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  • We're coming up on the half way point, what are your thoughts so far?

    Winnipeg is in first, and Saskatchewan is in last. Did anyone see that coming heading into the Labour Day Weekend?

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  • What do you think of the CFL power rankings?

    The CFL tweaked the formula this year. So far the rankings are 7-1 (there were no rankings prior to game one). This is a massive improvement from last years rankings. It should be noted that the only loss was the Week 3, Calgary (4) v. Winnipeg (3) game. That game was decided by one point, so it's not that big of an upset.

    Heading into week 4, I expect things to change. I think Hamilton is over ranked because of the blowout win. BC will take this game. Winnipeg beats Toronto, but barely. Edmonton beats Calgary, in Calgary. Riderville goes crazy after an 0-4 start.

    That would put the ranking at 10-2. That's 83%. Even if that number comes down a little, that's a pretty amazing rate and a massive improvement! Last year the power rankings were at 50% after week 3.

    What do you think?

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  • Do you get enjoyment or annoyment from the unpredictability of the CFL?

    We're 3/4's of the way through week 1 and we've already had two "upsets" and the defending champs only won by 4 to a team that is considered to be in the bottom four.

    Personally, I enjoy it. Even though it's unpredictable, it's typically only that way at the beginning of the season. I realize it's like that with most leagues, but I feel that it's exaggerated in the CFL because of the high turnover.

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  • Winnipeg Jets schedule?

    Has anyone looked at the whole schedule? From Nov 29 to Dec 31 they play 15 games and all but two are at home. Essentially, the players will get to spend almost the entire month of December at home.

    Do you think this is a coincidence or did the NHL do this on purpose so the players could spend the first December in a new city with their family?

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  • The season starts you watch all the games, or just the ones with your team?

    I try to watch as many as I can, usually all of them.

    Which game are you most interested in week 1 that doesn't involve your favourite team?

    BC v. Mtl

    Wpg v. Ham

    Tor v. Cal

    Edm v. Sask

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  • Who's your favourite player from each team?


    BC: Geroy Simon...simple choice, ex-Bomber that I was sad to see leave, but understood his desire to be the #1 guy

    EDM: Donovan Alexander...hometown boy HM: Mueller, I want the CDN QB's to do well

    CAL: Sinopoli...see above

    SSK: tough for me to pick anyone really lol, seriously though, I'd say Patrick, definitely a player I wish the Bombers had

    WPG: If I'm forced to pick one, it's Doug Brown

    HAM: Dave Stala..good ole CDN receiver

    TOR: Chad Owens....he's fun to watch

    MTL: Yvenson Bernard...another former Bomber that I want to see succeed

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  • Preseason starts this week...will you be watching?

    Of course, if Vancouver loses tonight, hardly anybody will be watching the BC v. Calgary game on Wed. night (I'll probably watch both).

    The only game not televised is the Tor/Ham game on Saturday.

    Bombers play Thursday and I'm pumped that I finally get to watch the preseason road game.

    Are there any positions that you'll be watching for your team?

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  • Training Camp is just around the corner...are you getting excited?

    Which positional battles are you looking forward to for your team?

    I'm curious about the Bombers OL, also there has been buzz that they are switching to a 3-4. It'll be interesting to see who is slated behind Brown. He's already said it's his last year. I'm sure the guy that earns the back-up role this year has the inside track on the starting spot next year. I'm curious about who it will be at the start of the season, and if they can keep it throughout the year.

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  • What do you think were the biggest surprises in the draft?

    Mine are:

    Etienne at 4

    Montreal taking Blake and Martin

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  • Two days before the draft...what's going to happen?

    Do you think any picks will be moved before or during the draft?

    I think the Bombers may move the 4th pick. I'd like to see them trade it to Calgary for 6 and 11.

    Who do you think you're team will take with their first pick?









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  • The differences between the CFL and NFL are most similar to...?

    a) NCAA Div II and NCAA Div I

    b) MiLB and MLB

    c) Australian Rules Football and Rugby

    d) I don't know enough about the CFL to make a comparison.

    I'm just curious how NFL fans veiw the CFL.

    Thanks to all who reply.

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  • Nobody saw that coming...oh wait, I did?

    Which 3 players, currently signed to a CFL team, are going to make 2011 their breakout season?

    Definition: For the purpose of this question lets define "breakout" as a player that finishes in the top 5 of their respective statistical category for the first time.

    Mine are (and they are all from Winnipeg):

    QB - Buck Pierce - I'm basically basing this on the prayer that he remain healthy for one entire season...his talent is obvious but his durability is horrific. Of course, this wouldn't really surprise anyone so just for fun, I'll also say Joey Elliot. He might not even make the team, but the kid is fun because he gets excited and it's always easy to root for the players that genuinely enjoy playing.

