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  • Bees stung my landlord-Am I responsible?

    Some background: I have a small beekeeping operation that I run from my apartment.  The bee hive is on a small window terrace.  All I have to do is open the window, use the smoker, harvest the honey, and shut the window.  When I moved in a few weeks ago I decided against saying anything about the bees because the landlord is very anti-pet.  "NO DOGS. NO CATS!"  But it's really none of his business.  I'm on the second floor and the hive is basically hidden by tree branches.  You would not be able to see it unless you knew where to look.

    Everything has been going fine.  Except apparently one of the people on the first floor complained about bees harassing her when she goes out to the dumpster, and now the landlord was stung out there when he came over to check out the dumpster.  You should have heard him shouting!  "God Damn this!  God Damn that!" You'd think he got shot.  I've been stung a few times-It's not that bad.  I'm not responsible for this, right?  There's no way to prove whose bees those are.  I don't think mine would act that way unless they were provoked.  And if they were then it's HIS FAULT.  

    On a separate note, No, he does not know about my beehive.  He's basically killed one of my little employees when he got stung, so I'm in no mood to tell him about the others.

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  • Indoor beekeeping? My landlord doesn't want me to have my bees in the building, so I'm not going to tell him?

    I've had bees at my current house that I'm renting. Long story short, Sheena my current landlady has a list of "complaints" from my up tight neighbors and now she wants me out by the end of the week. I've already found a nice 2 bedroom in an 3 story apartment building (I'm on the 3rd floor), but pets aren't "allowed." Management specifically asked if I had a cat or dog. I said no. They said small stuff like fish would be ok. I said how about insects, and they said "no" "absolutely not." How likely is it that they would find out anyway? I won't get in trouble if I don't tell them.

    I'm not giving up my bees. I got a langstroth hive and the apartment is in Schaumburg if that makes a difference.

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