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  • Vintage 50's inspired clothes online for cheap?

    any online stores that sell the more vintagey 50's style clothe, but not for outrageous prices?

    looking for the rockabilly, pin-up girl kinda stuff.

    doesnt just have to be dresses, (which is all i can find for over 50$ each) tops and shorts and such would be nice too.

    3 AnswersFashion & Accessories8 years ago
  • Is it ok to date a kind of "ex friends" ex boyfriend?

    just curious... heres the situation

    Shes not exactly an ex friend, we just dont really talk at all, but were not fighting or anything... and her and her boyfriend broke up like 6 months ago (and she doesnt want anything to do with him)

    me and him have always been friends, even when they were dating he was like one of my best friends...

    hes been showing interest in me, i dont know if i would be interested in him like that, but i was just wondering if it would even be ok if i did have the interest...

    i know youre not suppose to date a friends ex, or maybe youre just suppose to ask if it ok with them first (i dont know hah) never really had to deal with anything like this.

    but yeah were not even really friends anymore, just went our seperate ways.


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  • how can i use Runescape Lingo/sayings/words in a cute way?

    This is going to sound nerdy, but my boyfriend plays runescape and i was wondering if i could that lingo or sayings that hed understand from the game in a cute way... like a pickup line or or a saying that could be used for love. i dont know anything about this game but hed like me to play it so i thought if i showed him that im trying for him it will make him happy.

    i found this and it was cute:

    Do you have 99 thieving? Because you stole my heart.

    Getting 99 prayer was worth it, because here you are!

    I have 99 hunter because I've been stalking you for some time now.

    Do you have 99 farming? Because you've got something of mine growing (XD)

    I have 99 smithing, know what that means? That means I can bang long and good.

    I have 99 agility... Nuff said.

    Do you have 99 strength? Because I feel a strong connection between us!

    I was training on hill giants today, but then I was thinking how much more I would like to be on your giant hills.

    Do you have 99 mage? Because you have a spell on me

    anything else like that?

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  • Is this a real psychological disorder with a name? I can't let myself be happy?

    I have a real problem, I seriously can't let myself just be happy. In a good relationship I'll ruin it, get mad for nothing, pick fights, overeact to little things. And blow alot out of proportion. It's the same with alot of other parts of my life such as family and friends. As soon as I'm on track and happy and doing good I like "purposely" mess it up, but I can't help it. It's more subconscious I guess I don't mean to and I don't want to but I just do.

    I've always thought I was a bipolar but have never been tested. Is this a form of being bipolar or could it be a different Psycological disorder? Please help, site links with information or even if you just know...

    I don't want to mess things up for nothing anymore.

    5 AnswersPsychology10 years ago
  • any cool duets or collaborations?

    im looking for good duets or collaborations done buy newer artist.

    i recently found the song careless whisper by alex gaskarth, juliet sims, and 30h!3.

    something kinda like that, maybe duets not many people know about

    thanks :)

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  • Emo Songs or sons more on the emotional side by female artists or female bands?

    im just looking for some songs like really sad or going throguh some big issues. emo songs by girl artists or girl bands

    thanx :)

    2 AnswersOther - Cultures & Groups1 decade ago
  • name of the song you losing sleep you cant believe you feeling like this. i look so sweet....?

    anyone know the name of the song and the artist of this song? ;

    you losing sleep you cant believe you feeling like this. i look so sweet you liek my t-shirt its a travis. we at the beach you with your friends our eyes connected.

    i heard part of it at this link;

    Youtube thumbnail


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  • what should i be getting paid for babystting?

    i started babysitting a 3 month old. and she stays the night. so im feeding her, changing her, bathing her, and waking a a few times in the night to feed her. her parents are worried theyre under paying me, but i dont want them to overpay me either. how much should i be getting for a night?

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  • whats the name of the theme song for the show zoey busiek wild card?

    i think the show has had 2 theme songs but this one the lyrics are;

    if you need a hand to hold, she there in guided light. shes the body and the soul that warms you through the coldest time.

    whats the name of the song and the artist? and do you know where i could download it?

    ive tried googling it....nothing comes up,

    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • lyrics to a nickelback song?

    Its a song by Nickelback, ive only heard the song once so i dont know all the lyrics but it says something like;

    pack some clean clothes for tomorrow.....hit the freeway

    the song talks about going on a road trip or something...

    someone have the name of the song and the album????

    2 AnswersLyrics1 decade ago
  • mother daughter songs?

    what are some good mother daughter songs, either sang by a mother and daughter like a duet or a girl singing about her mother or daughter?? or more or less songs that could work as a mother daughter song

    doesnt matter whether its a its your fault i hate you kind of song or i love you so much im happy ur my mom kinda song.....if that makes sense

    6 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • songs about a dad abusing a child?

    im looking for songs about parents specifically fathers physically abusing their child (specically daughter) if anyone can name some it would be great...

    i already know and have "concrete angel" martina mcbride and "Im ok" christina aguilera...

    anyone know anymore??

    10 AnswersParenting1 decade ago
  • Cool/fun photoshop online?

    im looking for some new fun websites to go edit and fix up pictures online. nothing where i need to download and install stuff.

    i already go on;



    so stuff like that, need some new websites!!! please :)

    2 AnswersSoftware1 decade ago
  • Leopard Geckos Fast Runners?

    I was thinking about getting a leopard gecko, but i was wondering if theyre fast runners. like if i open the tank can he run out of it fast, or like if im holding it??

    3 AnswersReptiles1 decade ago
  • some sad love songs sang by female artists?

    what are some really good sad love songs sang by a female singer?

    song and artist please.

    Not really old songs, todays stuff.

    any genre


    1 AnswerOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Newer Songs With Pianos?

    What are some really good songs with jsut a piano or mostly piano?

    im wanting more of newer songs not really old stuff.

    and the types of music doesnt really matter, im open minded.

    thanx :)

    5 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Character in the Show "Bones"?

    The new character "Colin Fisher", will he be a main/recurring character in the show? or will he jsut be in like 1 or 2 episodes?

    2 AnswersDrama1 decade ago
  • Fosters Home For Imaginary Friends?

    I want to watch it online but the only place that plays it is on the cartoon network website thing.........that website only plays it for people in the there anywhere else id be able t watch it free online? i dont want to download it or anything i just want to watch it with my sister :)

    1 AnswerHome Schooling1 decade ago
  • The Song Free Falling?

    The song free falling by Tom Petty.

    Has anyone remade/redone the the song free falling?

    2 AnswersOther - Music1 decade ago
  • Sorority Forever online?

    I live in canada. every website i go on to watch sorority forever says theres an error and/or its only available for people in the US.

    is there a website to watch it online for people in canada that will actually work?

    1 AnswerDrama1 decade ago