    WR - TJ Harris - He was on pace to be the rookie of the year last year until an injury sidelined him. He is incredibly dangerous in the open field. He seemed hesitant his first few games back but picked it up a little at the end. If he can return to the form he started last year with, he will lead the league in YAC and will hit four digits in pass yards.

    DE - Dorian Smith. Smith will benefit from three things...the departure of Philip Hunt, the return of Doug Brown and his coach, Richard Harris. It's because of the last two that Winnipeg has had one of the best defensive lines in the league the last half decade. I wouldn't be surprised to see him reach double digits in sacks.

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  • Early free agency opinion?

    How do you feel your team is doing so far with free agency (in either retaining talent or signing new talent)?

    If I don't know who you are, please let me know who your team is.

    Personally, I feel the Bombers missed an opportunity last year with Bernard and I'm sad to see him go but happy he'll have a chance to start. We also are close to resigning Obby we just need Lobendahn inked and maybe a DB or Safety and I think we're doing alright.

    Overall Bomber grade = C+ (and that is contingent on us actually signing Khan, it moves to a B if we resign Lobendahn)

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  • Labour Day switch......?

    The CFL schedule was released yesterday and they are switching up some Labour Day games.

    BC will play Toronto and Hamilton will play Montreal. Cohon said it was because of Roger Centre scheduling but it seems awfully suspicisious that Braley's teams just happened to match up for Labour Day.

    What are your thoughts?

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  • Rider fans..................?

    Are you happy for Fantuz or are you mad at him for leaving?

    Obviously he still has to make the team, but if he doesn't even that means that you won't have him back for at least half the season.

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  • Grey Cup fictional bet...?

    The last game is finally here. Saskatchewan gets a chance to redeem itself after last year. Can the new coordinators right the wrong of the previous regime?

    Here are the odds:

    Montreal 1.9 v. Saskatchewan 2.8

    Bonus Bet:

    This week is a Grey Cup Pool bonus. It's $5 to get in and it's just like the scratch tickets that get sold. However, you choose the score. So if you want in, choose a score between 0-29 for the East and West. There is a payout schedule on the spreadsheet for quarter scores and reverse. Scores revert to 0 after 29. If you have any questions, message me.

    What are your picks?

    My picks:

    Bonus: East 14 West 12

    rest goes on Montreal.

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  • Week 21 fictional bet (Finals)?

    Last week was rough for everyone but cdn24fan who walked away with a $55 profit.

    The finals are here and they should be good games.

    Here are the odds:

    Game 1

    Toronto 6.0 v. Montreal 1.25

    Game 2

    Saskatchewan 3.85 v. Calgary 1.45

    Prop Bet 1

    Most Yards;

    Cleo Lemon's Passing Yards 1.7 v. Montreal's Rush Yards 1.7

    Prop Bet 2

    Most Receiving Yards?

    Andy Fantuz 1.7 v. Nik Lewis 1.9

    What are your picks?

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  • Week 20-Semi-Finals fictional bet...?

    Last week there was only 3 people playing and Canadian Mickey came out on top.

    This week the playoffs start and prop bets return. It's amazing to think that Toronto and BC are in when they were considered to be the pre-season favourites to be out. That's why we play the games though.

    Let's get right to the odds:

    Game 1

    Toronto 3.85 v. Hamilton 1.45

    Game 2

    BC 3.05 v. Saskatchewan 1.75

    Prop Bet 1 - Who will have more special team yards?

    Chad Owens 1.5 v. Marcus Thigpen 2.0

    Prop Bet 2 - Who will have more turnovers? (this includes INT's and fumbles.)

    Travis Lulay 2.0 v. Darian Durant 1.75

    What are your picks?

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  • Week 19 fictional bet...?

    The final week of the season, and there are two games to watch; BC v. Ham. and Edm. v. Sask.

    Last week another casualty was claimed, as Big Bad Mes' Riders couldn't make the "over" happen. This brings up a new rule, if someone wants to loan money to someone that is out, that's fine. I just need an e-mail from the person loaning the money.

    This brings me to this week, here are the odds:

    Game 1

    Calgary 1.9 v. Winnipeg 2.8

    Game 2

    BC 1.9 v. Hamilton 2.8

    Game 3

    Edmonton 2.6 v. Saskatchewan 2.2

    Game 4

    Toronto 3.65 v. Montreal 1.45

    No bonus this week. Next week I'll bring back the prop bets.

    What are your picks?

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