energy


    Mesmeric Control

    Twin Swords of Flashing Light - Tryce

    Smashing Ground

    The Reliable Guardian

    Mystic Plasma Zone

    Shield & Sword

    Malevolent Nuzzler

    Sword of Deep-Seated

    Ancient Gear Drill

    Senet Switch

    Spirit Message "i"

    Mystical Wind Typhoon

    Release Restraint Wave

    Earth Chant

    Silver Wing

    Dark Hole


    Nobleman of Extermination

    Diffusion Wave-Motion

    Toon World

    Synthesis Spell

    Mustering Of the Dark Scorpions

    Tail Swipe

    Stamping Destruction

    Fossil Dig

    Synchro Blast wave

    Magical Labyrinth

    Horn of Light

    Trap Card:

    Compulsory Evacuation Device

    Slip Summon

    Divine Wrath

    Jar of Greed

    Just Desserts

    Burst Breath

    Sakuretsu Armor

    Magic Cylinder

    Reinforce Truth

    Spatital Collapse

    Psychic Soul

    Dark Scorpion Combination


    Shadow of Eyes

    The Eye of Truth

    Fake Trap

    The Paths Of Destiny

    Castle Walls

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