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Arthur P. Balles

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i wear glasses im mexican i got light brown eyes, clean cut guy im 6ft tall consider myself a jock and a nerd weird combo i know

  • What should i buy myself for christmas?

    ok for Christmas im torn between buying a new head unit for my mustang...or buying a DSLR reflex camera T3i....i love them both very much..just dont know what to choose...the head unit is a JVC KWNT50HDT...what do i get!!!! help me out thanks

    9 AnswersChristmas9 years ago
  • does the HTC droid ERIS support video call on skype?

    just wanted to know does the DROID ERIS support skype video if NOT...what app allows me to video chat with friends and family

    1 AnswerCell Phones & Plans9 years ago

    ok i dont remember the movie title or the actors names...but i remember it starts off out in the jungle..its an action movie and they are doing some testing with a new bomb and something happens the bomb explodes out in the jungle or island and it like melts or disenigrates the person or whateva and they survivors take refuge in the like a bunker or something...and i remember the end of the movie..the bad guy gets trapped in a traffic tunnel and the bomb goes off and it shows him like melt and turn to bone...WHATS THE NAME OF THE MOVIE....if its the right movie YOU GET BEST ANSWER

    2 AnswersMovies9 years ago
  • STEAM realated question?

    ok i just got a new computer recently and i have all the requirements for LEFT 4 DEAD 2 on PC

    soo i try to install the game and it tells me you have this game registered with another steam account

    which is complete BS because i only have one steam account

    when i log in i go to my games tab and i dont see my left four dead in the games library soo something is WRONG i dont know what it is and im getting very pissed off

    any help would be nice

    2 AnswersPC9 years ago